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Eternal Relief


I remember the happy moments, school days those were the happiest days of my life. My friend Denny and I would spend hours together. There was never a moment when we were bored or could not  find something crazy to do.

Yeah! Those were the days till Ma met this bastard.  When Dad left I didn’t understand I was confused.  That day Dad left he tried to explain to me but I was scared and confused. I just ran away I kept running until I came to Winston Creek and then slowed down, blinded by tears.  I could not think straight, this wasn’t happening.  Someone was calling. I didn’t wait to see who it was. I took off and kept going. I tripped over a log or something and banged my head. I tried to stand up but fell over again.

I opened my eyes and looked up; I had a pounding headache it looked like I was in the hospital.  The room was empty, there were no nurses no doctors just a row of beds with heads sticking out from under blankets.  Suddenly the door opened and Dad walked towards my bed. I could see that he was worried and sad but there was a look of resignation in his eyes that look of failure like he had given up.  He put his hands on my forehead gently and said “Sorry son it’s your Mum, she doesn’t want me there anymore. There’s nothing I can do.  You know I love you I will always love you.  I will keep in touch.  I’ll find my own place and we can spend weekends and school holidays together. 

The door squeaked open again and Mum was coming in and Dad suddenly stood up. It’s as if he could not stand her sight or be in her presence.  He squeezed my hands and winked at me as he walked out, saying I’ll call you. As the door shut I felt that life as I knew it was no more, I could hear Mum saying. Are you alright” but something was happening to me. It was as if my mind was taken over by something nasty and vile. I could not think.  From this moment on I knew I would never talk to my mother again.

Jen she was nothing like my Mum she was sweet and kind and care free. That’s what I liked about her the most. No hang ups, we were happy together.  That’s why I went crazy I couldn’t believe it, not my Jen.  It all came back to me now. That was the only decision I could make then. I would rather die than not be with Jen and the kids. Oh the betrayal my soul could not bear it. 

I had to move on now there was no turning back. The pain the loud bang, all that blood was now beginning to seem like a distance memory.  There was somewhere I had to get to and I just knew that everything was going to be exactly how it was meant to be, absolutely calm and peaceful.

The time had come to move on and start all over again


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