the short story project


Harry Michael

Flight sensation 

  The sensation was amazing. I was hooked from the first time. Magistro told me all about the effects and after effects of the drug, but he had no idea what it really felt like being high and flying at the same time.
  Magistro was a completely different being from me altogether. He had a small shop selling prosthetics of all kinds and of course he was our local provider for our daily dose.
  His ability to adapt to any situation fast made him very popular in our small neighbourhood, and his business was flourishing. A local television station interviewed him about his craftsmanship skills and the quality products he was providing at very low prices. But he couldn’t fly.
  “Hey, Maeli, when are you taking me for a ride?” Magistro asked me.
  “How about tonight?” He wanted me to strap him on my back and go for a flight, but I had a better idea.
  You see regular humans and humans who can fly can’t take the same type of drugs. Our bodily functions are different, so I had to treat him with something he could take but not faint.
  “I hope you are hungry. I made my speciality dish. Meatballs with a marinara sauce, French fries, avocado and quinoa salad and a chocolate cake for dessert.” I said to Magistro when he came over at my place.
  “Do you always cook so lavishly?” he asked while wondering around my small apartment.
  I decorated the place with all my favourite animated superheroes, Egyptian carpets on the floor, white and blue curtains, a projector where I spend my times diving into the virtual reality online games and of course my bookcase with all the books I read since I was a kid.
  “Of course I love cooking.” The meatballs were finally ready, and I took them out of the oven and straight on the table. “Food’s ready.”
  “Mmmmm smells delicious.”
  “I hope it tastes as good as it smells.” I was always worried when someone I liked came over for dinner.
We talked, ate, laughed, it was a delightful evening. I couldn’t have hoped for something better, but my surprise was still to come.
  “I had no idea you were such a good cook! If I knew earlier, I was going to come over more often.”
My cooking seduction trick had almost a 100% success rate.” Are you ready for the dessert?”
  “Of course. I am addicted to chocolate, and if your cake is as good as your cooking, I would need a whole platter.” He said smiling and winking at me.
We finished the dessert and went up to the roof of my apartment building. The sky was clear, full of stars and most of the constellations were visible. Magistro knew all the constellations by name I just knew their shapes. I studied them from high above the clouds while he only observed them through his improvised telescope.
  “Are you ready?” I asked eager to take him for a flight.
  “I don’t know I am a little bit nervous I’ve never done this before.”
  “Don’t worry in a few minutes you will be as relaxed as a jelly.”
  “What do you m-” the drugs kicked in faster than anticipated.
  “Perfect now you will understand what it means to be high when flying!!!”

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