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Jimena Ordoñez

Shadow Cast

by Jimena Ordoñez


? Floor




                     track. ?


☞ “Follow it,” they said, well you’ll meet young Jax. ☞

❈  On   a stool   he stood,  lonesome he looked.  

   Cold breeze came in and shook his grief to please. ?

   “Go out, enjoy life’s pleasures” young Jax’s mom said but not a shove. he scrunched at ease. Kids outside played and displayed.


?How green the grass seemed, well he would stare in the glass for his seek. Into the almighty wall he’d stare all day, an escape it was for the forsaken kid. ?


✒︎ A friend upright came… well, a shadow it was. ✒︎

⚄ Move per move, the shadow would groove.

Crinkled a smile appeared within a while. ☺︎

The claimed shadow showed, attached to Jax, it crowed. ⓵

Lots of fun they had as the sun would last. ☀︎

♔  Independent the shadow became. He would never imitate ♔ again. ♔

➾Jax to school went instead, but the fellow shadow decided to stay.

☘︎ Young Jax got home, what would await he beheld in awe. ☘︎

?A box lay on the table collared in colored cables. ?


❢ As the boy opened the box a toy and out he took ❢

⚽︎  That

  ⚽︎ made

      ⚽︎ him

           ⚽︎ bounce

              ⚽︎ and

                ⚽︎ giggle  

                    ⚽︎ in                      

                        ⚽︎ joy.



⚱︎“Thank you, Shadow, I’m pleased with your honoring offering,” Jax said.⚱︎

The shadow blushed and rushed. ☄︎  

                           Happy young Jax got. ☺︎

➾ The next day Jax to school went, but again the shadow stayed instead.

☘︎ Young Jax got home, what would await he beheld in awe. ☘︎

?  A vivid handmade card he found, with pictures around. ?

☖ Decorated with drawings and bordered with colorful cloth, the card was a masterpiece.☖

⚱︎“Thank you, Shadow, I’m pleased with your honoring offering,” Jax said.⚱︎

✌︎ The shadow offered his arms forward.

Jax hugged him; the friendly shadow ruffled his hair and pulled him closer. ♣︎

♥ The boy heard a beat, and neat indeed it greeted. ♥




                                                               ❆ pushed ❆



? The ? shadow ? saddened. ?

                                         In a rush the shadow hush. ?

Guilty, boyish Jax approached and begged his friend for pardon. ??


No response was heard, what word would belong in his response?


Every day a gift the shadow gave; how much he did persist. ?

⚾︎♞ Bored Jax got. Toys and offerings he stored.

He would declare “Enough, dear Shadow, enough.” Its care he did not share. ☹︎♡

➾Jax to school went instead, but the fellow shadow decided to stay.

☘︎ Young Jax got home, what would await he beheld in awe. ☘︎

?? Jax dropped his bag, he stopped the shadow from offering. The shadow

suffering looked, and shocked he moved.

“No thank you, Shadow, I ain’t  pleased with your honoring offerings… at least no more,” Jax said. ♚


The shadow did not move.


The shadow did not speak.


In a blink IT was gone,  HE was gone. “Speak or for else I will not believe,” Jax cried. Silence fell, not a yell was heard. It was as if the shadow have dissolved into the atmosphere.

☁Mother walked sadly gazing flatly, Father touched the piano longingly as his☁ fingers felt along the keys. ☁︎

Heaviness echoed the halls, ITS  depression was a burden and awkward for it as it crept its way to me …

As I went to sleep Mother came to see.

“Doesn’t it feel different, Mother?” confused Jax asked.

“Sometimes you feel the darkness and you can’t do anything against it…” Mother answered.

“Are you okay, Mother?”

“Every time people ask me, it’s just a reminder I’m not”.


Mother left and Father came.

“´Night, Father”.

“Night is not something to endure until dawn. It is an element like wind or fire. Darkness is its own kingdom; it moves to its own laws, and many living things dwell in it…”


“- Patricia A. Mc Philip”.

“Why are you and Mother feeling so                 lately?”


“DEPRESSION is a dark, lonely place, Son.”

Father left the room, leaving me alone with sleep.




I slept in tranquility, as in quick facility. ℤ


A shadow within owner showed up in slow.

I stood up, to find out the one casting it, and


It left.

I flinched in awe, as if I felt pinched indeed.

Walking back towards the bed, I found the shadow instead.

“Speaking you wished for me to,” the shadow hissed.

The voice was dark and mysterious, as if it were from the antagonist of any dark film.


He bounced my basketball. “Sadness spreads faster than happiness does, your parents are getting it quicker than I thought.”


He sat on my chair and grinned. “Jax, you need me. It’s your last chance. We’re connected, even if you don’t wish it. I’m the one you need.”  

“I don’t need a dumb shadow to be safe, forget it!”

“Everyone knows, they are nothing without their shadow”.

The mirror behind reflected me and the shadow, but how?

A shadow is just a reflection, but it was if he was as solid as human. Fear revolved in my brain.

“What are you exactly?”

“I don’t know, what do YOU think I am?”



He was long gone, but the worst is that I don’t even remember if all was a dream. Did he really talk or was it the clock’s tic-toc? I guess I’ll never know.At least I let him know I needed a shadow no more.




➾Jax to school went instead, but the fellow shadow decided to stay.

A plan there was, a plan it had.

☘︎ Young Jax got home, what would await he beheld in awe. ☘︎

The boy pondered and traveled inside, but not even the shadow was in sight.

“My friend, my friend, where have you gone to conceal for me to reveal?”

Not a whiff was caught.

In the wall behind the dim was brought in a silhouette shape for him to face.

“Dear Shadow, what have you brought to me at this hour?” boyish Jax asked.

The shadow had a meager rectangular gadget. He flickered a shift and a burnished light up came. A rope dropped down towards him. The shadow smoothly pulled and a bucket went spilling unto small Jax’s head.

He sniffed as petrol funneled and tunneled inside his nose and confetti filled his ears.

Blurry he saw well the shadow as it touched the lighter upon the gasoline fumes In a flash, the shadow burned him up whole.

“Bye, bye, dear friend, you might be burnt as inert”.


Jax’s parents came home and they searched, and they proclaimed it the murderer’s fault.

Seeking day and night, he was never found.

“Who could it have been?” Mama’s tears slithered, slumping.

“I don’t know, but dark he is and searching for him we must be!” Father shouted.


As they sat down they faced the wall.

Fog came in, disturbing them from peace.


A shade appeared, a shadow fell, leaving them without a breath from beneath.


Yells were heard and noise was made AND THE SHADOW ROSE…
















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