the short story project


Sandra Langa

Edge Of Tomorrow

In the busy street of Johannesburg cars were buzzing, people were rushing to and fro, some would bump into each other without a care in the world. The air was cool, some stores were open here and there. Nobody seemed to pay attention to anybody, some hwd serious facial expressions as they seemed to be talking to themselves but some would crack a smile as they conversed on their mobile phones. As Bobo watched the world rush by he imagined that some of the smiles would get wider as the day revealed its mysteries but for some the world would be a darker placed to be, yet for some the world would pass by without a whisper of any news, good or bad. Bobo often got lost in the unseen world. He was waiting for his ‘friend’ at his favourite cafe`. Nathan was late as usual but that didn’t bother Bobo much because he was in no hurry for a change. 

Nathan arrived twenty minutes late, the moment Bobo saw Nathan walk in he signaled the waiter to bring their usual breakfast. “So what have you got for me today my friend?” asked Bobo pulling a chair for Nathan. “You know I can’t speak on an empty stomach, have you ordered our favorite breakfast yet… I am starving,” asked Nathan. “Of course, I have ordered already, so tell me were you able to get what I asked for?” asked Bobo. “You know I always come through for you but I almost got caught last night digging through company waste…it’s gonna cost you man,” replied Nathan. “Great, let me see it, it’s the last piece of the puzzle…man, I am so excited. I am finally gonna finish my project,” exclaimed Bobo. “Just don’t forget me once you make it big man… people always forget the little people who were there for them when they needed a push or computer scraps in my case,” said Nathan handing Bobo a black plastic bag. “Don’t worry man I won’t forget you, I just pray that everything goes as planned otherwise I will be joining you on the street soon my friend,” said Bobo tucking the black plastic bag under his arm. “Enjoy your breakfast…time waits for no man, see you when I see you alright,” said Bobo. “Yeah, whatever man…go make that paper so that I can also get off the street,” said Nathan digging into his breakfast without wasting any time. 

Bobo was doing his third year in university majoring in computer science and engineering, he lived in a commune with three other fellow students. He was an orphan who received a scholarship from the government after he received six distinctions when he graduated from high school almost four years ago. At the age of fifteen he gave his life to Jesus Christ while he was living on the street, the shelter for the homeless had been shut down a few months prior to his life changing experience in Christ. A man from church took him in afetr he had heard his testimony. Bobo lived with the ‘good Samaritan’ one year but after a year he decided it was better to eat from the street garbage bin than to eat from that man’s fine table.

Few months after Bobo had moved in with him the well respected and trusted brethren started to make sexual advances to Bobo, at first there were hints here and there but Bobo was blinded by trust and respect for his newly found generous ‘father figure’ who took him in and fed and bought him new clothes.

When Bobo thinks back to the time when he lived in such luxury but underneath all that sophistication and class was a pervert and sick person. He wished he never met that man who violated his innocence and made him feel like he was less than nothing. He prayed hard asking God to help him forget the ordeal he went through. The ‘good Samaritan’ was well off and etiquette in public but he had quite a temper when he was in his private space. He mistreated his staff at home, he shouted at them and threw tantrums. Bobo saw a totally different person after a few weeks he moved in with him, he was certainly not the well-put-together person he saw in church. In church he was a saint, ever-so-polite, social-butterfly, loved and admired by everyone who had a chance to interact with him. Bobo was one of those who were fooled by his charisma.

Bobo loved school so much that even when he was living in the homeless shelter he attended school, before his mother passed on she told him that no matter what happens in his life he must stay in school until he matriculated. Bobo was a geniuses, while he lived in the shelter he built computers from scratch. Every day on his way home from school Bobo would go to companies and ask for old computer scraps, waste material and discarded metal and he would build a computer from those scraps and sell them to people who wanted to buy old computers. He would also repair computers, in the neighborhood he was knows as ‘computer-whiz-kid’. Now that he was in varsity his fellow students brought their computers to him for repairs, upgrades, maintenance etc.

Bobo went straight to the commune after his meeting with Nathan, he had a heavy heart. Thinking about tomorrow made him sigh, project ‘Red Sonorous’ was ready there was no last minute touches needed all that was left was to present it tomorrow to the big bosses.

