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Karthik Subbiah

She is an India’s daughter


Hey Sindu, get into the bus. It is getting too late, I shouted from the bus footstep.
Yeah, I am coming, Jey, She said.
Both were getting into the bus and she got window seat and I sat beside her.
Now time is 6.00 PM. I think we will be reached Madurai around 8.30 PM or 9.00PM, I said.
Bus had started and moved on.
There were no similarities both us. I was tall, black skinned and not as much as handsome. But she was short, colored skin and angel of beauty. We did not have any similarities even in studies she was an excellent student and I was an average student but the chemistry between us was worked a lot.
Sindu how is your parents especially your grandmother’.
Mmm, everyone is fine Jey, She said.
I feel wonder about your imagination Jey, She started.
Just I am talking about your yesterdays poem on me. But you are a liar; I know that, you are a great liar. I blame all the poets of this world were liar, She said.
No, poets often admire on some things, some places or some persons or some events and just they present on the paper that what they have felt’, I said strongly.
Ok. I ask some questions and you have to answer it, I said and she said, ok’.
Do you love your mother than other persons love their mother?,
Yes, of course , I love her more than other persons love their mother, She answered.
Why? It means why do you love her?, My question continued.
Because I know how she brought up me and how she faced difficulties for me but it is secondary. She shows unlimited love and care on me is the primary, She answered.
Oh! Everyone have these same feelings on their mother like what you have on your mother. But why is your mother so special to you? Because she is your mother right?, I said.
Yes, every mother is special to their sons and daughters but every sons and daughters have thought that their mother is unique than others mother.
Like that, to all the poets their imagination is a mother and words are fathers. You cant say your mothers love is lie and I cannot say that my imagination is full of lies, I concluded.
Ok. Ok Jey, I agree poets are not liars but except you.
What? What do you mean?
I look my face in the mirror everyday thats why I am saying you are a liar because I know about my face, She said.
Sindu actually Laila is not much beauty than Majunu. But if you see Laila through the Majunus eyes, you will realize her beauty, I uttered.
Like that if you see you through my eyes,,,,,,,,,,
Suddenly she pinched my thigh.
Yes, you are a liar my sweet and truthful liar. I know Jey, what are you going to say, my dear, whether Im beautiful or not in seeing me in mirror myself but feel I am becoming beautiful in your verse. I dont know how long we will survive on this earth but my beauty on your words will live forever she said and kissed on my forehead, she said passionately.
She whispered in my left side ear to remove my scandals and she did too. She placed her palm on my angle. It made me to slowly close my eyes. I realized her palm’s chillness. ‘Oh! it is not ice and at the same time it is not water but it is like coconut water’.
Yes! Yes!!… It is coconut water, I murmured.
What? What are you murmuring Mr. Poet? Sometimes I fail to grasp my thoughts and struggle to incorporate my feelings to fill some white pages with an ink bottle, I said with feeling her chillness and closed eyes.
What have you realized now? She asked.
Coolness of your palm my dear, My lips pronounced.
She poked my left arm and leans on it.
Bus did not run fast, cool breeze came through the slightly opened window. Her hairs fly in the breeze and without any gap it encountered my face. At the first time I realized a girls hair touch.
‘It is amazing. I do not resist it. It is., It is a its a kind of peacock feather touch, No, no, no it is more than that.
My phone flickered a beep sound came. It was a message, I opened it. I love you so much Bava, sent by Sindu shown my cell phone display. (Bave in Telugu is husband).
I had seen her.
She took my left arm and hugged with her bosoms with closing eyes.
I felt embrace and I said her name Sindu’.
Immediately she replied, Bava I know what you are going to say but I need, because I cannot show my feelings by writing verses or sending messages for full night’.
I never resisted her and just smiled with pleasure that someone loves me eagerly.
She slept. I didnt disturb her even once and never allow the breeze to disturb her. She was not only my girlfriend but my loveable daughter too.
Her phone rung and she woke up. Display showed that its her Dad. She attended the call and replied that soon she would be reached Madurai.
I scolded her Dad for disturbing her sleep. A good lover always sees a beauty in his girlfriends each and every activity and he enjoys it , only in his mind not in front of others.
We reached the Madurai bus station and hugged each other with departing kiss.

