the short story project


Sophia Vega


The first second your eyes open and wake up in the morning, the first thought that occurs and pops into your head, the first decision you make about whether to lay in the comfortable cushion of your bed or actually awakened the next day of your life by getting out of your comfort zone and stepping out into this world. This all happens within seconds. These little actions and choices we make in less than a minute at the beginning of our day, we take for granted. 

She opens her eyes but cannot see. She wakes up but not because she decided to but because it was a necessity. She knew laying back in the comfort of a bed would only cause her to overthink everything that had been going through her head. She would have been forced to reflect on all the problems and issues she had been facing. The simple thought of doing that brought her to tears. She forces her body to get up even when all the weight of her dilemmas are tearing her down. 

One step in front of the mirror, she sees something. She had never seen such a beautiful face that was crafted to perfection without a single flaw to be found. Struck with confusion, she searches with her bare hands for her most prized pieces of glass. Racing to place her glasses on her face, she notices that instead of seeing the simple flaws she thought she had, her reflection showed her something else. Something beautiful and full of hope. 

Now it’s crystal clear, she was looking at herself. 

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