the short story project



1. G.O.D saw what was made, then had an existential crisis and felt afraid.

2. He asked “If I made this universe, who made me and the evil I verse?”

3. He asked “who created the first? Who made the external Alpha-verse?”

4. Existential questions ate like cancer, so G.O.D travelled to find the answer.

5. G.O.D searched the heavens, and found one riddle “(1+1/∞)∞ = ⌊2.7⌋”

6. Then a word puzzle to understand, the scroll of secret to comprehend.

7. G.O.D found the scroll of secrets, a record of answers from higher spirits.

8. The scroll riddled “It’s in the start, middle, and end of all that emerge. It’s in life and death. The start of eternity and the end of space. What is it’s name?

9. He said “Euler’s number was a metaphor, now I see! The name is E”.

10. The scroll rewarded G.O.D for solving, and gave him wisdom of life evolving.  

11. Dark belongs to the demon kingdom, a cosmic virus that infects life’s systems.

12. Dark multiplied like a virus, making minions called the centaurs of chaos.

13. Leo and Bast belong to a divine family, a deity race called the Majesty.

14. The Majesty are the E’s leukocytes, white blood cells personified to knights.

15. The Majesty fights off E’s disease, E’s immune system against its decease.

16. Empiricism is a reality so intense, knowledge of what exists is sensed.

17. E said “I see therefore it be, I touch so it exist as such, what I hear is here”.

18. E and the Dark debated existence, their philosophy of what is in presence.

19. Not sensed by electromagnetic, G.O.D is dark matter and enigmatic.

20. G.O.D is real despite what you feel. Dark matter exists more than it reveals.

21. G.O.D controls what is seen, but empiricism refuses he has ever been.

22. A madman has no existence to hold, but mental constructions we are told.

23. The color-blind see no red or green, do these colors not exist when not seen?

24. Is time man-made like a watch? Are days and hours real if they cannot touch?

25. If sound exists how does silence? Do false alarms hear truth with sirens?

26. Pure water has no odor or taste, but life depends on what smell can’t trace.

27. The five senses are not reliable, to assume they are fixed truths is gullible.

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