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Vanna Austin

Scarlet Laine

This was supposedly one of the days that I should love most. My birthday. Honestly, I don’t really care about my birthday. I don’t like money being spent on me, which makes birthdays hard. My mother died when I was only two years old and my father committed suicide not long after that. So I live with my adoptive family. Two so-called siblings and my wanna-be parents. Oh, and by the way, I’m Scarlet Laine. I’m the main character in this story. But that isn’t important right now. Right now is the story. It was my birthday, and the day I was going to meet the love of my life. Anyways, the story begins.

The sound of something falling startles me awake. It’s that moment I realize that I had fallen asleep in class again. The teacher, Mrs. Night, gives me a dark look and says, “Class is not the time for sleeping, Ms. Laine. You are a high-school student, act like it. I’ll see you after class.” I awkwardly nod and stare at the floor as she continues teaching. Not even a minute later, the bell rings. I don’t bother getting my stuff. As everyone else files out of the room, the teacher walks towards me. She says to me, “I’ll see you in here for lunch detention. You should find a better time to sleep that does not interfere with my teaching. Now go, on to your next class.” I hastily stand up and grab my bag. Leaving the room, I head to my next class. Upon arriving at the classroom door, the late bell rings. I mutter under my breath, “Oh no.” After I walk in, the teacher, Mr. Marcus, pulls me aside and asks why I was late. Explaining to him the reasonings of my tardiness, I nervously fiddle with my pencil.

Before I know it, the lunch bell rings. This means lunch detention is beginning. I sigh and silently make my way towards Mrs. Nights room. Upon walking in, the first person I see is a beautiful girl with lovely blonde hair and emerald eyes. I stare at her in awe. She notices my staring and says one thing. “It’s not nice to stare, newbie.” Mrs. Night instantly cuts in, “No talking in detention, Elizabeth Carlson.” Looking at me she says, “Scarlet Laine. Come forth, we must talk.”I blink and think, What the hell is up with these words? Walking forward slowly, I give her an odd look. “Scarlet. You’re a good kid at times. You are to assist young Elizabeth with her attitude. Every day for the next week and a half, you are to come in at lunch and ‘hang out’ with Elizabeth. She’s not much of a good student, she needs your guidance. This will be your punishment for sleeping in class.”

Every day for a week I had to socialize with this Elizabeth fellow. It wasn’t as bad as I made it seem. In fact, I was growing a liking towards her. Before I knew it, I had fallen for her. The day I realized it, which had been about two months after that week, I had asked her to be my girlfriend. I’d been dating her ever since.

That was a couple years ago. Now I’ve been dating Elizabeth for two years.

~Current Day~

~Scarlet’s POV~

I stared at her in awe as she lied down on the grass field, staring at the sky. Her shiny blonde hair was in a messy bun and her emerald eyes shined so brightly, the sun would be jealous. Her beautiful face was plastered in freckles, which makes her a billion times more adorable. After a few minutes, she noticed me staring and gave me a weird look followed by her muttering, “It’s not nice to stare, Scarls.” I raised my eyebrow and replied with, “How could I not stare at such a beautiful human such as yourself.” She blushed a deep crimson which I reacted to by saying, “You’re so cute when you blush.” She, of course, instantly denied it. I sighed and lied down next to her, entwining our fingers. “I can’t believe it.” “Hm?” “It’s been almost two years since I asked you to be my girlfriend. It seems shorter than that.” I smiled and replied casually, “Yep.” She glared at me and punched my arm lightly stating, “You can’t just give me a one-worded answer after I said something like that!” Her punches don’t hurt but I wince for show while whining, “Okay, Okay. I’m sorry.” She smiled victoriously. “You’ll never leave me, right Scarls?” “Right.” “Promise?” “I promise, I’ll never leave you.”

I laughed, “Okay Eliz, school starts in like five minutes so we should get going. Mark’s probably waiting for us.” She giggled and grabbed my hand so I could help her up. I smiled and patted her head, “Dwarf.” “I’m not that short!” “If you say so, shorty.”

After about an hour of walking, we finally arrived at the school. I heard Eliz muttering, “This is it. We’re so dead. We’re goners. Scarls, they’re gonna kill us.” I sighed dramatically, “Live a little, babe. We’ll be fine, trust me. I’m the master of excuses.” Her grip on my hand tightened as we walked through the halls. I heard the casual “Fags” and “You’re going to hell” comments but I’ve learned to get used to it. Considering my mum is the vice principal, they really should watch what they say. A couple of seconds later we arrived at her class. I kissed her softly on the lips before she walked in. “See ya later, Eliz.” Just before the door closed I heard Mark, my closest friend, yell, “ELIZABETH CARLSON, WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU?” Oops.

Around the fifth period was when things started getting odd. And by odd, I mean I was getting really paranoid. The fifth period was English and Eliz was in that class with me. I looked around the class for what seemed the hundredth time in the past three minutes and that was when I heard it. A gunshot. Then another, and another, followed by screams. Following the teacher’s instructions, all the students in that class hid under the window sill and on that wall. The teacher walked carefully over to the door. He reached his hand out to lock it but, the door was swung open and he was shot in the head. Then I heard Eliz’s blood-curdling scream and noticed that she was the closest to the shooter. Police sirens could be heard in the distance but they weren’t close enough.

The guy holding the gun was tall and pale. He didn’t even bother putting a mask on. His black hair and dark eyes were clear. He walked towards Eliz and grabbed her by the hair. I instantly stood up and ran towards him, kicking him in the crotch. Gasping, he dropped Eliz and I pushed her lightly behind me and towards the other students. The police sirens got louder now. The guy got up and aimed the gun at me. He said weakly, “Scar, don’t make me do this. I don’t want to hurt you.”

I laughed nervously, “Don’t want to hurt me? Then what the fudge are you doing holding a gun to me? And how do you know my name?” He sighed and said quietly, “Too much to explain, too little time…” I rolled my eyes and walked towards him. His eyes widened and his finger clasped the trigger, releasing the bullet soaring towards me. I knew what was coming. I knew this was it. This was how I was going to die. So I screamed the one thing that I was thinking. “I LOVE YOU ELIZ!” And that was it. That was the last thing she heard from me.



~Elizabeth’s POV~

It’s been two days. Two days since my Scarls died. Today’s the day of her funeral. Mark’s giving me a ride to the cemetery in half an hour, and I haven’t even gotten out of bed. I’m a wreck without her. She wouldn’t want me to be like this without her. She’d want me to be happy. Thing is, it’s easier said than done. I slung my legs over the side of my bed and slipped my feet into the bunny slippers. I slowly made my way over to my closet and opened it, grabbing a dark blue long-sleeved shirt, black skinny jeans, and blue converse. After I changed, brushed my hair and teeth, and did my makeup, Mark barged into my room. “Knocking is a thing, you know.” He glared at me and said, “I messaged you and called you like a gazillion times! Why didn’t you answer me?!?!” I blinked and looked at my phone. I muttered a, “Oh, would you look at that.” Slipping my phone into my butt pocket, I made my way out to his car with him following closely behind. He started the car and began driving.

After about twenty minutes, we arrived at the cemetery. We walked around a little bit and then headed to where the funeral was being held. Scarls’ parents were there and so was her big brother. There was also a few other people whom I didn’t recognize. Turned out that I was rather late and missed the ceremony and speeches. I walked over and sat right next to her grave. I don’t know how long I stayed there. I cried silently and said, “You promised you’d never leave. You promised me. You can’t be gone. Please, Scarls. Come back…”

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