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Symoneticious Schams

Mental Health in Kids

There is a problem among many in this world. A problem that causes suffering, loss, and if not approached- even death.

I am here to approach that problem, so that many people may rest peacefully.

This problem is Mental Health in Children.

There are so many children who are suffering everyday. They feel misunderstood, unnoticed, and unloved.

Even if these thoughts are not accurate. It feels more than accurate. It feels like you are totally alone and totally hopeless. Like one firm breeze could knock you over and shatter you to pieces.

I was one of those children.

At 11 I was considered to be schizophrenic. I had extreme visual and auditory hallucinations.

At 12 I tried to take my own life to get away from the overwhelming rush of numbness I had to feel to not let my depression, paranoia, hallucinations, and anxiety take over.

I was so alone even though I had a loving family and support team.

But if I barely made it through with all of that, imagine the kids who are told to “stop pretending” or “Deal with it.” Many don’t make it past teen hood. And this is the saddest thing to me. The fact that innocent kids are suffering so badly that they would rather deprive the world of their amazing individual being, than live just ‘one more day.’

Some kids are restricted from things that would help. Things like therapy and medication. Things that if used correctly, could save a life.

I am now 17 and still struggle, but if it wasn’t for the help i have received my whole life. I am scared to think of what would of happened to my light inside.

We all have this light, don’t let it burn out.

The problem with mental health is it goes unseen. If you had a broken leg, you could see the cast, you could see the fracture in the x-ray. But mental health is an invisible predator.

Children are told to stop feeling their pain, but this is something we cannot do.

Some kids can’t express themselves through words. Some can only cry, yell, scream. Hoping that someone would understand their wails. They are told that they are bad and sent to the corner.

We- as a community of loving parents, siblings, and friends need to take down that barrier and understand.

Please talk to your children. Ask them how they are. If words aren’t working, ask them to draw a picture, sing a song, dance and though their hands in the air. Teach your children it is okay to not feel alright. To not be ashamed of what they feel. Every emotion is valid, every feeling is true. Even if you can’t see it, it’s there.

It is estimated that 17.1 million children have or have had a mental disorder. Which most go untreated.

We need to understand for that is the the first part.

Then we need to act.

Talk to your kids, get them help, let them have emotions, and most importantly- love them no matter what.

This is a battle we all need to fight. So- fight for your little sister who is crying every night in her room. Fight for your cousin who stands in the corner ashamed at every family party. Fight for everyone in your life that struggles with mental health.

Because, even though we are fighting an invisible force. Our lights will lead us through. Our children are the future and the future needs to have more happiness, more acceptance,and more life.

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