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Angelarose Shortt

The Hunted

A big blur moves among the trees.

Blair runs through the woods with her dirty blonde hair swooshing around her as she repeatedly moves her head around her surroundings in a fast motion.

Her breath fogs in front of her as she breathes fast, continuously gulping in air in the frigid cold.

She had to make sure that the monster would never catch her, but Blair didn’t know her surroundings and if she were to outrun the monster she would have a slim chance of finding her way out in the gigantic forest.

Blair couldn’t hear a sound other than the rustling leaves on the ground and the birds chirping in the distance, but she knew that she had to keep going. He couldn’t have let her out of her cage so easily.

It didn’t seem right.

He had this sinister smirk on his half shaven face and as he opened the rusty door of the cage he had captured her in, she couldn’t help but think that he was taunting her.

He nudged his head to the open door that led to the vast outside. Blair was hesitant at first as she took a shaky step. When the man showed no signs of stopping her and just stared at Blair with a feral look in his eyes, Blair ran as fast as she could.

She knew eventually that she would get tired and would need to take a break, but she couldn’t take those chances. Not until she was safe and away from the psychotic man who had strangely captured her, only to let her go.

Blair wondered what her family might be going through back at home in Detroit. She had decided that she would see parts of the world before she went to college. Blair visited Texas, Alaska, The Antarctic, Italy, Vancouver and her now current destination, Zurich, Switzerland.

Blair didn’t go alone of course, her parents were to strict about it so she invited her friend Samantha.

Her and Samantha have been friends since elementary school when Blair had stood up for Samantha when she was bullied, and they have been friends ever since.

When Blair and Samantha both arrived in Zurich, they decided to have a little fun, and that included going to the club and getting wasted to the point they couldn’t stand.

It was a very stupid idea but they were both young teens at the age of 17, almost young adults and all they wanted was to live while the night was still young.

Inside the club Samantha had left to dance with a man on the dance floor, leaving Blair alone to drink.

A man around the early age of 20 with a half shaven face sat beside her and ordered a glass of vodka. Blair stared at the man and admitted to herself that he was good looking and maybe she would get lucky tonight like her friend Samantha.

The man caught Blair staring at him and gave a friendly grin.

“You like what ya see darlin?”

Blair grinned back, “maybe I do, is that a problem?”

The man chuckled and took a swig of his drink, “no not at all”

“I’m Blair” she stuck her hand out towards him, “what’s your name?”

“Jasper” he said as he shook her hand.

“Well that’s an interesting name, I don’t hear it that often”

“You don’t that’s for sure, but I definitely don’t see a lot of pretty girls like you here either” Jasper winked at her and Blair blushed a cherry blossom pink as she moved a piece of her blonde hair over her right ear.

“Oh shush, I hardly believe that’s true”

“It is the truth and plus you don’t look like your around here either”

Blair nods, “yea, I’m from Detroit”

“Mhm maybe I should visit sometime then”

Blair grinned, “ oh yes, you definitely should cause then maybe we could meet again”

“So there’s a next time huh?” Jasper chuckled breathlessly as he stared into Blair’s crystal like blue eyes.

She nods, “Well only if you want to”

Jasper moves his hand slowly towards Blair’s face and she looks at his hand as it gets closer.

His hand rests on her cheek soothingly caressing it, he smiles lightly at her, “of course I would want to, it would be my pleasure”

Blair blushing once again and takes his hand from her cheek, instead weaving her fingers through his.

“Come on, let’s go dance” she starts to lead him towards the dance floor, and all night as their body’s grinded against each other’s, Blair never noticed the sadistic smirk on Jasper’s face.


The time was 4am, and Blair was hobbling out the club, her sight blurry from all the drinking. Jasper sling his arm around her for support as they both left.

“My cars just over here” Jasper nodded towards the right in which his car was located. Blair groaned and tried to talk but it came out in slurs and mumbles, no one would have understood her.

A black Jeep came into view and Jasper hauled Blair into the back seat of the car, laid down.

All Blair could remember was the rumble of the vehicle before she blacked out and when she woke up with her head stinging and her eyes squinted, she was in the cage.

As Blair ran, she cried in antagonizing pain and fell harshly into the ground as a bear trap clamped around her ankle in a snap, making it bleed profusely and with each movement she could feel the bear trap dig even deeper into her tanned skin.

Trying to pry the bear trap off her ankle with all her strength and she was almost there until a whooshing sound was heard, and a sharp sound of smushing flesh resounded into the forest as Blair’s right shoulder was pierced with an arrow, making her let go of the bear trap and snap into her skin once again.

Blair’s vision became foggy from the amount of blood being lost. She could see a shadowed figure in the distance and knew it was Jasper.

When he became close enough he grinned down at her as she withered in pain.

“Time to eat” he said and before Blair could scream with one last breath, the lights dimmed and Blair became the hunted before she even knew it.

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