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Allison Poling

Hi I’m Death

Lucifer’s POV
“Ah the day has finally come for me to take the last human alive to the underworld! I can’t wait to see God’s face when he sees the fire consume the human, it will be priceless.”
Lucifer calls the everlasting flames to him and rides them to meet the last human alive.
God’s POV
“Ah the day has finally come for me to welcome the last human alive into heaven. I can’t wait to see the look on Lucifer’s face when he see me opening the gates, it will be priceless.”
God summons the clouds and rides them down to meet the last human alive.
Alex’s POV
“So, I’m the last human on earth, and I’m standing here talking to myself. Oh well at least no one will think I’m crazy. But then again I am a bit crazy for you see I’m death. I am unable to die, but I’m able to cause death. Everyone I’ve met has died which just goes to tell you that I met everyone which is why I’m the only one left. Ugh. Well maybe I can get some reading in then.”
Boom Clap
“What was that?!”
“And that?!”
I head outside and two giant figure stand before me. One was glowing in a white like light and surrounded by fluffy clouds. The other was glowing closer to a red color and surrounded by flames. Then all of a sudden the pieces all fit together, before stood both nonother than Lucifer and God themselves and boy did then look surprised to see each other.
Lucifer’s POV
“You! What are you doing here she’s mine! She’s coming with me to the underworld!”
“What do you mean your taking her to the underworld! She’s coming with me, she is welcomed at the gates of heaven! You will not take her away from me!”
“Hey boys! She’s right here and by the way I’m not going to either of your afterlives, ok, got it?”
“How is it even possible that we were both summoned to come bring you to our afterlives. It’s impossible! There has never been a neutral soul! Girl what it’s your name?”
Alex’s POV
The great Lucifer was asking what my name was and all I could do was laugh.
“All you want is my name? Really? Well it’s Alex, but that’s just my common name.”
“Common name? What do you mean?”
“It’s really a shame that you guys have now came in contact with me.”
“A shame? Alex, what do you mean by all of this?”
“Do you boys have an afterlife for God’s?”
“No we are forever! We never die. We are immortal.”
“Oh then you boys are in for a ride.”
Lucifer and God just stood there. They seemed perplexed. Should I let them in on the secret? Nah. I want this to be entertaining for me.
God’s POV
What is this girl rambling on about? What is it that we don’t know? Lucifer is right there has never been a neutral soul. In fact I’ve never heard of such thing. What is this girl?
“What are you Alex? What do you mean by all of these question?”
“You see I’m not exactly human. But I’m not a God like you guys. In fact I’m the only thing that is immortal, that is standing here.” She pulls something out from behind her. It’s a-
Lucifer’s POV
It’s a knife. Why does this little girl have a knife? How can she be immortal? She looks human.
“If you’re not human. Why do you look like a human?”
“This is like a host body for me. I wasn’t always Alex. I’ve been Dan, Daphne, Ralph, and many others over this millions of years that I have lived on the planet. And before you ask no I am not a alien.” She takes a step forward. Now she’s only a few steps away from us, what is she going to do?
Alex’s POV
I step closer to the God’s with a knife in one hand. I bet your wondering where it came from.
Three minutes ago
I reach behind my back and start to think of a weapon that will kill these boys. A knife appears in my hand. I don’t know where these weapons come from but they just show up if I think of them.
I reached behind my back again and another knife appeared. The boys take a step back and bump into each other. They fall to the ground. As they crawl backwards I run towards them, I’m to fast for them and land right on top of them. That’s when Lucifer asked, “Who are you?”
“Not a who. A what. Hi I’m death.” And that was that. No need to describe in detail but after those were gone I left earth in search of a new planet of beings to destroy.
Until we meet again…


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