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Running Away

I ran as fast as I could, the wind hit my face making it harder to breathe. Blood was dripping down my bare legs. The fabric of my skirt was tearing. It was falling apart, and there’s nothing I could do about it. In some ways it reminded me of my life. There was nothing I could do, nothing at all.

     I can hear them calling for me. It wasn’t the welcoming I grew fond of, this was harsh, dripping with rage. They want me dead. They want the blood to stop circulating through my veins. They want my damaged heart to no longer pump life. They blame me and want me punished. I had no idea things would escalate the way they did. 
     My foot latches onto a hidden root burrowed into the ground and within seconds, I’m making contact with the ground. A broken bottle slices the skin on my arm. Sharp pain travels throughout my entire body causing a small shriek to reveal itself. A small puddle of my blood forms around the bottle. Crap, I’m gonna get caught. Quickly I get up ignoring the pain spiking up my body. I have to keep moving, but I need to stop. The sun beams down on me like a spotlight. A large tree stands feet away, a temporary resting spot. I need to rest, if I don’t I’ll pass out ensuring my capture. As I run, I can make out their faint shouting. They’re slowly catching up. My fingertips graze the tree as I reach out for it. Finally, I could feel the air escaping my body then slowly traveling back in. I take this time to examine my wounds. Cuts and bruises cover the surface of my arms. There’s a large slash across my stomach bleeding profusely. The surface of my legs are brown and red, they burn. My feet ache. There’s a deep gash on my left foot now added to my collection of wounds. God, why did this have to happen?. I just wanted to feel powerful and alive, now because of that want, I just might die. 
     “Skylar, we know you’re close,” Allison’s sultry voice echoed through the woods. I knew they would find me. I rest my head against the tree, closing my eyes. All I need is to catch my breath then go back in time. I knew joining them was a bad idea but back then, it felt right. Unbelievable power coursed through my veins every time we fought together, I loved it. Finally, I belonged. I devoured the attention people gave me just for being with them, I was insatiable. I was in complete control. The first few months were perfect. Allison messed that up. 
     She’s the leader, the Alpha, the bitch. The stereotypical “it” girl that every guy wants and she gives them exactly that. She covers herself in layers of makeup making her appear way older than she is. Her bleached hair and skin tight clothes make me sick. She made herself the leader because she’s “better looking” and “smarter” than the rest of us. I made the mistake of being prettier and smarter than her, I could sense her hatred for me building up for a long time. She never acted on her hate, until now. Her actions led to my decision. 
     “Please Skye, don’t make this harder than it already is,” Faye’s gentle tone slowed my heart rate a little. She’s my favorite. She shows kindness no matter what. I knew she would be the one I could trust when I joined. She’s such a sweet soul. Her being part of a group like this makes no sense. Faye is everyone’s best friend. She knows how to get on a person’s good side just by flashing a smile. It’s her power, her secret weapon. She’s always there ready to offer help when needed. She’s amazing, perfect even. Her beautiful silky black hair, chocolate brown eyes that pierce your soul bringing the good out. Brightness radiates around her everywhere she goes. All the guys find her beautiful, they all want her in more ways than one. She’s too good for them, she’s too good for everyone. I wish she saw that in herself. She stopped believing in herself resulting in her joining the group. That and Darren, he ruined her. He was an ass who deserved the hell he got. 
     I slowly peered my head around the tree, they were getting closer. Their clothes were still messed up, evidence of the incident was still all over them. I looked ahead and saw a larger tree, behind that I could make out part of a cabin. I can make it, hopefully. What I was going to do afterwards was a mystery to me. I close my eyes, taking a deep breath. It’s now or never, literally. I start running again. Adrenaline and power rushes through my body. Every time my foot hit the ground, it was like a rush of speed only pushing me further. As I ran, twigs snapped. They heard but I didn’t care. My only focus was finding safety. A smirk grew on my face as the familiar power coursed through every inch of my wounded body. 