Bobo knelt down and prayed:
“Dear Lord I know that I don’t pray as often as I should anymore, please forgive me sometimes I get really busy, I forget to pray. I have a very important presentation tomorrow which could change my life for good as you know, Lord if I don’t close this deal I might have to go back to the street. In less than two weeks I will write my final exam paper…oh, Lord once the exams are over they will kick me out of the commune…Father God help me…(started to sorb), I can’t go back there…Lord. Please bless project ‘Red Sonorous’, you promised in your Word to bless the word of my hands. Thank you my Father I believe that project ‘Red Sonorous’ will find a new home tomorrow. Amen”

Bobo was a tall, handsome and well-built young man who was very optimistic about life even though he had experienced several blows in his young life, at the age of twenty two he had zero social life. Life to him was about studying hard and making as much money as possible. He always felt like his past life on the street was chasing him that is why he dedicated himself to his studies and piece-jobs which took up a lot of his time. At varsity he was the go-to computer geek, the money he made from those piece-jobs was for groceries and fabulous clothes, he was quite chic for a farmboy.

As Bobo lays on his back his mind takes him back to the time when his mother was bedridden and he took care of her. “Bobo my son go to school, I will be right here when you get back,” had said his mother squealing in pain as she squeezed Bobo’s hand. “No, mama I am not going to school today, you look worst today. School can wait…mama…” said Bobo holding back tears. “No…my son school is important, go to school now! But before (coughs) you go bring my bottle I need my medicine…” had said Bobo’s mother, Catherine. Bobo open the cupboard and took a bottle and poured the stuff from the bottle into a cup. “Here mama…sit up so you can drink,” said Bobo. He help his mother up so she could drink her medicine. “Now go to school my boy…” had ordered Catherine. “Mama please let me stay with you today, please mama,” begged Bobo. “Listen my boy…(coughs again) I don’t have much time on this earth…I am not getting any better, sit here next to me. I love you my baby, I have prayed to God to heal me so I can take care of you but God has shown me that he will call me home soon…” said Catherine holding Bobo’s hand. “No mama…no…please don’t say that, I need you mama…” Bobo buried his face into his mother’s chest as he sobbed. “Shh…shh… I know sweetheart, I know…look at me,” had said Catherine pulling Bobo up to look into his eyes, she gently placed both her hands on his right and left cheeks. “My son…I am in so much pain day and night, the only reason I am still alive today is because I asked God to give me more time with you and He has. You know how long I have been sick, right?” asked Catherine. Bobo nodded. “Today it’s your fourteenth birthday, you know that, right? You are a ‘man’ now my son, will you be brave for me sweetheart?” asked Catherine. Bobo nodded again. “Once I am gone will you promise me that you will do your utmost best to stay in school, no matter how difficult things might get?” asked Catherine. “I promise mama, I will stay in school…no matter what,” promised Bobo. “I am going to a place where there is no pain…it’s a beautiful place my son…I want you to know that I asked God to look after you…once I am gone…” promised Catherine. “Take me with you mama… I don’t want to live without you…please take me to that place with you…” pleaded Bob tears streaming down his cheeks. “Listen my boy…God has great plans for your life. God loves you my boy, trust in Him always. Hardship will come okay…but be strong, once I pass on go to my church and look for pastor Dickson, he is a good man he will help you,” said Catherine. “Mama…” Bobo broke down and cried, Catherine just pulled him to her chest so tight without a word. When Bobo recovered from his hysterical outburst his mother had passed on with her arms around him.

