the short story project


L A Torres

Extra Body


Advice to the reader,
The story’s not fun,
Well, I guess it depends
On who’s reading it, though.

All the airplane parts
Were far from each other
It was a big crash
Said commander Feelower.

The airline had told them
The plane wasn’t full
To seek for survivors,
Just one hundred and two.

So, they killed all the fire
And start counting the bodies
Some of the roasted, in parts or destroyed.

They went from the tail
To the head, cause you see
The tail was intact and,
The head was deadly.

It seemed in some way
For those in the back
Whatever had killed them
Was not for the crash.

They counted a few lawyers
A politician,
A couple of families,
And a mortician.

Some hand, some feet
And sadly one head,
Were found just laying
Some paces away.

They finished counting
And assembled the bodies,
One hundred and eight,
No survivors, sad story.

One hundred and eight?
That doesn’t make sense
Said commander Feelower
Who felt the suspense.

With the five from the flight crew
It doesn’t add up,
One hundred and seven
Must be what you got.

So they counted again
And this time with Feelower,
It seems that this plane
Had one extra body.

They had to sleep there,
Somehow near the bodies
“we’ll take them away,
Just wait for the morning”

And through the night,
Something woke young Robert,
He walked out the tent
And he froze at the moment
He saw an old lady
Dancing through the bodies
Naked and dancing
With, Oh, so much jolly.

The lady that saw him
Invited him to join
But Young Robert fainted,
Just hitting his groin.

The morning had come
And Feelower was happy
“I have an answer -he said’
To the problem”

The one extra body
Was a lady who died
A few days ago
And he loved ones decide
To send her to bury
At her local town
Somewhere near Salem
Do you get it now?

I spoke to the airline
And they told me this
Hence the mortician
That was on the list.

They pack all their gear,
And went back to the town
Young Robert decided that he didn’t saw
The old lady dancing
With demons around.

Advice to the reader
When you travel in a plane
There may be a dead body,
Keep that in your head.


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