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Beck Arbic

Remember Me?

There are two people sitting across from eachother at an old oak table in the center of a dim lit room. They are both bound by their feet to chairs and both of their arms are tied behind their chairs. There’s one male and one female. The female is knocked out but the male is alert. 

“Hey, hey wake up!” He whispers across the table to the unconscious woman. She doesn’t even stir so he continues to try to wake her up. After a few moments his attempts seemed to have done the trick because her eyes pop open and she looks at him in terror. 

Looking down at her bound body then back to the man she starts to scream.

“Please don’t kill me!” She screams, shaking back in forth in the chair.

“Shh, keep your voice down! I’m tied up to.” The man whispers and pleads with the woman. The woman tries to squirm out of the ropes  bounding her body to the chair with no luck. 

After a few minutes the woman seems to take a few breaths and relaxes a bit. Her eyes focus in on the man sitting across the table from her. She has fear in her eyes and sees similar fear in the man’s.

“What’s your name?” He asks her.

“Glenda.” She says after a moments pause as if unsure to answer.

“My names Jimmy. Do you remember anything about how you ended up here?” He eyes the woman curiously hoping that she could shed some light on their situation.

The woman exhales deeply and starts to tremble. 

“I had just finished my shift at the diner and was walking towards my car in the parking lot when I felt something hit me hard from behind. Oh, god who would do this!” She starts to weep. 

“Hey, it’ll be okay darlin. We’ll figure this out.” 

Jimmy had a thick southern accent that matched Glenda’s she noticed. Perhaps they were from the same area.

“Where are you from?” She asks.

“Austin.” Jimmy says absentmindedly. Glenda eyes Jimmy suspiciously.

“I’m also from Austin but I’ve never seen you before. Why the hell would someone take us both?” 

Suddenly Jimmy’s eyes narrow at Glenda making her immediately uneasy.

“What is it?” She asks nervously.

“You haven’t seen me before? Well isn’t that rich.” He chuckles. Suddenly he stands up and the ropes that had bound him were on the floor. He leaned against the table until his face was close to Glenda’s. 

“Really, you don’t remember me?”

Glenda started to cry.

“No! I don’t remember you! Why are you doing this to me?” She shouted and Jimmy just smiled widely.

I was always in the diner. But of course you wouldn’t give me the time of day. You’ve taken my order dozens of times but I don’t register in your memory. You stuck up bitch!” He spits at her and she starts to struggle against her restrains.

“What do you want from me!” She screams out at him, tears spilling down her cheeks.

He rushes around the table and takes her face roughly in his hands forcing her to look up at him until their lips are an inch apart.

“I want you to notice me.” He says softly, with a twinkle in his eyes.

He lets go of her face softly and leans against the table with his arms crossed staring down at her. 

Her heart is pounding fiercly and she is absolutely terrified. Surely this crazed man wasn’t going to kill her?

“Girls like you make me sick. You prance around like you rule the fucking world, not giving anyone else the time of day. You were a bitch in high school and it didn’t surprise me to see that even in your mid twenties nothing has changed.” 

Glenda looks up at him shocked.

“High School? What are you talking about? Whatever I did to you Jimmy, I’m sorry.” 

Jimmy turned and glared at her.

“Oh, you’re sorry? You don’t even remember me! Let me refresh your memory princess. Sophmore year, you are your quarterback boyfriend decided that it would be funny to trick me into thinking that you actually wanted to go on a date with me. When I show up to meet you at the movie theatre for the date you are nowhere to be seen and instead I get jumped outside of the theatre by your quarterback boyfriend and his friends who beat the shit out of me.” 

Glenda stills as she hears this. 

“Oh my god.” She says quietly.  Reality dawned on her. James the computer nerd with too big of a nose and too scrawny always staring at her in class. It started to irriate  her so she informed Peter, her boyfriend at the time. Peter suggested a plan to get James to stop bothering her. She didn’t mean for him to get hurt. After the beating Peter disappeared. Everyone assumed he’d switched schools. Glenda had felt very guilty for what had happened.

“James.. I..” But Jimmy puts a finger to her lips.

“I don’t want to hear it. What you did to me fucked me up real good Glenda. Now it’s my turn to embarass you.”  Suddenly his hand lashes out and he backhands Glenda, hard. Her vision blurrs and she’s suddenly having a flashback to the diner. She remembers seeing a man always sitting in the corner of the diner. He never spoke to anyone and always ordered a black coffee. Glenda had really paid him no mind. She couldn’t believe it was James.

Water is thrown on her face as she stirs awake.

“Wake up now darlin. Our fun is just beginning.” Jimmy puts a bucket down and turns and walks away. The room is dark so Glenda can’t make out what Jimmy was doing. It sounded as if he was sharpening a knife somewhere in the darkness. Glenda knew she had to try to escape or he was going to kill her.

“Jimmy, please don’t do this.” She shouted into the darkness. Her body was busy trying to wiggle out of her binds.

“Oh darlin, you have no idea what I intend to do.” Jimmy chuckles and continues doing whatever it was that he was doing. Suddenly, Glenda manages to loosen out of her binds. She doesn’t dare get up from the chair as she’s almost positive he’s watching her in the darkness. 

After a few moments Jimmy appears from the darkness with something shiny in his hands. Glenda realized she was right, it was a knife. Jimmy scratches along the table with the knife as he slowly walks towards Glenda. He looks like a tiger about to pounce on it’s prey. 

“You know Glenda. I bet you would of enjoyed our date. I had flowers for you,white roses, your favorite. Your boyfriend had the nerve to laugh at my kind gesture. I’ll never understand what you saw in that animal. We could of had it all baby, but oh well I guess. Jimmy is standing before Glenda and he puts the knife to her throat.

“Jimmy, please wait. I’m sorry! Please I’ll do anything. Please!” She pleads and cries and he just stares at her. It was like looking into the eyes of an empty soul. She notices Jimmy waver and realizes this is her one chance. She lifts her foot up and kicks Jimmy between the legs as hard as she can. He howls and drops to the ground, promptly dropping the knife in the process.

“You bi..bitch!” He screams, cupping his hurt genitals. Glenda wastes no time in picking up the knife. She stands over Jimmy and starts to kick him hard in the side.

“I could never love you asshole! You got what you deserved! Fuck you!” She screams after each kick. Before she can kick him again a gun fires from the darkness and a bullet promptly shoots through her chest. She drops to her knees in defeat, feeling the darkness creeping up on her dying body. 

An old lady with a cane walks out of the shadows, the gun still smoking at the mouth. 

“Nobody hurts my son bitch.” The old woman says and points the gun at Glenda’s head and fires, killing her instantly. 

Jimmy coughs from the blows to his side and crawls up off the ground. 

“What the fuck mom!” He shouts at his mother.  

His mother glares at her son. 

“I thought I taught you better James. We don’t play with our food, we eat it. ” 

The old woman’s eyes suddenly lit up a glowing red and fangs sprouted out of her teeth.

“Yes mother.” James says and joins her.


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