the short story project


Tammy Reese

Forgotten Murder

I’m so scared to get out of this bed. I am scared if he didn’t give me permission to get up that will be my last breath. I keep hearing the knocks at the door, but he isn’t getting up. I look at my sheets and notice blood. Only thought I have is I need to go pee and see if I just got my period.

I yell out loud Mark! No answer. I contain myself because I usually don’t yell at all let alone at Mark. He is scary. He is 6 feet tall. I’m 5’1 and he beats my ass everyday, but I can’t hold my pee any longer on top of the knocks are scaring me as well and I think I hear my mom calling for me.

I know her voice from any where knocking and saying “Katie, I see your car outside, answer the door”.

I felt my pee start to drip out from me so I grab Mark’s empty coffee cup and pee in it. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I’m so use to his beatings I don’t even care at this point. By the way my mom is outside he wouldn’t dare do that why she is around. My mom thinks everything is perfect between us.

She has no idea he cheats with other women in our house in front of me. He forces me to watch and slaps me when he cums and says be a better girlfriend I wouldnt f**k chicks in your face. He makes me do drugs. I hate him. I hate my life.

The knocking gets louder. I yell again Mark I have to go to the bathroom. Again no answer. I think to my self he is so wasted and drugged up he can’t hear knocking . I slowly get up. I feel my vagina and there is no blood from there, but then I look at the floor and theres blood. I peak out the door. There is silence. My mom must of left at this point. I slowly walk to the kitchen where Mark is on the ground next to a knife and a pool of blood.

A big grin is on my face as I remember I killed that son of a bi*ch last night………..


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