A knock on the door brought Bobo back to reality, “Bobo your girlfriend is here,” said a voice. Bobo leaped from the bed, wiped his tears quickly and dashed out the door. “Hey Bobo,” said a female voice. “Hi Pearl, how are you?” greeted Bobo. “My computer is acting up again, please have a look at it,” said Pearl. “She just can’t stay away from you, dude,” said a male voice. “Shut up Killo…” said Bobo blushing. “Let me have a look…” said Bobo grabbing the laptop as he sat down. Pearl sat down next to him , too close for comfort for Bobo so he moved away but Pearl close the gab as she was pointing out something in her laptop. “Okay, you just need to upgrade a few programmes that’s all, I showed you how to upgrade remember?” asked Bobo avoiding eye contact. “You did, could you show me again? I am not a genius like you Bobo…” said Pearl. “Of course, maybe you should write it down so that you won’t forget again,” suggested Bobo. “Okay, but if I get stuck I’ll come back…is that okay,” asked Pearl with a sweet smile. Bobo cleared his throat, “Yeah…sure, let me jot down for you the steps you need to follow when you upgrade some of your programmes,” said Bobo. He found a piece of paper and a pen quickly and wrote down all the instructions for Pearl. “There you go,” said Bobo giving Pearl a piece of paper. “Thanks Bobo, so how much do I owe you?” asked Pearl reaching for her purse. “Don’t worry about it, just make sure you keep those instructions in a safe place,” advised Bobo as he got up to walk Pearl out. “Don’t be silly, please take this for services rendered,” insisted Pearl as she handed Bobo a few bills. “What services, all I did was remind you of something you forgot, that’s all,” refused Bobo. “I am paying for the time you spent reminding me of something I forgot, okay…just take it,” said Pearl looking into Bobo’s eyes. “Pearl seriously you don’t have to pay…” refused Bobo ” Will you take the damn money already man…geez,” said Killo interrupting Bobo. “Trust me I tried to stay out of if but seriously dude, will you kiss her already so that she will leave here floating on could nine. Seriously dude…I need to take off my clothes and walk around in the nude, you know before she came I was sitting in the nude watching my favorite show quietly,” said Killo. Pearl and Bobo made a face. “Come on let me walk you out before this guy put you off men for good,” said Bobo walking Pearl out laughing.

In the morning Bobo overslept but his suit and shoes were on point for his presentation, so he just brushed his teeth and got dressed and was out the door in a flash. When he arrived at his destination he looked up the tall build and took in the brilliant architecture before he walked in. At the reception he greeted a young lady who was sitting behind the desk. “Good morning, I am here to see Mr Big Boy,” said Bobo. “Big Boy Studios is on the twelfth floor, elevators are over there,” replied the receptionist. Bobo went up to the twelfth floor, when the elevator opened on the twelfth floor there was another reception area. “Good morning, I am Bobo Shange, I have an appointment with Mr Big Boy,” said Bobo nervously. “Please have a seat sir, Big Boy will be with you shortly,” said the receptionist. Bobo sat down and took out a small red box from his backpack wiped it with his hand but his hands were sweaty so he took a handkerchief and wiped the small red box even though there was no dust on it. Bobo waited over an hour, he approached the receptionist, “Excuse me miss may I ask why is Mr Big Boy taking so long to see me?” asked Bobo nervously. “Mr Big Boy is a busy man sir, be patient. You are lucky he agreed to see you he usually doesn’t see people who have not made a name for themselves, so consider yourself lucky,” replied the receptionist not even looking at Bobo. Half an hour later Mr Big Boy walked passed the reception area, “Candy my angle I am out all day today…” said Mr Big Boy heading for the elevator. “Okay Big Boy have a great day, by the way this young man is here to see you…should I reschedule his appointment?” asked the receptionist. “Who is he and what does he want?” asked Big Boy sizing up Bobo. “Sir my name is Bobo Shange, I am here to present my music box to you…” said Bobo extending his hand to Big Boy. “Candice why do you do this to me? You know I don’t deal with nobodies, young man go back to the street and make a name for yourself then and only then Big Boy Studios might be interested in signing you, okay,” said Big Boy entering the elevator. “Sir all I need is just five minutes of your time…please sir,” begged Bobo. “Go out there and hustle some more boy, come see me once you’ve made it and I will make you a superstar,” those were the last words Big Boy spoke to Bobo.


