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One Lonely Night-


(Inside of his dorm, Izuku Midoriya sits awake, as if something’s to be on his mental.)


Sitting straight up, Izuku Midoriya ruffles his curly green, unkempt hair. “Ugh, why can’t I sleep?”, he asked himself. Izuku, slowly but surely, gets up out of his bed, walking to the bathroom. After rapidly splashing cold water on his face, he turns to head back to his bed. However, right at that moment, a knock on the door is heard. ‘Who could be awake at this time?’ Izuku questions in his own head. Carefully, Izuku opens the door.


Standing in front of Izuku was his best friend, and coincidentally his crush, Ochako Uraraka. Ochako flashed her bright yet tired trademark smile, waving at Izuku. 


“Hey, Deku!”, she exclaimed energetically as always. 


With a sigh of relief, the shy teen entered his usual nervous state whenever around her. “Oh, h-hey Uraraka.”, replied Izuku with an exhausted but still friendly expression. “Is everything alright, Uraraka?” 


“Yeah, just came to hang out with you, and see if you were ok.”, Ochako told him, rubbing her shoulder. 


“Uraraka, it’s almost 12:00. Aren’t you even the slightest bit of tired?”, Izuku yawned as he glanced at his watch. 


“I know and I’m sorry.”, the girl sighed as she twiddled her thumbs. “It’s just that…we’ve never got to speak lately.” Ochako explained with a certain sadness in her voice. 


“Sure we have! You, me and Ida always talk to each other!” exclaimed the tired teen unintentionally, unsure if Aizawa was patrolling the halls or not. Izuku then covered his mouth, his red blush showing over his cheeks. Regaining his calmness, Izuku reluctantly glances at Ochako saying, “I know after my fight with Kacchan, I haven’t really been able to see you guys that much. And I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you guys somehow.”


Ochako looks at Izuku, lost admiring his dark green hair, genuine smile, and jade eyes. She doesn’t speak for a few seconds, just staring deeply at Izuku. Not that he minded; quite the opposite. Still, he thought that Ochako wasn’t feeling her best before coming up here. Feeling concerned, Izuku asks, “Uraraka, what’s wrong?” As if part of a spell, the bubbly girl broke out of her trance. 


“W-wha?!” she says, startled by how long she was staring at Izuku. She had completely lost track of time and where she was at. A soft blush formed on her face, hidden well enough by her pink cheeks. “W-What did you say, Deku?”


“I-I said y-you can c-come inside i-if you want to….” Izuku replies with his trademark nervous stuttering.


“O-oh sure, Deku. T-thanks.” 


Ochako invites herself into Izuku’s dorm. Posters of All Might covered nearly every inch of the walls they were plastered on. From actions figures to books to even the floor mat, the previous #1 hero was everywhere. It couldn’t be denied; Izuku was a fanboy through and through. Though he had pictures of other Pro Heroes, the main one that stood out didn’t have to be said. 


“You’re a big fan of All Might, huh?” Ochako curiously wondered with a smile on her face. 


“W-Who me?”, Izuku nervously asks Ochako. 


“No. Who else, silly?” she says, nudging him a bit. 


“W-what makes you say that?” 


“Considering this room alone, I’d say it’s pretty obvious.”, Ochako says, chuckling to herself.


“Yeah…All Might was the best. I collected every action figure, watched videos of him; I even had a onesie!” Izuku’s cheeks burned with a bright red blush. His passion with the #1 Pro Hero couldn’t have been made more clear if someone had a magnifying glass. After all, this is the same person that Izuku looked up to most of his life, aside from Bakugo. And the same person who had given him his Quirk, One For All. Without it, Izuku wouldn’t be at U.A., nor would he had met Ochako, Ida, Kirishima, Tsuyu, or anyone else in Class 1-A. Without All Might, in regard to his Quirk, and all his hard work to even wield said Quirk, Izuku’s dreams would’ve been devastated beyond repair.  


“Quite the fan, I see,” Ochako replied, her smile making him blush even harder. 


“S-sorry! I didn’t mean to fanboy or anything…” Izuku said, scratching the back of his neck. 


“It’s ok, Deku. I was actually going to say something similar about you.”, said Ochako, her cheeks turning a bright shade of pink.


Izuku froze once Ochako finished her statement. Pointing nervously to himself, he weakly asks, “M-Me?”


“Yes, dummy!” the playful girl told him, sitting right next to him now on his bed. 


“U-Uraraka, w-what’s so special about m-me?”, Midoriya nervously asks Ochako. 


“Everything.” she quietly replies.


