Carolyn Croop

Get A Life


(Part 1)

Flat broke
And homeless
It was no joke
My life was a mess

As I wandered down a lonely street
I came across a store
Inside the store I took a seat
Although I wanted to explore

Wait your turn
The clerk said
I was curious but not concerned
I said within my head

For I wasn’t sure
What store it was
I was unsure
And it was because

One by one
Each person was called upon
A turn was given to everyone
Then I heard, “Come on”

I was led down many hallways
With many little rooms
It was like a museum in a way
Where I was I still had to assume

Each room I passed by
Had a glass window
Signs said, “Give me a try”
I walked very slow

There were mannequins in each window
With written descriptions
About how their life goes
“Get A Life” was the inscription

I then asked the clerk
About this place I was at
She said, “Get A Life is my place of work
You have to pick one like choosing a hat

Once you make your choice
The door at the end of the hall
Will open with your voice
Then in you go where you will fall

You will land in your new home
A brand new life you will have there
You will not be alone
But with people who care”


(Part 2)

Each mannequin I passed
Child, man, many races
Was different from the last
The windows were like glass cases

Each life had pro’s
Each one had flaws
It’s how life goes
Just because

Of the many different lives
I had to choose one
I was struggling just to survive
So picking one was fun

I then made a choice
To be a child
I said with my voice
As I smiled

I had to sign two hundred pages
A contract to
Change my age
From thirty two

I decided however
To remain a girl
A girl who is clever
And has traveled the world

I’m not sure what I signed
It was too much to read
It almost made me blind
Although I said I agree

I chose this girl because
Her advertisement looked good
The ad next to her mannequin was
“Great like me you could”
The description was this
“I am a girl ten years old
My life is bliss
With a heart of gold

My family is rich
I’ve traveled the world
Here is my sales pitch
I’m a wonderful girl

I have but only one problem
I may not live to be old
But I am really awesome
To you I must be sold”


(Part 3)

So the sale was done
I had walked down the hall
And become
A girl named Amber as I was called

I landed in my new home
As I was told I would
And I was not alone
My family was good

They did not wonder
Why I was there
It was as if I was under
Always their care

I forgot to mention
I still was me
But in a different dimension
Or so it seemed

I had bought a life
Not a person
I was now living carefree and in strife
Since my old life had worsened

Like I said
Amber was my name
Mom said, “It’s time for bed”
I thought she was playing a game

“It’s only eight o’clock”, I said
She said, “Yes, it’s your bedtime”
It was a nice comfortable bed
But this made me wish I was back in my prime

For I was now under
My parent’s control I was told
It made me wonder
About the life I was sold
I went to bed
But I was not too glad
I played songs in my head
As I cried and was sad

The next day was a little better
It was Saturday
My mom said, “Wear a sweater
When you go out and play”

I did not like her telling me
What to do
But playing was fun – you see
This was true

The day was becoming dark
The kids and I played all day
We played at the local park
All night and day I wanted to stay

But mom called me in
To eat dinner
I said to myself, “I win
I am a winner”

Because I didn’t have to cook
My mom did that for me
A lot of food I took
And food was free


(Part 4)

After awhile
I became used to
My parents’ style
It’s true

I liked always having food
And a roof over my head
Life was so good
In my head I said

One day though
My mom said to me
“It’s time to go
To the doctor at three”

I asked, “What for?”
She said, “You know”
I asked, “For my cold sore?”
She said, “Oh, no”

“It’s to check for cancer
You’re in remission”
That’s how she answered
About my condition

So that must have been
The problem I was told
This life I was sold

I was then wishing
For my old life back
Even though I was then fishing
For food that I lacked


(Part 5)

After I returned
From the doctor appointment
I had great concern
So I looked through my agreement

I tried to read
The two hundred-page contract
My head I did feed
Reading front and back

For Amber may not live
To be thirty two
The words said, “Give”
In the fine print – true

“Give, give, give”
Was all it said
That was how to live
The wealth I would spread

Also on the contract
Was a phone number
Written on the back
This life I encumbered

I called the number on the back
The clerk answered my call
I told her I was well in tact
After my fall

But after I landed here
Things weren’t always great
Let me make this clear
I want to walk through the gate

The one the contract said leads
Back to my old life there
I now see my greed
And my life I will take better care
I begged the clerk
For my old life back
“Give – it will work
Give to those who lack”


(Part 6)

So me, as Amber
Gave away her toys
To people in need that would remember
To little girls and boys

I did not give away it all
For some I left for me
The clerk I then again called
She said, “Let me be”

She did not want to talk
But I gave as I was told
So I took a walk
And said, “Amber’s life that I was sold

Is not the life I want now”
I then discovered the way
And how
And it is a bit cliche

But you don’t know
What you got until it’s gone
This I was shown
I now knew where I belonged

So I prayed to God
To lead the way
I believed He gave a nod
That very day

The path I was on
Had a gate
I entered upon
My old life that was great

Back to being homeless
But I was glad
My life still a mess
Though I was no longer sad
I must have been
Gone awhile
For what I had seen
Was Christmas lights for miles and miles


(Part 7)

I then found cardboard and made a sign
That read, “My life is a true blessing”
My life was quite fine
To me – people were addressing

They gave me many gifts and money
Someone then pulled me aside
He said, “Don’t find this funny
But I want you as my bride”

I realized just then
It was the love of my life
The crowd – all of them
Applauded when I said I’d be his wife

My dreams had all come true
Nothing had been lost
We later said our “I do’s”
No other life is worth the cost

Christmas bells then rang
For we married Christmas Day
Everybody sang
As I had learned my way


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