Victoria Komar


John is sitting at his desk in black pants with food stains on them and is wearing a blue striped shirt that won’t fully stay tucked in because his pants are a little lose.  At the precinct he is looking at a case file when Matt walks in with a cup of coffee in his hand.  Matt has an army-style haircut, wearing black sunglasses, and is wearing a well-pressed red dress shirt.

“John.” Said Matt.

Looking up from his file John said, “What’s up?”

“Nothing much.  Just grabbed some coffee.  What are you looking at?”

Looking up at Matt, he said “It’s nothing.  Don’t worry about it.”

“What do you mean it’s nothing?

Matt goes and grabs the file from his hands, and said, “Let me see.”

While trying to grab the folder back, John said, “Give it!”

Looking at the file, Matt said, “Dave Smith?  Who is Dave Smith?”

Grabbing the file from Matt, John said, “Nobody.  Don’t worry about it.”

“Wait, is that the file you have been looking at for the past week now?”

“Does it matter?”

“A little.  What is so important about that file that your eyes have been glued to it for the past week?”

“It’s about a guy I knew in high school.  I got him sent to jail, and he said he would get revenge because of it.”

“But a lot of people say that, and they never follow through with it.  What makes him so special?”

“I got a phone call last week from a number I didn’t recognize, so I sent it to voicemail.  When I listened to it later, it was from Dave.  He said he has been out of jail for some time now and he didn’t forget what he told me in high school.  He said if he has the chance he will kill me, so I’m going to try and stop him first.”

“What does this have to do with the file though?”

“It says here that he has been selling drugs in different alleys, but he never gets caught.  He moves the drugs before anyone gets there.  I figured if I can catch him selling them I can put him back in jail.”

“Didn’t sending him to jail back then start this whole thing?”

“Yes, but I’m a cop now, what is he going to do about it?”

“Kill you.”

“You aren’t helping me.  I’ll figure this out on my own then.”

“Don’t get your panties in a knot; I’ll help you.”

We both grabbed our guns and badges and headed to the car.  We headed to an alley where there was suspicion of Dave being seen.  We walked through the alley and saw nothing but rats and old boxes.  We both headed back to the car.

“Ok, so what’s next?” Said Matt.

“I don’t know.  There are barely any clues in this file.  It only says where he has been seen, but no one has found anything at those places, so we have nothing.”

“Well, how about you tell me what happened in high school, and we can go from there.”

“Why do you want to hear about that?”

“Maybe something from the past could help us with this case, and I want to know why Dave wants you killed.”

 “Alright.  Back in high school I was the shy band geek who would sit in the corner of the classroom, doing the classwork, and reading over my music sheets.  I didn’t have many friends, which is why I would walk to class alone, and eat by myself during lunch.  Dave was also in my class.  He was a popular kid, but he was also one of the bad kids.  He was the one that if you wanted answers for a test or drugs you would go to him.  Dave knew I was the shy kid, so he would always mess with me.  For most of the year I was his punching bag.  I was the kid who he would shove into lockers, and trip in the hallway.  I was too afraid to say no to him, so I would do what he told me to do.  One time he needed answers for a bio test, and he didn’t want to get caught stealing them, so he made me go and get them for him.  I ended up getting suspended for this because I wouldn’t rat him out.  He knew he could take advantage of me, so he figured he could use my locker to store his drugs during school.  Half the time he wouldn’t even tell me they were there, so when I would get my books, a bag of them would fall out of my locker, and I would have to put them back before a teacher saw.  At one point the teachers checked every locker to see if anyone had anything in their lockers they weren’t supposed to have.  They found drugs inside some of the kids’ lockers, but not mine.  Dave took them out right before the teacher looked in my locker.” 

Matt interrupted saying, “See, he didn’t want you to get in trouble.”

“No, he didn’t want to lose his drugs.  Now let me continue my story.  After a while I was getting annoyed and didn’t want to be a part of this anymore.  I didn’t want to get in trouble for something I didn’t do.  I tried saying something to Dave, but he took me behind the school, roughed me up a bit, and told me if I tried backing out again, that I would have more than a black eye and a cut lip.” 

Matt interrupted again and said, “Did you tell your parents?”

“I didn’t want to get them involved.  My mom would have contacted the school and would have caused a scene.  My dad probably would have killed him because of anger management issues, and I didn’t want him in jail.”

“So what did you tell them?”

“I told them my friends and I were playing football, and the ball hit me in the eye.  When I went to catch it I bit my lip in the process of doing so.  Anyway, a few weeks later I stayed after school to get help on an assignment from one of my teachers, and when we were done I went to my locker to get something, and out of nowhere some guy came up to me and shoved me into my locker and said, “Where are my drugs?”  I told him I didn’t know where they were, but he didn’t like that answer very much.  He pulled a gun out of his jacket, pointed it at my head, and asked again, “Where are my drugs?”  I told him that Dave had them, and before I could finish the sentence Dave came walking down the hallway.  The guy let me go, and I ran as far away from there as I could.  I have never been so scared in my life.  At that moment I knew I didn’t want to do that anymore, and that I had to do something about it.  So a week later I went to the principal’s office and told her that I suspected drugs in Dave’s locker, and she told me that if I was wrong and if she checked his locker and there wasn’t anything in there, I would get in a lot of trouble for assuming someone with no proof.  I told her I knew the consequences and that I still wanted her to check.  The following day the principle, as well as a cop went to Dave’s locker and told Dave to open it, and when he did there was a bag of drugs sitting there.  The officer arrested Dave right then and there and walked him out of the school, and while he was being taken away he told me that he knew it was me and that he would get me for this, even if it were the last thing he did.  After that, I never saw him again.  So what do we do now?”

