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Tia Castaway

The Death of Self Respect

    Is there no self-respect with today’s women? How skimpy can an outfit be before the common decency of people says, “Enough already”. Next time you go shopping especially during Halloween take a good look at the costumes and clothing sold today. It seems that grown women use Halloween as an excuse to show off as much cleavage and leg as they can, the shorter the skirt the better. Then look at what parents are allowing their little girls to wear. Even the innocent costumes like a fairy princess and a cowgirl have been perverted by modern society. Liz Emrich’s “Slut-O-Ween” does a good job of pointing this out. There was a disappointment that she barely brushed the topic of the effects of the clothes they wear on men.

       The sexual undertone that is suggested with the clothing style is very much alive and an issue, but when she suggests “that sexual suppression in suburbia is alive and well,” because of the clothing they wear there is a disagreement. What is common everyday wear now would have been scandalous, to say the least just a few short years ago.

    It was interesting how she managed to shift from Halloween to everyday wear. There is an agreement of her analysis of the aisles in stores when it comes to costumes today. Unfortunately, it has bled over into regular clothing. Her analysis of grown woman’s and young girl’s clothing being risqué only on Halloween is debatable. Clothing that is acceptable for day to day wear today would have been horrifying to society just a few short years ago. 
    Several would agree with her on the hilarity of some of the costumes and day to day clothing that many wear. A good example of this would be the website “The People of Wal-Mart”; unfortunately, some do not wait until Halloween to wear their costume. Emrich points out that young girls are innocently disrespecting and objectifying themselves by the examples shown by grown women on Halloween, and this has become a societal normalcy that saddens me. I agree with several points she makes on the younger female generation. They do try to grow up way too fast. I blame this on the new age performers and the example they set. The parents’ need to take some of that responsibility because they don’t explain to the innocent


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