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Going Home

My name is Gil, the others called me Ashter, my life has been one challenge after the other. My real parents died in a car accident when I was 12 years old and afterword my uncle gained guardianship of me. We lived in alaska and for two long years he taught me how to hunt, track, skin and basically do anything that dealt with surviving in the mountains, woods and even on the water. If we weren’t busy surviving he would be teaching me how to fight. So I flash forward 28 years, I think, it’s been awhile since I was home and calendars are not much of an item on their home planet but I was I would finally be going home after 13 years of servitude to these… things. Did I forget to mention I was abducted? These guys they call themselves the galactic protectors. They saved me from another alien being that they call the ashe, which is where my new name came from, I was 15 and in the middle of stalking this massive elk when I was taken. I was on their ship for about a week before I realized I was being raised to become food so I fought back. For days I had to hide and stalk, finding very little of what I at least hope to be considered food until there were only a few left alive. They sent out some sort of transmission and if I would have had the time I would have stopped it. But luckily for me the galactic protectors intercepted the cry for help and got to me before the reinforcements could.

When the protectors saved me they gave me an injection to be able to translate any spoken language, I’m not quite sure how it worked but all I can say is that it did. Then they gave me an ultimatum either help them for an undetermined amount of time and I could go home or I could be sent to the headquarters for an undetermined amount of time until they figure out what to do with me. So I agreed to help.

I have seen 300 worlds and a vast number civilizations. I have done things only nightmares of the most twisted mind could imagine. Fell in love with a being that was as close to human as I have seen, her name was Valut we had two children together. Their physicians didn’t even think it was possible and the kids grew faster than we predicted. But the out of everything that I have seen and done, coming home was the scariest part. I didn’t remember how to be human anymore. I was gone for so long and did countless things, good and bad. I was to be more than human and to be something great that both my parents and uncle would be proud of. Going back to earth was not going to be easy. Everyone would question and wonder. How to tell humans that they are the most savage amongst the ocean of life and for that matter how do I tell my family they could come along and be with me on earth again or would they even want to?

We had a little house by the ocean, or at least the closest thing to an ocean on their planet and when I had arrived there was no one home. We had only a few hours left on that world before we had to leave for earth so I brought up the bio monitor. They were all at her mother’s vacation home on the other side of the world which conveniently was right next to the port where we were scheduled to leave from. I looked around one last time and noticed how bare all of the walls and rooms were, had it been this way before? Then I remembered that logistics was to come by and pack everything for us. I had hoped to let the family pack some of their own things, maybe made a game of it. But time was ticking away I had to go to them and tell them what was to be next for our little family.

I hopped on a flyer and got to the other side in only a few minutes and was on ground headed to the door when something caught my eye and had to have it besides that credits aren’t going to work on earth since they are not apart of the galactic republic. It wasn’t much and it’s a nice little trinket for the wife. I was getting nervous, I always get this way before a big day, and today is about to either be the biggest day if not the worst day of my life so far. I stopped and picked up something called glikill it’s like a slug but tastes like chicken, I call it Steve. I had a friend as a kid named Steve lee Stevenson biggest asshole around but you could count on him. He always had chicken so when I found something that reminded me of him I named it after him in my mind.

I got to the mothers home and knocked no one answered so I went to open the door and was stopped the authorities said they had all left already. Man now what I guess I’ll just go home and wait but there isn’t time how am I supposed to leave with my family in less than twenty minutes when I can’t even find them. I headed to the port and told them I couldn’t leave without my family. It wasn’t going to go over well with my old group but they wouldn’t mind the change they had always liked change anyway. The port of cantinthiu home of the most advanced race of being in the known universe. They brought peace to the entire galaxy and then some. At any rate I got to the port managers office and opened the door to find my family. What a relief they were apparently told two days ago while I was on mission so they got everything ready and said their goodbyes since then mom was the last she said so here I am all worried and shit about telling them we were leaving.

We headed for the transports a mean glakillian, that’s a subspecies of glikills they were just as advanced but they were mean as hell, grunted and waved us through pointing us to a rather new looking vessel. We all boarded and sat I was asked to ride on the bridge. There was a pad with my name on it from the ruler supreme;

“Dear Ashter
It has been an honor having you serve with our men and regrettable to lose such a valued team player. Your service is of the best we have seen in a millennia with that this ship is yours. It has been equipped with special technology and the crew will go over that with you shortly. I wish you the best and should you ever want to return your id will be valid for a lifetime.

Good luck “

The crew left already not showing me a thing and my wife came in and hit a button and off we went. She smiled and didn’t say a word knowing I am stressed out. The counter said 20 it means we are going to be on earth in a matter of an hour or so and I had no clue how to act. Maybe I should find my uncle if he is still alive maybe I should just go somewhere else, I don’t know what to do and I have my family with me they have never known me to be afraid. This has got to be the worst torture I had ever endured not knowing what to do or where to go.

We dropped out of hyper drive and there she was the biggest and bluest planet ever. I forgot how blue she was and the greens of the vegetation so peaceful looking. The family all staring at earth in amazement. They to have never seen such a blue planet before. I remembered something about a space program. I engaged the countermeasures to get to the surface undetected.

I found alaska landed about ten miles in the middle of nowhere and took the family on a long walk to town. I figured this would work best and if i remembered well enough we can stop at my uncle’s house. The air so crisp and trees so tall the kids were in shock I could tell. Their mother shelkie was staring in disbelief at all the space there was. I warned them all how primitive earth is compared to where we have all been. I can see my uncles house from here now. Everyone was silent and I liked it like that. I could see a man walking about the property so I entered. When he saw me he raised a weapon up, I just kept walking up and he looked deep into my eyes and a tear shed his as he realized who it was. He dropped the weapon and hugged me for a long time not because he didn’t believe but because he was so happy to see me.

The wife and kids walked up soon after and he saw them and smiled. He took it all in and waved us in to the house. The floorboards creaked with the added weight and I saw a newspaper article that had been cut from years ago about uncle had been arrested and charged with murdering me. He declared his innocence and had maintained it over the years. He was never found guilty but still what a horrible thing to have to go through. I saw more news articles and it was disparaging at first but I realized he was searching for me for the past 13 years just as much as everyone else was but he had to hide his search from the world.

I poured glasses of water for myself and everyone else. Uncle waved me over and tilted his head to the truck and I nodded. I looked at shelkie she smiled knowing I was leaving and would be back. We drove for ten minutes into town and there everyone was walking around doing whatever it is they do. I got out and we walked to the sheriff’s office. I smiled when I walked through the door, it was an old friend Ryan. He looked up and his jaw hit the ground. They all were caught off guard by seeing me and couldn’t believe that it was me.

The sheriff walked over and looked at uncle put his hand his shoulder and then it happened.

“Im sorry Frank you were right, Gil where the hell have you been”? The sheriff asked

I walked over to a chair sat down silent, smiling about the possibilities, wondering if I should tell the truth or make up some elaborate lie. I reached into my pocket pulled out a small box that I have kept with me the entire time I was taken by the protectors. It was a recording device and I had edited it a short time ago. I couldn’t give up movies so I made one about me and I rather enjoyed it. But my sense of a movie is now way different than theirs so it’s going to scare them but why not.
“You wouldn’t believe me unless I showed you” I said pressing a button and the whole room started to change.              


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