“Let me think.  After a pause Matt said, do you still have Dave’s number in your phone?”

“I think so.  Why?”

“Because I can call him and tell him I want to buy some drugs from him, and then we can meet him and finally catch him.”

“I don’t know dude.”

“Look you even said it yourself, we have no clues on this guy, and he has never been caught.  If you want to catch him, this is our best way, and by what you just told me I doubt he would heist to kill you if he had the chance.  So what do you say?”

“Alright, but we still need to be careful.  Who knows what Dave is capable of nowadays?”

We headed back to the precinct where we made the phone call on Matt’s cell.  The phone rang and Dave answered.  In a tired sounding tone Dave said, “Hello?”

In an overly happy tone Matt said, “Hey Dave!  What’s up?”

“Who’s this?”

“You don’t know me, but I heard from a friend, who knows a friend, who knows you, that you sell the best drugs around, and I could go for some right now, so what do you say?  You selling any?”

While scratching his head, Dave said, “I don’t know man.  I don’t even know you, and I don’t like selling to people I have never met before.”

“Come on man.  I heard you were the best, and I wouldn’t be calling if I had another way.”

“Fine.  Meet me at the abandoned building over by the laundromat tomorrow at noon, and bring fifty dollars cash with you.  Come alone.”

“Got it.  See you then.”

“Abandoned building?  He has never done his deals in an abandoned building.”  Said John.

“Maybe he wanted to switch things up.  Look we know where he is going to be now, so tomorrow at noon we go in and we get this guy.”


The next morning I went to the building an hour before Matt, and I were supposed to show up.  I wanted to deal with Dave once and for all.  I waited in my car till I saw Dave go inside.  Once I saw him go in, I waited a few minutes, and then followed behind.  The building hasn’t been used in some time, so it is pretty run down.  I pulled out my gun and I slowly walked through what was once the entrance way, I looked around to see if Dave was there.  I didn’t see him, so I continued through the building into another room.  The room was a little darker compared to the first one, so it was hard to see what was there, but I could make out some boards, and other old items that were in the building.  I walked a little more and saw a bag on the table.  I slowly walked towards it with my guard up. 

I heard a voice behind me, and I felt a gun on my neck.  “Well won’t you look who it is.  John Brown, the cop.” 

“How did you know?”  Said John.

“You think I would fall for the oldest trick in the book?  I knew you were a cop, and I knew if I left you a voicemail, and did some drug deals, you would try to catch me.”

“So you aren’t going to kill me?”

“No, I am, but we are going to talk first.  Now put your gun on the ground, and slowly turn around.”

I threw my gun on the ground and slowly turned around.

“You ruined my life by sending me to jail.”

“Well, I wouldn’t have had to if you didn’t make me your punching bag, and left your drugs in my locker.”

“Save it.  You couldn’t handle me then, and you can’t handle me now.  I’m finishing this once and for all.”

I am still standing in front of Dave and his gun when he cocks it back getting ready to shoot me in the face.  Before he hits the trigger I hit his hand knocking the gun out of his hand, and tackled him to the ground and started punching him in the face.  He pushed me off and took a board that was on the ground and hit me in the head with it.  I got a gash on my forehead, and I started to get dizzy.  Dave grabbed me and started punching me in the gut.  I fell, and he went for his gun.  I kicked him in the leg, and he dropped his gun and fell.  I saw my gun on the ground and crawled for it.  Seeing how arresting Dave isn’t going to be an option, I am going to have to stop him before he finishes me once and for all.  I tried to grab my gun, but Dave pulled me back.  I kicked him in the gut, and I crawled for the gun with the last bit of energy I had left.  I finally grabbed my gun and turned toward him.  Dave pointed his gun toward me and pulled the trigger.  At the same time I pointed my gun at him and shot.  My shot hit him in the forehead, and he fell straight to the ground, while his shot hit me in the shoulder.  While I tried to get to my feet I heard Matt rushing in.  He must have heard the shots go off.

“John! Yelled Matt.

“I’m over here!” Yelled John.

“Oh my gosh John, you’re bleeding.”

“I’m fine Matt.  Just a little banged.”

“But you’re bleeding.  Trust me I’m fine.”

“Where is Dave?”

“He is on the ground over there.  I’m guessing dead.”

“Oh John, you didn’t.”

“I know Matt, but I had to.  If I didn’t he was going to kill me, and you were right, he wasn’t going to let the chance slip by if he got it.”

The other officers grabbed Dave’s body, and we headed over to the hospital so I could get cleaned up. 

The next day we went back to the precinct and looked over new cases.

“John” Said Matt.

“Matt” Said John.

“How are you feeling?”

“I’ve been better.”

“I bet.  I’m sorry about what you went through with Dave.”

“Don’t be.  Sometimes you have to fight your own battles.”

“Morning John.” Said Matt.

“Morning Matt.” Said John.

“What are you looking at?”

“Just some paperwork.”

“What’s on my desk?”

“I think a new case file.  It came in this morning.”

Matt opens up the file and looks at it, his jaw opens slightly, and he has a surprising look on his face.

“Um John, you might want to take a look at this.”

John walks over and takes a look at the file.  His face goes white.

                                  THE END

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