the short story project


Samantha Brown


The adventure of Spontaneous Jones begins at his home in Florida. Spontaneous was named by his grandma, she named him spontaneous because he wasn’t born on the day he was suppose to be. Spontaneous was born six weeks early. From the age of three, you never knew what he was capable of. Spontaneous taught himself how to play the drums at four years old. Spontaneous loved music, all types.

One day Spontaneous asked his mom could he go to the playground with his friends. “Yes, Spontaneous but be home before dark” said his mother.

On his way to the playground, Spontaneous hears music and noises from a crowd. He went to see what was going on. Spontaneous saw lights, balloons, games and lots of people in one spot. It was a carnival! Spontaneous walked inside. The man in front asked “your ticket please?” Spontaneous was sad. He didn’t have a ticket. He ran home as fast as he could to get money for a ticket at the carnival.

Spontaneous’ mom gave him money. He went back so excited, “here Mr!” “I have money for my ticket!” Once he received his ticket he walked in and was truly amazed.

He saw games, stuffed animals, toys, a big stage for performances, and more. Spontaneous didn’t know what to get into first. He wanted a hay ride but he also wanted to pitch a baseball at a few ducks. Spontaneous heard the music and slowly made his way to it.

Spontaneous noticed a man on the stage with headphones and a big device in front of him. This device had two spinning things that the man moved with his hands. Spontaneous was in awe with what the guy was doing. The man was called a DJ (Disc Jockey). DJ’s make music from a device called a mixer or turntable.

Spontaneous made his way to the side of the stage. He made it passed security, the DJ did not even notice him while he mixed records. Normally people who are unauthorized to be on stage get in trouble, but Spontaneous was able to watch as long as he didn’t touch anything.

The DJ finally noticed Spontaneous. Spontaneous asked “ How did you do that?…” The DJ showed Spontaneous how to spin records Scratch records and some mixing. Spontaneous picked-up fast, what he had learned. The DJ asked “Would you like to help me this evening?” Spontaneous loved the idea.

He ran home to tell his mom. “Momma you have to come see this!…” She wanted to know what he was talking about so she followed him. On the way back to the carnival, Spontaneous’ mom asks “how did, you going to the playground, end up with you at a carnival anyway?” Until she heard the music. She knows that Spontaneous loves music.

Spontaneous dragged his mom by the hand to the stage. She asked “what are we doing up here?!” Spontaneous replied “He showed  me how to DJ, momma, pointing at the DJ.  He taught me how to spin, scratch and mix music and I’m gonna be in the show.” Spontaneous’ momma just shook her head, with glee and smiled. She knows her son gets into things but this was something so much more intense, special. His musical talents just became more enhanced.

That night Spontaneous got on stage. Side-by-side with the DJ, while his mom stands backstage and watches her baby. The DJ begins the music. He started to mix and then Spontaneous follows. The crowd enjoys the big moment for Spontaneous. He gets excited and enjoys the crowds participation.

Spontaneous leaves the carnival, the most happiest kid. He tells his mom “Momma I like being a DJ…” his mom replies “are you sure? You liked a few other things as well once before, what’s so special about this?” Spontaneous replies “Momma I love the music, the crowd, the lights…Momma I wanna be a DJ!” His momma looked at him and smiled she told him “you can be whatever you wanna be, son” as they walked home still excited from the awesome day he’s had.




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