Izuku’s face burns with a blush. Frozen, he stares nervously at Uraraka. The girl he’s had a crush on since he met her. The person he saved on multiple occasions. One of his few friends, who always cheered him on no matter what. “W-what do you mean, Uraraka?”, he asks, grabbing the collar of his T-shirt. 


“Well, um…how do I put this….when I first met you, Deku, I thought you were the biggest nerd walking into U.A.”, she started off, “I mean, you were, and still are a bit shy, nervous, always muttering, scared of girls—”


“Uh, point taken.”, Izuku said with a nervous laugh. 


“Sorry, no offense.”, Ochako said, “But even with those traits, their not bad ones.” She begins to blush, “And among all of them, your sheer determination to never give up always shines through. You keep fighting until the end, no matter how bad things seem. Whether it’s Bakugo or Todoroki, you always give it your all!” Uraraka throws her fist in the air, a bright smile to outshine the Sun itself forming on her lovely face. 


Izuku couldn’t believe what he was hearing. All this was coming from the person who he’d not necessarily least expect, but not known had taken time to see him grow and develop. And she liked it, through and through. It was still sort of a shock to the young teenager. From what he could tell, her excitement only made it clear that Ochako was looking up to Izuku in many ways. If he wasn’t blushing before, then it was more evident than ever now. 


“That drive to always give 100%, no matter what, all the while not giving an inch? That’s inspiring. And kinda like with All Might, you’ve inspired me in so many ways, in such a short time.”, Ochako said, her voice getting quieter and her face turning a darker shade of red. 


Izuku laid his right hand on Ochako’s shoulder. “Uraraka, are you alright?”


“M-Maybe”, she began, “that’s why I have these feelings for you.” Realizing what she just said aloud, Ochako buried her face deep between her knees. 


Izuku looked confused at his friend, raising his left eyebrow while quirking with his right. “Feelings?”, he asks softly, “W-What kind of feelings?”


‘I brought this on myself’, the usually bubbly girl thought to herself. She had harbored these feelings for so long, yet she didn’t know how to express them. Every time she looked at Izuku, the way he always persevered any challenge thrown at him, always helped others out before himself, herself being in that situation when they took the Entrance Exams. Izuku always fought for what is right, no matter how many bones he had to break. His sheer will and determination to become a hero, and to help others had left a huge impact on Ochako. 


All she had to do was say a few words, and it’ll all be over. But what did that mean, exactly? It could leave her spilling out her emotions, only for Izuku to look bewildered or reject her. Or maybe she would never say anything to him about this and go on about her life. But she couldn’t. Each time she tried to squander any romantic interests in her best friend, it always ended up coming back full circle. And that was another thing; Izuku was her best friend.


Why would he want to date his best friend? Sure, it happened in many sitcoms, movies,  and anime, but they were just that. Movies, sitcoms, and anime. This was real, and she couldn’t risk losing her best friend over a little crush she had over him. Well, it wasn’t a little crush no more, but a huge one. 


Sighing deeply, without holding no bounds, Ochako started boldly, “F-Feelings….for you…” she said quieter than usual, her voice trailing off. 


Izuku froze. Was he hearing this right, he thought to himself. Ochako was just praising him left and right for his heroics and what not, and now this? He tried to see if this was just a dream, pinching himself a few times. But he still sat on his bed, right next to Ochako, who still had her head buried. He became more flustered than usual, his face now beet red. He moved closer to his best friend, still nervous and blushing. “Uraraka, w-what are you saying, exactly?”


“I have a crush on you, Deku!” 


The words felt like shockwaves to both Izuku and Ochako. Silence ran rampant throughout the room. The green haired boy turned to his right, facing away from his brown-haired friend, she herself turned the opposite way. Neither one of them looked at the other, afraid of what to say or their reactions. 


“Ever since you saved me in the Entrance Exams, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. How heroic you were to risk your life for someone you barely even knew. And when we ended up in the same class together, I was more than excited to see you again.” 


Izuku remembers the day clearly. During the exams, he hadn’t scored a single point, due to just inheriting One For All the same day. On top of that, he didn’t even know how to use it and was afraid to face the first robot that came for him. Thankfully, Can’t Stop Twinkling saved him, but in a chance to get points for himself most likely. That’s when Izuku ran into Ochako, who just destroyed four robots to his knowledge, with her Zero Gravity Quirk. However, it turned out to be at least 35 robots she destroyed, making Izuku only more worried about getting any points. Soon, the robot worth zero points appeared, and while he wanted to run like every other examinee, worried about getting more points before time ran out, he heard someone in pain. It was Ochako.