     “Skye, stop!” Faye called out again. I ignored everything around me, focusing on the cabin that was now a few feet away. There could be people in this cabin, am I really going to barge in possibly putting their lives in danger? I would hate to do that but I don’t have a choice. I looked back and watch as they stop and look around. Good, they don’t know where I went. I’ve managed to buy myself a little time. Quickly, I walk up the steps and begin pounding on the door. Please let someone be here. The brown wooden door swings open and shock engulfs my body. I can’t believe this.       “I knew you would show. I just had a feeling. Quick get in,” He grabs my arm, pulling me inside. I watch as he closes the door gently trying to avoid extra noise. He shuts the curtains then locks the door. 
     “Everyone is looking for you, Skye. Everyone,” Purple bags linger under his red eyes. The way he speaks sends chills down my spine. He drags out most letters, taking numerous pauses to catch his breath as if he doesn’t have enough oxygen in his lungs. I feel awful. Ben didn’t deserve this, because of me he went through hell. 
     “Everyone thinks you’re dead. So did I, what happened to you? Oh my god,” Without thinking my arms wrap around his neck. Our bodies melting together. He was hesitant to touch me but he gives in. After seconds that went by far too quickly, he gently pushes me away. He avoids eye contact and flinches. He was reliving his hell that I put him through. 
     “I was dead, but then I woke up. The room was empty, but the jars were filled. Filled with my organs, my blood was everywhere. The empty syringe was still in my arm. They were gone,” His eyes scan the blood covering my body. 
     “Wait, then where the hell is Crystal? Did she make it out before you?” Crystal was the first to join the group. Allison thought recruiting the local bad girl who turned when she was only a child would increase her power. She was right. Crystal added an incredible strength and bravery to the long list of powers we had. The two of us share a bond. I can always sense when something is wrong with her, but I don’t feel that it anymore. She’s beautiful. Shoulder length brown hair that’s full of volume, always shining. Sparkling brown eyes that always bring a smile to my face when I gaze into them. She has a perfect face structure, my favorite being her cheekbones. Her angelic voice, every word she says rolls gracefully off her sharp tongue. She’s such a generous person, she’s too tough to admit it but I know. She’ll do anything for the people she cares about. Her level of loyalty is deadly.           “When I woke up, Crystal was gone. I’m hoping she made it out alive but I’m not sure,” I watch his every move as my eyes submerge with tears. I hope Crystal made it out too. 
     “Hey, don’t think like that. Crystal’s a fighter. There’s a shower, go clean up. I’ll get you some food,” He wraps his arms around me, pulling me close.       “Thanks Ben,” I pull away making my way towards the bathroom. I lean my head against the door shutting my eyes. Why did things have to get so screwed up? 
     “There’s this party tonight and I thought it would be fun to crash,” Allison strutted into the room with her head held high. She always thought crashing their parties were fun. 
     “Crashing a party at Dalton? I don’t know. The guys there are dangerous. I heard they beat someone up the other night. Nearly kill em,” 
     “What? Scared?” Allison’s stone cold icy blue eyes pierced into my hazel ones. 
     “I’m not. I’m just saying, we should be careful. You know how dangerous they are,” Crystal looked over at me, laughing. 
     “Don’t be like that, we can handle ourselves if it gets bloody,” Crystal, always the one who wants to start a fight. I sighed. 
     “We’ll be fine, crashing a Dalton party sounds awesome. I have a friend who can hook us up,” Faye pulled out her phone smiling. 
     “I’ll call him. Tonight’s gonna be fun! I’m ready to make those Dalton losers wish they never fucked with us,” Faye’s comment caused commotion in the room. 
     I watch the water flow out the nozzle as I toss my bloody and dirty clothes into the far corner. I step in the shower allowing the warm water to soothe my aching body. Blood runs down my body connecting with the water then disappearing down the drain. 
     “I can’t believe they’re planning on crashing tonight,” I ignored the venom dripping from his voice. 
     “I tried to talk them out of it but they wouldn’t listen. I want things to stay civil. More bloodshed is unnecessary,” Maybe this was a bad idea but only time will tell. 
