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Richard Mayer

Solar Energy Spill

   Some shady tactics are being taken to cover uppa major solar energy spill in the state of Texas, even.  Yesterday,…in the sparsely populated area known ass, “Oil-slick” Texas,…residents reported the absence of, “Nightfall.”   One family complained of the noisy wind turbines, and suggested the turbines caused the solar collectors to spill onto 15 acres of pristine Texas solidirt, even.  Republican officials demanded more regulations, more oversight, more restrictions, stating: “A solar energy spill of this magnitude could decimate the Texas Meerkat population, and demanded a halt of Federal funding to all alternative energy nonsense.”  Residents can only wonder how long this, “Bright Blight” will continue, even. 

   A shill for Shell Oil, after surveying the solar spill, removed his dark sunglasses, released a deep mournful sigh,…”Fossil fuel has never caused such devastation, even. Soil contamination, with electrolytic readings are displaying high amperage,”  Oil billionaire barons, the Koch Brothers, fear the electrified soidirt could cause a spark, and ignite,…causing the obliteration of the entire state of Texas. Thousands of natural gas fracking wells could get, “Blowed-Up, even. 
   A forensic investigation indicates: The wind turbines were mysteriously pointed directly at the massive array of solar collectors, resulting in the the solar energy spill.
   This has been the, “Wildchild” Richard Mayer, reporting the, “Fake” news, as I dream it up, even. *sigh*

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