the short story project


Ivan Lazarov

The black-haired girl


Somehow I knew I would end up with her in the end. Hair as black as a moonless night. Eyes as blue as a cloudless sky. They seemed cold but there was a sense of warmth in her gaze. It just made you feel at ease, like taking a stroll in the park carefree. And her smile was like someone giving you a sudden hug while you were strolling. It took you off guard in a nice way. To say I fell in love with her would be an understatement.

She was always around. Even when I was a child. She was easy to spot because she wore all black. I could see her passing through town when me and my friends were playing outside. She would always give me a smile. When I was with other girls be it at a bar or a disco or anywhere really she managed to be around me. Close by. In the beginning it was creepy but then I got used to it. One night I approached her. She just smiled and said “No. Not yet.” I thought she was stuck up so I tried ignoring her. My nerves were at the brink of exploding no matter how hard I tried to keep it cool whenever she magically found her way near to me. It was maddening! I remember that I got drunk one night and was in her face for a good 20 minutes or so. I yelled at her, I insulted her, I even spat at her. She just wiped her face calmly and gave me a smile.

Then came my 23rd birthday. What a night it was! My friends were there, Stacey was there but the black haired girl wasn’t. So I made most of it. We had lots of fun. We got hammered and I took Stacey for a ride. I remember that we went up the hill and took a wrong turn. After that my memory is blurry. I can’t remember anything. I woke up in the morning. My head was banging like workers hitting nails at a construction site. Stacey and the car had mysteriously vanished and I was alone in a field. It had a lovely green color. The kind of green that makes you take a second, and then a third and a fourth look at it. You hoped to save that picture in the back of your mind so you could make it pop up when you couldn’t sleep.

There was a tree in the middle of the field. It seemed old and rotten. It looked like it had been hit by thunder or like someone tried to burn it. But somehow its branches had bright green leaves. The tree was blooming.

The black haired girl came out from behind the tree. I wasn’t surprised. She kissed me and nothing mattered. There was no car, no Stacey, no friends, nothing. With that kiss she just took me away.

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