     “Yeah no more bloodshed,” 
     Tears stream down my face mixing with the running water. I just wanted to keep the peace. Telling Dalton seemed right. If only I knew what the cost would be. My blood begin to boil, anger coursed through my veins. My fingers began to ache as my nails grew longer. My vision blurs then flashes red. Before I can stop myself, my fist flew up slamming into the wall destroying the marble. The water began making its way into the hole. 
     “Look who we have here,” Ben’s voice dripped with anger. I could see it in his eyes, the urge to kill. 
     “We heard you were having a party. We thought we could drop by and have some fun,” Allison took a step further. 
     “We know. Skye told me,” I watch all eyes from my pack snap towards me. 
     “What the hell, Skye?” Crystal punched me in the arm as disappointment flashed in her eyes. Alexandra and Faye stared at me with eyes wide and flashing yellow. Allison turned and looked me in the eyes. Her eyes flashed red. Angry couldn’t even describe how she felt. I knew this wouldn’t end well. 
     “You on their side now or what? God damn traitor,” With every word she spoke, she took a step closer to me. 
     “I’m not a traitor. I don’t want things to escalate like last time,” The tension surrounding us was suffocating. 
     “Too late,” Her hand wrapped around my neck, her claws piercing my skin. 
     “Allison put her down!” Ben’s voice started to change, his growl was slowly revealing itself. 
     “Why should I? I have a traitor in my pack, you know what happens to traitors,” Venom dripped from her voice. 
     “Allison please. I’m trying to keep the peace, that’s my job,” I tried prying her hands off but nothing was working. She was draining me of my powers.   
     “Now Allison,” Ben took a step closer, his claws extended, he wants bloodshed. Ben’s pack had their claws out as well. They’re ready to fight, exactly what I didn’t want. 
     “Stop,” Allison’s grip only tightened, my plea was barely above a whisper. My air supply was thin. Alexandra, Faye, and Crystal stepped forward. Silence. I struggled more to free myself. Ben lunged forward, slashing Allison in the back. I fell to the ground with her. 
     I turn the water off and step out, the cool air quickly engulfs my body. As I wrap the towel around my body, the door barges open. 
     “They’re coming. What the hell happened to my wall?” 
     “I couldn’t control myself. It was my anger,” There was no point in lying.         “But you always have control. Crystal’s your anchor,” Ben stops abruptly.       “Something must’ve happened to Crystal. Here put these on and we’ll figure something out,” Something must’ve happened to Crystal. Those words play on repeat. I couldn’t stop the tears from spilling over. If she’s hurt, it’s all my fault. 
     “No don’t cry. Everything will be fine,” He grabs my face forcing me to look at him. His heartbeat rings in my ears. Steady but every few seconds it skips. I watch his lips advance towards mine. Soon our lips connect and the spark erupts. A wave of relaxation travels throughout my veins. It feels amazing. 
     I sat on the ground in horror, blood splattered everywhere. The screams of my pack filled the air. This was my fault. None of this would’ve happened if I had just kept my mouth shut. Alexandra fell to the ground, blood everywhere. I crawled over, examining her wounds. She was going to die.           “Alex, stay with me. Focus on my voice,” I held her in my arms. I watched as my veins turned black, slowly taking her pain. Her heartbeat was weakening, it wasn’t working. 
     “You have to get out of here,” I knew I had to, but I can’t. 
     “I’m not leaving you here to die. Get up, you gotta come with me,” A loud scream rippled through the air, I watched Ben fall to the ground. Blood oozes from his chest but that wasn’t what caught my attention. It was the object sticking out his chest. A silver arrow. Coming from the shadows, they shot more. They whipped past me hitting my friends and enemies. The Hunters were here. 
     “You need to go. Now,” With her last breath, she told me to go. Her bright yellow eyes turned a dim gray, her glowing skin drained. Alexandra was dead. My arms began to ache. I screamed as my blood boiled, I was growing weaker. The blood curdling screams of Allison, Crystal, and Faye filled the air. Our power was draining. 
 Word Count: 2485 

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