the short story project


Deon Dominick


The Omni-Nihility Brethren arrive on the enigma Island, Adam’s Peak, abode of the first man to roam Earth, which destitute matriarchs deliver neonates by the prophetic approach of Esoteric Planes. The Chauvinism of the Industrialization sacrifice the impregnated women to the Brobdingnagian Strigiformes(Owl) Fukuro, in search of the child who bears the corundum of the Hemlock Hemisphere, capable of ceasing discarnate vertebrates who lie dormant within the core of myriad Heavenly bodies. Given the invasion of absorbing wandering planets luring transmundane entities, Emmy Rose, a dexterous descendant, eligible of communicating with extraterrestrial life, ascending Extraterrestrial technology. Performing Astral projection she travels to hell to retrieve her Father’s Consciousness and store it within the Extraterrestrial Motherboard which claimed his life. Beelzebub, the son of Satan possesses Emmy’s body, trapping her in Astral form, to avoid interference with the Zodiac Extinction Declaration proposed to the Galactic Ichneumon to hone Earth as a nest to incubate its eggs for Infinite Realm Closure, sealing the entrance of heaven and hell, absorbing both the soul and soul case of Humans. Regarding the Warning two heralds, carry the message as the Dingo Wolf and Tasmanian Tiger, classes wage the carnivore wreath inflicting ancestral scars, Goliath of the Omni-Nihility, erupts princess Echo’s volcano neighboring the parturition summit. Both opposing fangs abandon the duel of the paws, once Tasmanian Tiger Tengoro, discovers a boy named Deon in the pouch of his sister Ejiki who was struck by the Auriferous comet of Echo’s Eradication. As the molten rock descends her body to ash, Avgerinos the incessant limb Saurian, is banished from the omnibenevolent realm Rakuen Peak by the Albino Peacock Hera’s “Jigsaw Genesis” disassembling the entirety of Omni-Existences encased in dimensions of superlative heights. The Bellow of the universal life force God, convey tengoro to judgment day where he must defeat the Shadow psyche, Dionysus of Zeus, The origin of Deon’s appellation and Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, from obtaining the sacrosanct encephalon reign, The Apparition of God’s Countenance hidden in the Panspermia Mausoleum.

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