With her leg stuck underneath some rubble the robot left trying to chase the examinee’s, Ochako was unable to move. “I-It’s that nice girl from earlier”, he said to himself. “She’s the whole reason I didn’t fall flat on my face this morning..” Without any hesitation, the curly-haired teen used One For All for the first time, jumping high into the air and then, after yelling “Smash!!!” proudly, punched the giant mech once, putting it out of commission. However, after using the extremely powerful Quirk, his arms and legs were found to be broken. Falling fast and with no way of making it out alive, other than breaking his other arm with a Detroit Smash, Izuku thought to himself how to survive this long fall. That was until Uraraka smacked him, having to use all five of her fingers to make him float with her Quirk, stopping his fall instantly. While floating, the Zero Gravity Quirk user yelled “Release”, and with a touch of her pads on her fingers, he fell to the pavement. Afterward, she threw up, and Izuku still didn’t gain any points…


Or so he thought…


Uraraka tried to ask Present Mic about giving up some of her points for him. However, the eccentric announcer/Pro Hero said there was no need to. Turns out, that lucky for him, there were Rescue Points, as told by a holographic All Might in his letter about U.A. And Izuku Midoriya had gained 60 Rescue Points for saving Uraraka, and she had earned 45. Smiling and tearing up, the timid teen was more than excited to get accepted into the most prestigious Hero Academy. 


The preppy girl continued, “But after seeing you and Bakugo fight, despite the fact you were always bullied by him, you still stood up to him, and won during our team fight. Then, with Todoroki….what can I even say? You got him to use his Fire Quirk, and I don’t even think you were upset that you lost against him at the Sports Festival.”, she said, feeling herself get hot on her face. “Then you, Ida and Todoroki faced the Hero Killer Stain….you guys must’ve been fighting for your lives. Yet, throughout all of those events, and even in general, you’re always ready to help those who need saving. Giving it your all through determination and pure willpower.” Uraraka turned around and looked up at Izuku, who was blushing wildly and equally facing Uraraka.


Each moment reminded Izuku of his trials and tribulations to get to where he was now. All of these events had an impact on someone’s life. Todoroki was able to use his Fire Quirk thanks to Midoriya telling him, “It’s your power!”, referring to Shoto’s father, Endeavor, only wanting to make Shoto stronger than All Might and nothing less through abuse and torture. Ida was saved due to the One For All inheritor finding him in an alleyway after Ida tried to confront Stain about his brother. Though both Todoroki and Izuku helped Ida live, though risking their own lives, it was thanks once again to Midoriya finding him in the first place, then sending his location to Class 1-A through text. The awkward teen even made the plan to save Bakugo, his childhood bully and the one person who didn’t want Izuku to interfere to help him, by risking his, Ida, Kirishima, and to a certain extent Yaoyorozu’s lives by having Kirishima grab Bakugo’s hand instead of Izuku’s, all so he could be rescued from the League of Villains and All For One. All in all, it seemed like wherever Izuku went, his impact was left with pretty good remembrance and equally great merits.


“And that’s what I like about you, Deku.” A tear drops from Ochako’s cheek. “You’re willing to sacrifice everything for someone you don’t know just so they can be safe. Who can’t admire that?” The room sits in an atmosphere of silence until Uraraka breaks the ice once more. “D-Did you hear me, Deku?” 


“I heard you loud and clear, Uraraka.”, he said softly, still trying to comprehend the situation. “And I can’t believe it.”


Tears run down Ochako’s at the sound of that. Those are the words she tried not to hear, but here they were jamming themselves into her ears. “If you don’t feel the same way, it’s fine—”. 


“Because I feel the same way about you, Uraraka.”, Izuku says, unintentionally cutting her off. 


“What?” Ochako sits up, sniffling as she thinks it’s a dream. “Y-you do?”


“Of course, I do. Ever since that first day at U.A., I’ve been thinking about you. I wondered if I was even g-good enough for y-you.” Scratching the back of his neck, Midoriya continues on. “I-I thought you’d never go for the nerdy, weak and awkward Deku.” He pauses for a moment, trying to find the right words to say. “Speaking of, you’re the whole reason why I even accepted the name Deku. So thanks, Uraraka, even though it’s a little too late.”, Izuku says, laughing a nervous laugh. 


He wipes away Uraraka’s tears off her cheeks. Ochako smiles, and her trademark smile is backed up by a pink blush. “Y-you r-really mean all of what you said, Deku?”


Izuku gently caresses her soft cheeks, replying with, “Of course, Uraraka. I’m still shocked I mean that much to you….”


“Duh..”, she remarks in a playful manner. “You mean everything to me, Deku.”


