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nandini kundu

The Date 

Neil is a 40-something Kolkatan attempting to navigate the dating scene after the end of his marriage. Dhriti is a sexy, free-spirited first-year college student, who, Neil likes from his Tinder account. They first meet at the pub Someplace else in The Park hotel, near to Dhriti’s college, St.Xavier’s. Neil gets addicted to Dhriti. She is like a wild child, beautiful, fashionable and what not….She told him, she grew up in Mumbai and Now for his father’s job, they have shifted to Kolkata.

Dhriti seems to be too much free-spirited and wayward for him to handle. Dhriti takes Neil to expensive and swanky places, where Neil ends up paying a big sum. But, Whenever Neil advances Dhriti for physical proximity, the young girl manages to fly off every time. Neil gets very frustrated. One night, Piyali, Neil’s ex-wife creates a ruckus at Someplace else, the famous pub of Kolkata,  where Neil was dancing with Dhriti very closely. Dhriti sprung up in surprise to see Piyali and calls her “Pishi ( Aunty) You?”.Neil seems perplexed. Samaresh and Shamajita, Piyali’s Brother and his wife were accompanying her…As Piyali starts to howl and cry, Shamajita takes Piyali away from there, Dhriti follows. Samaresh gets hold of Neil and takes him out for a smoke. Totally taken aback Neil smokes with Samaresh and tells him that he does not know what just happened. Samaresh tells him that when Neil got his divorce from Piyali, she was pregnant but did not want to tell him about that. So after the divorce, she gave birth to Dhriti. Since Samaresh and Shamajita were not able to reproduce any child, Piyali gave her only daughter to them and became Dhriti’s Aunt instead. Dhriti is Neil and Piyali’s only Child.


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