Bobo went home devastated, he was really counting on selling his first device to the Big Boy Studios. He headed straight for his room and threw himself on the bed face down holding back tears. “No I am not gonna cry…no, what good will crying do? I just need to find another record company that will buy my device…oh man. God I need your help, please help me I can’t go back to the street. Lord I have two weeks max to find at least one buyer, I know that You are the One who gave me the ability to invest ‘Red Sonorous’ so please help me find the right buyer, someone who won’t be greedy I am even willing Lord to give that person a discount…I promised I would not cry(holding back tears),” prayed Bobo. He wiped his tears furiously when he head the knock on the door. “Who is it?” asked Bobo straightening himself up. “It’s me Pearl,” said the voice. “I am not in the mood for company right now Pearl,” said Bobo behind a closed door. “Oh come on…Bobo open up, I come bearing gifts,” pleaded Pearl. “Seriously this girl…what is her problem?” whispered Bobo as he opened the door. “So how did it go?” asked Pearl as she waltz inside Bobo’s room. “How did what go?” asked Bobo annoyed. “Your presentation silly,” said Pearl as she opened a brown paper bag. “Have you got paper plates or something? Judging from your mood I take it things did not go well…well don’t worry instead of celebrating we could just eat this as comfort food. Look your favorite ice-cream…” offered Pearl. “Seriously Pearl I am not in the mood… I just…” said Bobo opening the door for Pearl to leave. “Don’t kick me out you need me right now, food always makes me feel better after a really bad day. So just sit and enjoy being served a great meal and desert…come sit,” ordered Pearl as she made herself comfortable on the bed. Bobo reluctantly made his way to the bed and sat next to Pearl. Pearl dragged a portable table towards the bed and displayed all the food and desert she brought for Bobo. She served Bobo his plate and started digging in. “So tell me what happened?” asked Pearl with a serious face. Bobo stared at Pearl without a word. “What? Look if you don’t want to talk about it right now it fine I won’t push you to talk, just know that I am here for you,” said Pearl blushing. “You know you remind me of my mother,” said Bobo cracking a little smile. “I do, how?” asked Pearl still blushing. “Yeah, she was an amazing woman. She could always make me feel better no matter how sad I was. She would say exactly what you just said,” said Bobo suddenly taken back to his mother’s bedroom that smelled of different kinds of medicine even though the curtains were always drawn but brilliant sun rays always penetrated through the worn out curtains and seldom created a rainbow. “Hello…why do you do that, why do you zone out on me like that?” asked Pearl waving her hand in Bobo’s face. “Sorry, I miss her so much…” replied Bobo. “I remind you of your mother, is that a good thing or a bad thing?” asked Pearl. “It’s a great thing, whenever I was sad she would make me something to eat and she would say, ‘Come let us eat food is a great comfort for a heartache’ of course that was when she was well,” said Bobo smiling. “She must have been a phenomenal woman to have raise such a great guy,” said Pearl smiling sweetly at Bobo. “You don’t know the half of it, you know as sick as she was she always had a smile on her face. She would always say that even though she was bedridden but she would never give in and die a miserable death wallowing in regret and self pity. She would take my hand and say, ‘Son God is love, I know that He does not love me any less, my sickness is not a punishment from God but it is my crown,’ of course I never understood that but I am beginning to,” said Bobo. “I am sorry you lost your mom at such a tender age, I don’t know what I would do without my parents,” said Pearl. “Don’t feel sorry for me Pearl, my mother taught me that pity is a useless emotion it only drags you down to a dark pit that’s why it’s called pity. When I feel defeated I pray, my mother taught me that in prayer I can express myself to God without any fear of being judged,” said Bobo digging into his ice-cream. “Do you pray Pearl?” asked Bobo. “I am not religious like you Bobo besides I don’t think of God, I can’t imagine what He looks like and I am pretty sure He does not think of me either,” replied Pearl. “Trust me He does more than just think of you, and you don’t have to imagine what He looks like to love Him, He has a way of drawing you to His well of love once you are there all He does is quench your thirst, I suppose nothing has ever happened to you that would make you search for something or someone bigger than life to ease the pain,” said Bobo. “Or maybe that stuff is just for poor people…no offence but I cannot imagine myself bowing down to the invisible god,” said Pearl also digging into her ice-cream. “Non taken, having faith in God has nothing to do with one’s financial status quo but it has everything to with ones soul, there comes a point in time when your soul is no longer satisfied with mediocre. A time when nothing can quench your desire to know your purpose on earth, once you know your purpose on earth you would do just about anything to fulfill it,” explained Bobo. “But have you noticed that people who believe in God are mostly poor people?” said Pearl. “May be, but not all poor people believe in God, why is that?” asked Bobo. “I don’t know you tell me,” said Pearl. “Pain makes people search for the higher power, pain comes in many forms. Hardship is painful, sickness is painful, tragedy is painful, struggle is painful, I can go on but you get my point, right?” asked Bobo. “Yes, I do,” agreed Pearl. “Enough about God, do you feel better now that we’ve talked about God and your mother?” asked Pearl standing up. “Yes I do, thanks,” said Bobo. “Don’t thank me yet, this is actually why I came,” said Pearl hold two tickets. “What’s that…(Bobo looked up at Pearl) oh my gosh, is that what I think it? asked Bobo jumping to his feet. “Yes it is,” agreed Pearl. “No freaken ways Pearl…how did you get back stage passes to the most prestigious event ever?” asked Bobo hugging Pearl tightly. “You know that my dad is well-connected, he got them for me,” replied Pearl. “So you will you do me the honor…” asked Pearl but interrupted before she could finish asking. “Are you kidding me, whose doing who the honor here, I will be honored to go with you Pearl, wow!” replied Bobo. “Great, so your Friday and Saturday nights are now booked,” said Pearl. “No doubt, I am so there Pearl. How can I miss a chance to meet legends in the music industry, oh Pearl thank you so much for thinking of me,” said Bobo kissing Pearl’s hand. “It’s my pleasure, okay I will see you I have to go…don’t be a stranger,” said Pearl walking out of Bobo’s bedroom. Bobo simply smiled as he walked her out.

