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EmaLynna Baker

Marrying My Bully

   Her parents walked into the tiny room she had occupied and called her own. The first thing out of her mother’s mouth “Why the hell are you not ready?!?” of course her mother’s voice was of higher pitch, and it hurt her ears. Softly replying “I can’t it’s not right to marry the one who tortured you with his words for years mama” sighing she knew her argument was not going to mean anything to her mother, Having already fought her side of this, she wasn’t surprised when her mother started screaming at her like before. “you ungrateful, untalented, useless whore. We spent months convincing the Smiths to even consider you for their son. The fact that you would throw both ours and the Smiths generosity back in our faces, only means that you would rather be homeless, than married to one of the most beautiful gentlemen of Dartford. A few harmless words from an innocent boy mean nothing compared to the fact that you are implying that you would rather be dead in a ditch.” Selene having enough of her words snapped. “He wasn’t harmless or innocent, he hurt me in the only way I couldn’t protect myself from. He had his friends helping him while he tortured me.” She muttered with contempt. “He would get too close while blowing on my ear and neck, saying things that pissed me off. He teased and tortured me in front of everyone mother, and you never cared,” Selene was panting slightly but didn’t give up.

   “I cried myself to sleep for months because I couldn’t fight back. So yes my dear mother I would rather be dead in a ditch somewhere, were no one could find me, than marry Cameron Smith.” She stated, starting to cry, she stood up and moved towards the door of her balcony. Selene talked more to herself than her family “You never cared, why start now? What’s changed that suddenly I’m only allowed to do things that you want me to do or marry who you want me to marry? You just don’t want me to disgrace your reputation” she trailed off slightly sighing. Her crying increased, luckily she had chosen to wear waterproof eyeliner and mascara, or she would look like a raccoon at the moment. Turning to face the people she once called family, She spoke to her father for the first time since they had invaded her private room. “I will not be his bride, not willingly I would have to be held at gunpoint.” She started moving to walk past them and the door, “Now if you will excuse me I’m afraid I have a date with a ditch.” She muttered, walking into the hallway before being yanked backward, and thrown onto the floor. Her father yelled at her, “You will go into that bathroom, and you will put on that dress. You will walk down that fucking aisle in two hours, or I will personally shoot you and leave you to suffer in a ditch.” Having said his peace he dragged her mother out of the room, slamming the giant oak doors behind him. Listening for the first time in her eighteen years of living she went to the bathroom and finished getting ready. Finishing her hair in just under an hour and a half she quickly slid her dress on, calling the maid to help her lace her corset.

   Selene walked down the steps fighting back the tears that she knew would eventually fall. She passed her parents and kept walking until she reached the hiding place of the bride. Her father walked up holding a veil, placing it in her hair with a sapphire tiara, covering her face. She never looked up at him as he did so, Selene didn’t notice when he placed the barrel of a small gun between her shoulder blades, the pianist started the wedding march just as she realized what he was doing. Walk, smile, accept and say your vows we made you practice than say ‘I do’ and you won’t get hurt understand?” he asked as they started down the aisle. She nodded and muttered a soft ¨Yes Sir¨ as Cameron came into her sight, shivering slightly she refused to meet his eyes.

   He was absolutely beautiful in his blazer and slacks. Sighing softly she walked down and took his hand as her father passed her off to Cameroon. Her father pulled the gun out of sight and sat beside her mother, relaxing slightly Selene walked up the small step to the priest with her future husband by her side. Speaking at all the right parts and saying their vows had been hard for her and she attempted not to stutter though she failed miserably. Dreading the last part that made everything official she waited. “Do You Cameron Lee Smith take Selene Renaeh Baker as your lawfully wedded wife?¨ Holding her breath as she heard the soft words ¨I do¨ she plastered a fake small smile on and waited for her part, finally looking in his eyes as she said an even softer ¨ I do.¨ Noticing that he let out a loud breath as his shoulders sagged she giggled softly. ¨you may now kiss the bride¨ the priest said softly, Cameroon’s hands were shaking as he leaned in and Selene tip-toed in her heels to get closer kissing him softly. For a few precious seconds, it was just the two before the crowd broke through her reverie. Holding each other’s hand as they walked down to the reception area, time passed quickly as they cut the cake, opened presents, and danced slowly around the floor.

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