“I-I see.”, he says, stammering as he does when nervous. 


“If you don’t believe me, let me show you…”, says Uraraka, with shy written all over her face. She leans in close to Izuku, who squeals a bit at first, his eyes widened and cheek dark red. “D-did I do something wrong?”, Uraraka asked her crush, a panicked blush growing as she immediately backed up a bit. 


Shyly, Izuku told her through a stutter, “N-n-no, it’s just…I-I’ve never k-kissed a girl before!”


Giggling to herself, Uraraka faced the messy haired teen, her dark brown eyes glued to his jaded ones, “Let me be the first to show you how it’s done, then.”


Izuku laughed a bit at his best friend. 


“W-What’s so funny, Deku?”


“Are you trying to be seductive?”, the One For All user asked, still chuckling at the thought that she might be. 


This took Ochako by surprise. The pretty brown haired girl blushed bright red. “Um, m-m-maybe. W-why?”


“You don’t have to try when you are, Uraraka.”, the green haired teen replied. 


“You’re too sweet, Deku!” Uraraka leaned in once again, this time locking lips with Izuku’s. The kiss, which lasted about 15 seconds, felt like time slowly passed them by. Like an eternity of affection. Izuku’s lips were surprisingly soft, considering everything else he had to undergo. However, his best friend’s lips tasted sweet like candy and were equally soft like airy cotton candy. The two both take a break to breathe. 


“So, how was your first kiss?”, Uraraka jokingly asks her crush. 


Izuku sat there speechless, trying to wrap his mind around what the hell just happened. “It-It was amazing!”, he exclaims quietly, “L-Let’s do it again!” 


Surprised by his enthusiasm, she says, “Ok, but it’s your turn this time.”


Izuku gulps nervously, “Uh, o-ok!”, he responds with a bit of fear in his heart.


Midoriya puts his hand on Ochako’s blushing face, now crimson, following her previous movements. ‘Hand on her cheek, then turn the opposite way, and lay it on her’, he thought to himself. ‘Right? Well, only one way to find out.’ After following the last movement, he finally plants a kiss on her lips. This time, the sensual moment lasts at least a minute. Just like the last one, the kiss is very passionate, though not intimate. Slowly, the upbeat girl pulls away from Izuku. 


“Y-you’re not a bad kisser, Deku.”, she smiles lightly at him.


“Neither are you, Uraraka.”


They both share a laugh and a smile. Grabbing her hand, Izuku asks, “Are you going back to your room?”


“With Aizawa out there, I’d be in just as much trouble as you and Bakugo were. Maybe even worse…”, she said. And she had a point. Aizawa was the last person that either of them wanted to see right now, and it’ll only make it worse if he saw Uraraka leaving from Midoriya’s dorm. “How about I just stay in your room tonight?”


The question alone was enough to make Izuku go red in the face. Having Uraraka in his room was already enough to make him shudder. Kissing her made things even more nerve-racking for the timid teen, and now sleeping in his bed together? If there were a way to take note of his blush, it’d be easier to say he found a new shade of red that had never been seen before. 


“Um, a-are y-you sure about t-that?”, he asks, his stutter coming back quicker than someone with a Speed Enhancing Quirk. 


“Yeah. Besides, it’s not like I have anywhere else to go.”, Ochako said, giving him a big smile. 


“O-ok….” Izuku replied, his voice becoming shakier. 


“You gonna move?” 


Izuku forgot they were still on the bed, and he hadn’t moved an inch yet. “Oh, of course!”, he nervously said, immediately moving out of Ochako’s way. He pulled back the covers and guided Ochako weakly with his right hand. She made her way to the side of the wall and wrapped her self in the blanket, of All Might no less. 


“Scooch over, dummy.”, she said, now inside his soft bed. The once Quirkless hero lays on his fluffy pillow, Uraraka right behind him, holding onto Izuku’s stomach. 


“Deku?”, Uraraka called softly. 


“Hm?” Izuku tilts his head back a bit. “Yeah?”


“Don’t leave.” These words were enough to both make him blush and also appreciate his crush even more. These were words he’d never thought he’d hear from Uraraka at all, honestly. 


“I never planned to.”, Izuku simply replied, before dozing off to sleep, Uraraka soon following suit. The two lovers fall into a deep trance, that being the realm of dreams. And in each dream, one sleeps soundly with the other holding them tightly.








This is my first fanfiction for one of my favorite anime and overall TV shows! If anything, let me know what you think about it, or if I need to fix up some things, and leave your thoughts and comments below. I’d love to hear what you guys think ?. Have a great day to all of you who stopped by!

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