(After one week)
When I was getting ready to class, my phone rang and it showed that call come from Sindu.
I attended, Hai darling, I said.
What are you doing jey?, She questioned.
Getting ready for the classes baby.
No, you dont go to the classes today, She ordered.
What? but Why? , Why do you say like this? Dont I study well?, I said.
No, Bava’.
I want to be with you today. Please take me to somewhere else’.
Sindu what happen to you? Are you alright? Does anything wrong?.
I realized, things are not going good in her mind’.
You have classes. Dont you?, I said.
Yes, I have but I dont want to go. Please we will go somewhere. I have to spend my whole day with you. There is no reason and its my wish but we should go please, She pleased.
No boyfriend will deny when his ladylove willingly want to go for date.
Her Please that word stuck in my mind without thinking I asked her ‘where do we go Sindu?.
I dont know Bava, just you fix the place. I am eager to come with you where ever you take me,She said.
OK, When do you come to the bus stand?.
I am on the way to bus stand Bava. You take your steps fast to reach me, She said.
Ok ok ok ok ..
Immediately I closed my rooms door and came out from the hostel and within five minutes I reached the bus stand. Nobody was there and I was all alone. I took my cell phone, it showed a message and it was Sindu. There was five kissing smiles and written turn left side.
She was coming from hundred meters away from me. I typed a message to her that a teddy bear is coming. It was clearly visible that she took her cell phone from her purse and read the message and she smiled.
She came near to me. I could see two and three sweat beats were rolling from her forehead and came down to her cheeks. I just wiped her sweats up.
What was the plan Sindu?, I asked.
I dont know. Already I told you to choose a place but you didnt! She yelled.
Not like that my dear, you only wished to go, so you should choose the place, I said.
No, please take me to somewhere else just I want to be with you; just I need to inhale your freshness thats all. Shall we go to Perumal Temple?, Sindu said.
Oh, temple ! but it is eight kilometers away from here and even none of the buses are avail now, I suggested.
So what Bava! We just go by walk, She responded without hesitation.
What? Are you, are you joking? Time is 10 o clock, we even dont have umbrella’.
Ok. Then shall we go to Tanjur. It would be two hours travel is enough to sit with you and play with your fingers, She said lovingly.
But It may take much time to return and think dear, you are staying in hostel. It will make some problem to you, I said carefully.
Dont worry about that Bava, warden is on leave and my friends will manage the attendance.
What about the watchman darling?’
Oh! Let it be, I can manage that fellow, She said.
Ok. Then board the Tanjur bus, I said with deep inhaling.
She pinched my arm.
I understood that a girl would do anything if she wished but that kind of miracle happens rarely.

I need window seat, she said while getting entered into the bus.
I liked the window seat; whenever I travel, I used to sit there but it was not prominent than her wishes. We have to sacrifice our wishes to fulfill our loved ones because making her happy is also a wish to a boy who loves truly.
We made ourselves comfort and she kept her hand bag in her lap. The bus slowly came out from the bus stand and raised its accelerate. There were many passengers and one by one they board down when they reached their places.
She slept well and I was watching her nose a sweat beads slowly rolled down. Without disturbing her, I touched that sweat with my kerchief.
Bit by bit I passed my hand on her right hand.
A i i i i i, She said.
I smiled and held her hand. Gradually she turned her face with loving smile.
Suddenly an iron rod strongly hit on the backside my head and I fell down and it was full of bleeding heavily.
Jeeeyyyyy , She shouted.
When she was turning back to see who had done this, a man attacked her on head with the rod. She fell down like a dead body and her head was drenched with pool of blood.
I was little by little losing my consciousness. Really I did not know why they had assaulted us. We did not have even jewels.
Bus was halted slowly.
Someone stepped on my head from the backside and pressed hard. I could not bear the pain and Sindu was dragged from the seat and laid down on the bus floor. I could hear that she was struggling to breathe. Near her foot, A hungry Wolf was standing, having pan masala, and had widen her two legs with that rod.
I raised my left hand and begged, please leave her, please, please.
Without any delay a rod crashed my left hand and my forefinger was broken and rest of them was injured deeply. I was unable to wake and move my hand. That Angry Dog pressed my head forcefully and my lungs was failure to breathe.
That Hungry Wolf spitted pan on Sindus stomach. His eyes were fully red and showed her inner arrogant lust.
Already some parts of her dress were torn and it was entirely worn out by that fucking wolf.
He became undressed and did f…. and b
He demonstrated the vulgarity on the flowery softness.
Angry Dog did the same crudeness.
There was no Krishna to help that Drauparhi. Wolf took his iron rod and injected into her V spot, her body immediately raised and fell down. She lost her breathe. Wolf and Dog held her hands and legs and tossed her out of the bus.
They came near me and hit my backside and threw me out.
Slowly I approached myself near to Sindu and I removed my cloths and covered her body.
I cried , cried , cried , cried
Still I have the eternal pain to kill all of them. Surly the justice will accuse them and punish them that hanged to death. BUT , is it enough?
Just think Sindu is as your mother or sister then answer it.


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