Carolyn Croop

Mother Nature’s Revenge

(Part 1)

Did you ever know someone
With the power to change the world?
Someone who could make everyone
Think twice about hitting a girl?

Mother Nature is a personification of
The forces of nature
She is defined as having some love
And is sometimes a caring creature

But what you don’t know
Is that she is real
This I will show
Within this tale

A real person she is
Just like her husband
Father Time – she is his
Throughout time’s lifespan

For Mother Nature is his wife
Father Time – her husband
Both affect all our lives
With just one movement of a hand

The story begins like this
Their marriage started with a big bang
They had love and happiness
Mother Nature always sang

But over time, Father Time
Became quite mean
Until suddenly he loudly chimed
He struck her and caused a scene

Yes, you got that right
He had struck her
When they had a fight
Bruised and battered was Mother Nature
As time went on
So did the abuse
Father Time within his brawn
His power he misused

Until the day
Mother Nature had enough
She found her way
And told him to pack his stuff

This tale happened long ago
Thus, Father Time and Mother Nature divorced
Father Time left by horse quite slowly
Because he too often used his force

So Mother Nature did some research
While now on her own
And went to support groups at a church
She discovered she was not alone


(Part 2)

It was 5:00 am
Jessica and Austin woke up
Today was the day of the exam
Austin first poured coffee into his cup

“Are you excited?”, Jessica asked Austin
Austin replied, “Yes, I can’t wait
We must get ready for the hospital in Boston
A boy or a girl – today is the date”

Jessica and Austin were on their way
For Jessica’s ultrasound exam
She was pregnant with Austin’s baby
It was now 7:00 am

“Congratulations”, the doctor said
“You will be having a baby girl”
Excitement and awe filled her head
Jessica wa the happiest woman in the world

Austin was happy as well
A girl he would pick if he had to choose
He tried to call his best friend Maxwell
But then he saw him on the news

Maxwell had been arrested
For violently beating his girlfriend
Austin then to Jessica suggested
That the two study domestic violence to comprehend

They continued to watch the news
Breaking news! Breaking news!
“The world today saw innumerable fights
Women everywhere battered and bruised”

Just then the phone rang
It was Jessica’s best friend Sue
She was happy as she sang
“I’m having a baby girl too”
Jessica was excited for her
But Austin said, “For work tomorrow we should get some sleep
For you’re going to be a mother
And money doesn’t come cheap”

So Austin and Jessica went off to sleep
Breaking news on the television again
As the morning alarm clock beeped
Baby girls being born all over the region

No boys were being born
People were astounded
Towns and cities blasted emergency horns
With women and girls the world would be surrounded


(Part 3)

Mother Nature can be mean
But she was trying to teach a lesson
She had caused the world a scene
And given no one sons

Every minute of each new day
Only girls were born
Mother Nature found her way
For revenge from being scorn

A man named Mitch
Who was very kind
And might I add – rich
His job he resigned

He then made it his only mission
To locate Mother Nature’s undisclosed location
So the world could understand her position
He began his investigation

Meanwhile, Jessica and Austin studied
Domestic violence and the reason
This story is embodied
With the lessons for every season

They discovered the Violence Wheel
In the wheel’s center is power and control
Victims helpless feel
Abusers use power and control as their role

Outside the wheel’s center
Are eight violence layers
Domestic violence is an awful adventure
Abusers are like players

If you are a victim of this
You are also a shining star
Your future can hold happiness
The eight layers of power and control are . . .
using coercion and threats
using intimidation
using emotional abuse
using isolation
minimizing, denying and blaming
using children
using male privilege
using economic abuse

Jessica and Austin learned a lot
They studied every day and night
They had rarely ever fought
They tried to live their lives right

While they were studying all of this
And the world in utter chaos
Mitch was in much bliss
For he would soon become famous

For he had found Mother Nature’s home
And invited himself in
He discovered her all alone
He knew his mission he would win

Mitch talked to her for hours
She was nice but sometimes mean
For she had the power
To create quite the scene

Mitch learned she had been mistreated
And so to make a point
Every new parent would be greeted
With a new baby girl – not boy

So Mitch was on his way
To negotiate with her a plan
That men would obey
And not abuse during their lifespan


(Part 4)

Mitch was in negotiations with Mother Nature
Their agreement
He was quite sure
Would gain him fame in the government department

Mother Nature insisted
That all abuse stop
To this Mitch would be persistent
For he had once been a cop

The two of them shook hands
And Mitch was off on his way
Back to his homeland
And to the agreement – obey

Mitch now had a new mission
To stop domestic violence
He made many phone calls with ambition
And to domestic violence he would silence

He asked questions and was referred to
Jessica and Austin who now were experts
For domestic violence they knew
Both were even now professors

Mitch explained to them
That Mother Nature he had seen
And that she said men
Could no longer be so mean

So Jessica and Austin took over
They educated the world
And were quite clever
To save all women and girls

The world stopped to listen
They actually understood
As though they had arisen
To all humanity being good
Soon after, men stopped hurting
Those whom they loved or thought
Men were converting
Not hate but love they sought

Just then Jessica found out that day
Her second child she would have
Would be a boy she would name Ray
The world would thus be saved

BREAKING NEWS all over the world
Both were being born everywhere
Boys and girls
The television – people stared

For the world was in shock
And also in their glory
Mother Nature rocks
It’s true within this story


(Part 5)

Onto her next lesson
Mother Nature would be giving
She was a blessing
That the world was receiving

Earthquakes, wildfires and such
Were her way of teaching
Although she had half a heart – not much
To the world she was reaching

She wanted each person to do their best
Unfortunately she didn’t care
Which people were put to the test
It seemed quite unfair

But God had the ultimate say
Of how things go
When people got their way
It was based on prayers He heard from below

He would listen
And decide
Who got His blessings
And which ones lied

But that is all another story
This one is now finished
For the world was in their glory
The world’s pain had diminished

Oh, and by the way
The reason we now say, “Amen”
After we pray
This is how to never again lose the men

For each time a prayer is said
And then an “Amen”
A new baby boy is born whose adorned
This story is really now done