Bobo’s phone rings, “Hey my Caribbean queen, how are you?” said Bobo answering his phone. “Not good my king… I have a crisis, I just hope that maybe you can help me,” said the voice on the other end. “You know that your wish is my command, what can I do for you my queen?” asked Bobo. “Do you know a band for hire, I am performing tonight but my band has just bailed on me, the truth is it’s my fault I have made promises I could not keep now they left me stranded…oh, Bobo people have bought tickets to come to my show but now I will have to cancel…” said the voice. “Hey…hey you will do no such thing, okay,” said Bobo sternly. “You don’t understand Bobo without the live band I am doomed, I have a few hours to find a band for hire on such a tight budget…oh my God…what am I supposed to do?” cried the voice. “Relax God has answered your prayer, where are you performing, at what time?” asked Bobo smiling. “What do you mean God has answered my prayer, is there a band you have in mind?” asked the voice. “Yes indeed my Caribbean queen, so tell me where are you performing tonight?” asked Bobo again. “At the Le Maestro Music Theatre, the concert will start at seven o’clock…oh Bobo, I am a nervous wreck. Just find me a band even if it’s a church band I won’t mind, most church folks know my songs we will rehearse in the few hours I have left until the concert begins…” pleaded the voice. “Relax, I got this…meet me at the Le Maestro Theatre in twenty minute” suggested Bobo. “You will bring the band?” asked voice. “Have faith, see you in twenty minutes, okay bye,” said Bobo hanging up. As soon as Bobo hanged up the phone he went back to his room quickly, he took out project ‘Red Sonorous’ from his backpack and kissed it, “Today is your lucky day after all, tonight you will debut on a big stage. Get ready to blow the entire music industry out the water, tonight is your night baby,” said Bobo speaking to his little invention as he placed it back into his backpack. He quickly put on a jacket and was out the door in a flash. On the way to the Le Maestro Theatre there was a heavy traffic, apparently there was a fatal accident two cars collided and the emergency service was there to rescure survivors and so were the police. Bobo wanted to jump out of his skin with anxiety because the lady who was supposed to be performing tonight kept on calling Bobo asking him why the band had not arrived at the music theatre. Bobo arrived at the music theatre an hour and half late. “Where is the band Bobo? You have some nerve to showing up here two hour late alone without the band… seriously, are kidding me right now!” said a lady in a red jumpsuit. “Will you relax, I got this…” said Bobo leaning over to hug the lady. “I swear Bobo if you tell me to relax one more time I will wring your neck with my bare hands, where is the bloody band?” asked the lady walking away from Bobo. Bobo followed behind her stiletto steps, “Before you wring my neck let me show you what I’ve got for you, okay? If you don’t like what I show you then by all means wring my neck but I don’t think it will come to that in fact you will thank me for being your knight and shinning armour, just give me five minutes, that’s all I ask,” pleaded Bobo. “Whatever it is it better blow me away, in fact all the way to kingdom come,” threatened the lady. “Okay let’s take a seat over there,” suggested Bobo. He opened his backpack and took out project ‘Red Sonorous’, he took out his headphones and gave them to the lady who was anxiously waiting to hear something phenomenal. In less than a minute she was drumming her fingers on the table. “Bobo this is incredible, so you finally finished the music box you told me about two years ago?” asked the lady. “Yes Bella, it’s finally finished, in a nick of time too. So are you relaxed now? This is just a sample, all I have to do now is listen to your whole album and arrange a live band that will back you when you perform tonight, the sound will be exactly the same as if a live band was backing you,” reassured Bobo. “Oh Bobo, you are a God-sent. Okay, I’ve got a million things to do before the concert starts tonight, now that I am sorted I am gonna go back to the hotel spa and allow them to pamper me, do my hair and nails,” said Bella getting