the short story project


Michelle Anderson

Living Dead 

Empty corpse, walking the streets. You see them in every city, every town, on the streets, posted on the block or hidden in a alley. The emptiness inside them you can’t help but to sense thier vibe when they walk by. 

Nothing to do in life but to roam around looking for a new spot to linger. A new life to feed off of. Just to get by and continue looking and searching.

The at one time used to be a person now among the living and balancing between life and death without knowing what’s going to happen next. Constantly looking overr their shoulder watching for lerkers wanting to get rid of the only existance they have left. 

The only chance and possible opportunity to be free, mentally free of the troubles they’ve caused to the living. They’re bodies are almost done for but the little brain they have left is whats keeps them going. It just keeps the limp bodies flooding the alleys.

Never to find that light at the end of the tunnel. That sense of life! The feeling of being alive again! So he just exists in this world now? He’s just some lost cause. His ambitions, goals and destiny in life doesn’t matter anymore.

Because he’s become a part of the living dead.


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