ready to leave. “Before you leave Bella we should talk about how much ‘Red Sonorous’ costs and how you should pay me,” said Bobo. “Oh Bobo, don’t worry about that, we will talk about that after the concert,” said Bella dismissing Bobo’s request. “No Bella that is not how I do business, you pay for the ‘Red Sonorous’ upfront. If you need my services in arranging the instrumentals I will charge you for that, you see the ‘Red Sonorous’ comes with a manual so that you can use it without my help,” said Bobo with a straight face. “Bobo seriously, please don’t do this to me…you and I go way back, trust me I will pay for your little music box,” said Bella smiling nervously. “Bella you haven’t even asked me how much my ‘little music box’ costs, what if you cannot afford it?” asked Bobo packing his ‘Red Sonorous’. “Whoa, why are packing it? Bobo come on…” pleaded Bella. “Look Bella I know that right now you experiencing financial strain, that’s why your band members bailed on you. You have not paid them for months…” said Bobo. “Whoa! Who told you that? Never mind it doesn’t matter…so you are also gonna drop me when I need you the most?” asked Bella looking Bobo straight in the eyes. “That is entirely up to you Bella, personally I want to help you, that’s why I came so we have to come to some sort of agreement…” said Bobo. “Okay, no problem. First tell me how much do I owe you for the little music box?” asked Bella. “The market price will be R 65 000-00 but I will give you ten percent discount excluding my services, for my services I charge R 2 500-00 per hour,” said Bobo. “Okay…can you tell me how many hours it will take you to arrange instrumentals for the whole album?” asked Bella. “Of course, it will take me approximately 20 minutes, which means my services will cost you 1.2k, in total you owe me R 66 200-00,” said Bobo. “It sounds reasonable, can I pay you half now and the rest after the concert?” asked Bella. “You will have to sign a contract which will state how much is remaining and the date which the remaining amount is payable, if you do that then we are go to go,” said Bobo cracking a smile. “Look at you…so business like, wow! What happened to the shy boy who wouldn’t even look me in the eyes three years ago?” said Bella taking her purse getting ready to leave. “He grew up, you have no idea how people have exploited my good nature. Now I am as shrewd as they come, well at least I try…” said Bobo as he was giving Bella a piece of paper. “My bank account details, as soon as my phone notifies me regarding your payment I will start the work,” explained Bobo. “Okay, why don’t I just transfer it into your account right now, so that you can start right away,” suggested Bella. She took out her phone and transferred the money instantly, in no time Bobo’s phone reported that R 33 100-00 had been deposited into his bank account. “My Caribbean queen its great doing business with you I will email you the contract, read it and sign it and send it back to me but for now go back to the hotel and make sure that they pamper you like a queen that you are. I will get to work right away, okay,” said Bobo walking Bella out. “I expect to be blown away when I come back, my fans will hear my new album live for the first time, oh Bobo something tells me that tonight will be a night to remember,” said Bella hugging Bobo. “Indeed, for both of us, enjoy your rest,” said Bobo waving goodbye. Bobo switched off his phone and started working. Bella came back to the music theatre an hour before the show, she gave Bobo thumbs up for the great job. When the time came Bella ministered in song to her fans, Bobo was backstage while Bella was busy pouring her heart out to her followers. As Bobo was sitting there his mind flashed back to the first time he saw his mother minister in song in her church, the atmosphere was charged with worship and there was a mist which no one could explain just like tonight. Some people were laying prostrate on the ground their lips moving, some their hands were raised as a sign of surrender to the Most High God, then there were those who were moving up and down in the isle with tears streaming down their faces. Bobo was so moved in his spirit, he felt refreshed and joyful in the presence of the Lord.

After the concert Bella was so exhausted all she wanted to do was to go back to the hotel and sleep for days, they left after midnight. “Bobo, my Caribbean King come to the hotel tomorrow afternoon, we have a lot to talk about,” said Bella. “Cool, I can see you can hardly stand right now, great show…until we meet again tomorrow, stay blessed,” said Bobo walking Bella to her car. The next day Bobo was awaken by a soft knock on his door, he got up and went straight to the door in his underwear when he opened the door his eyes almost popped out when he saw the gentleman who was standing there in his crisp suit well trimmed mustache and beared. Bobo shut the door quickly and run to the wardrobe but tripped before he could reach the wardrobe, the door made a cracking sound as it opened slowly. The wardrobe seemed too far so Bobo dragged his numb legs to the washing basket to grab something to cover himself quickly before the intruder could walk inside. “My son you seem startled to see me,” said the man calmly. Bobo couldn’t speak his mouth was dry like the Kalahari desert, he grabbed his pyjamas quickly and got dressed without a word. “Since when you sleep in the nude, my son?” asked the man closing the door behind him. “Please…please leave…leave the door open,” said Bobo breathing heavily. “I don’t think that’s wise, but as you wish I will leave the door open. So how are you son? You don’t call to let me how you’re doing, I worry about you…you know, you are all alone in the big city,” said the man. “What are you doing here Mr Blose?” asked Bobo nervously. “I just came to check on you my son…oh and I wanted to ask you come home once you finish your exams, that big house seems haunted without you there,” said Mr Blose. “Let’s get one thing straight I AM NOT YOUR SON, another thing hell will freeze over ten times before I move in with you again…so please leave me alone, and don’t you ever come anywhere near me have you got that Satan incarnation,” demanded Bobo with tears streaming down his face. “Son…” said Mr Blose reaching out to Bobo. “Don’t dare touch me you…you monster, if don’t leave right now you will regret coming here, I have friends who won’t think twice about tearing your every limb…if I scream right now they will be top of you in a flash…so please leave,” said Bobo now screaming. “Okay, okay… I am leaving but just hear me out, I am sick. The doctors say that I have a few months to live, so…” said Mr Blose sitting on Bobo’s bed. “So what…? You can drop dead tomorrow I won’t shed a tear for you, you are a monster and you deserve to die. The world will be a better place without a monster like in it, now leave…” said Bobo showing the man the door. “I wanted you to inherit my assets…” said Mr Blose getting up. “No thanks, keep your filthy assets. Are you trying to ease your conscious or something? Well, forget it… I don’t want anything from you, I would rather go back to the street than live in that house,” said Bobo. “Son are you sure…” asked Mr Blose. “I am not your son you freak of nature, get that through your thick skull. I hate you and everything that belongs to you, so please get the hell out of my room,” screamed Bobo pushing Mr Blose out of his room. “Everything okay here Bobo? Is this guy bothering you?” asked Killo. “I was just leaving…take care Bobo my son, think about my request. I know you’re upset right now but just give it some thought, okay son?” advised Mr Blose. Bobo just locked himself in his room, “Bobo are you okay dude, who was that? He said he is your uncle that’s why I let him in…” said Killo. “Not now Killo…I am not in the mood,” replied Bobo behind closed door. “Come on dude…we all have family feuds from time to time, I am sure your uncle just wanted to check on you,” said Killo walking away.

Bobo buried his face in the pillow so that no one could hear him scream his lungs out in anguish and deeply rooted bitterness and hate for the man who sodomized him when he needed to be comforted. Bobo cried in his room for hours, wishing for the throbbing pain in his heart to stop. His phone rang, it was Bella on the other side. “My Caribbean King are you still coming, tomorrow morning I am checking out of here?” asked Bella. “Sorry Bella, I think I am coming down with flu or something,” apologized Bobo sniffling. “Oh honey keep warm and drink chicken soup, they say it helps. So when will I see you again?” asked Bella. “I don’t know Bella, I’ll call you… soon, okay,” promised Bobo. “Oh by the way I take it you haven’t seen the news, the media is raving about my performance last night, such great review…and guess what…you were mentioned as well. When I say you I mean the red little music box. So thank you so much for saving the day my friend, I am eternally grateful to you,” said Bella delighted. “My pleasure Bella, we will talk soon…bye,” said Bobo hanging up the phone before Bella could say goodbye. Bobo curled up in his bed and cried some more, he locked himself in his room for two days praying and crying and listening to gospel music in his phone. For two days his cellphone was on silence in his backpack, when he checked it he had 32 missed calls and 17 text messages.


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