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Vicky Reavis

The Lost Angel

“ Chapter One!” 
“O ne cold winter night A young Handsome Angel fail from the Heavens on December 17th ‘2016” he was sent back down to earth and have been giving another chance for a New life but he had only seven Day’s to find The one true Love and happiness with only the chosen one that was meant for him before his wings can be removed from his back before Christmas Eve. By 7:00 PM.
So that he could be with his true Love and be happy for Christmas and he would have to Marry and Stay True and faithful To and with her Until she Died there for he would Die with her once again
and this time he would not come back to Earth so he only had just this one chance to find meaning to life again which is True Love!” And Happiness in then come what may after that. There is only one Chosen True Love out there that’s Just Meant just for you it is all in God’s plane for you… But to find that one and Only True Love and Happiness is Harder then you thank…?”
“The Lost Angel!” Victor Fall from The Heaven’s Saturday December 17th “2016” at 7:00 AM. In The Cold Winter Morning, Seven Day’s Before Christmas Eve. He’d get up From the ground Opening his Golden Wings far and wide from around him Then closing them back down on his back whipping his self off by the fall Thinking in the back his mind OK with a deep voice where am I…?” Not knowing where he was at as of yet he had No shirt on and Golden jeans with a chain wallet which God sent him back down to Earth with plenty money inside.
“Victor started walking will he said Thanks a lot Father I guess Imam have to find out where I am since you Obviously will not till me now How am I going to hide these Wings until I find what I am here for, I can’t walk around like this Scientist would make me The Bell Of The ball for testing’s I don’t Thank I want that Humph… let me thank…?” so he kept walking very tall very Big Guy…?” 7’0” tall 380IBS with Golden wings from his Broad shoulder’s to his Knees No Hallow and is 38 year old Virgin and ½ divine Romantic, and is Humorous – Funny and very cool but very Sensitive too, yet very serious…?” and must I add has a Very short Fuse – Temper and yes he maybe an Angel but he does have Mental issues…?” But as you can see all Muscle very Handsome he
You’d thank yeah he won’t have no problems finding a woman Right yeah of course but he was only sent down for only one Chosen woman and she was the only one that was aloud to have him no other woman was, so Yes the one chosen Woman for him was Purdy Lucky…?” and the one Chosen woman that had enough Faith and Bleeve in her heart for God to send Him down from Heaven….?” She already Knew about Victor and Victor already Knew of and about her the one that was wanting to be with him Bad enough for him to Come falling from the Heavens. It was her that he had to find Before 7:00 PM By: Christmas Eve. Of “2016.”
Victor had walked for miles and Miles and had Finally reached a little white house with a picket Fence about 7:30 PM looked as if an elderly lived there and something told him to go to that little white house with the Picket fence and Knock on the door so he goes to the door and he Knocks and elderly lady answered the door and she couldn’t Bleeve her eye’s…?” “Old Lady Daisy said Oh No is it time for me to go home now is it my time…?”
“Victor Chuckled No ma’am I am not The Angel of Death. I am A Lost Angel that fail from the Heavens for another reason so this that you thank is not on my to do List, but I sure would love to be warmed by the far place with a Cup of Hot Coco if you well maybe a can or two of warm Soup and oh yeah a shirt would be nice it is a bit nippy out here…?”
“Old Lady Daisy said oh sure, do come in please I don’t get much Visitors here it be nice and she opened the door for him and he went in and went straight to the Far Place to warm his Big long heavily Veined hands…?” “Victor said Thanks Ma’am…?” “Old Lady Daisey said Please call me Daisey…?” and what should I call you…?” “Victor said awe… Yeah The Names Victor…?” “Daisy said OK Victor you are very welcome Have a seat and I’ll get you a shirt a Blanket and your Hot Coco and Soup, oh what kind of soup would you like..?” “Victor said beef stew would be nice if you well…?” “Daisy said sure strange I just made some Last night…?”
“Victor said Oh really will then that Daisey is what I would like please…?” “Daisy said Alright have a seat make your self at home. “Victor sit down and said do you have a big shirt that could fit me…?” “Daisy said yes actually I do you look about the size of my Late Husband so sure…?” “Victor said are you sure now you Know you would have to cut long holes in it to fit around my wings right now. “Daisy said That’s Fine Yeah I’m sure…?” “Victor said Alright good I’d appreciate that. “Daisy said hold on I get them things for you…?” “Victor said that’s fine I ain’t going no where.
“Daisy said alright. Victor had a seat by the Far Place and noticed it’s
Christmas where’s her Christmas Tree and decorations for Christmas and yes he had power’s why he haves his wings but was only aloud to make small Miracles happen Maybe even some big Miracles depended on The Reasons for them. But No Huge once. He sit there getting warm looking around….?” “Daisy Brought him a Big cup of Hot Coco and his Big Bowl full of Hot beef stew and gave it to him it was strange how he ate he ate with his big whole hand around the Soup spoon but he ate very neatly. With very good manner’s. He was Hawgree so he ate his Hot soup and drunk his Cup Of Hot Coco. Daisy was in her room cutting big long hole in the back her late husbands shirt and gave it to him and a fuzzy warm Blanket…?” “Victor said thank you so much Daisy But May I ask you a Question…?”
“Daisy said yeah Sure…?” “Victor said you do Know that it is almost Christmas Right…?” I mean do you have any children and Grandchildren that come Visit you for Christmas…?” “Daisy said I do have Children and Grand Children but they Harley ever come visit me and yes I know that is almost Christmas But there’s Nothing for me to have a Christmas tree and presents much lest a big Christmas dinner…?” “Victor said OK if you don’t mind me asking it is probably none of My Business but Imam give it a Shot it’s really sad That but Why Not…?”
“Daisy Smiled nah I don’t mind and but why…?” because The same time last Year I lost my Late husband in a car accident me and him both was in and well Our Kids Blamed the accident on me and
hasn’t cared to come Visit me since….?” “Victor said OK and why did they Blame the accident on you…?” “Daisy said we was having an Argument on the way to come see them and will we didn’t make it there 
Chapter Two!
 “ because the accident he died on the way to the Hospital and I was put in the Hospital for some time in intense of Care and I guess They thought I ruined there Christmas. And since then I guess I have Lost The Christmas Spirit Cause I Lost my husband and them and they like I said haven’t came to see me since…?” “Victor said will do you want them to if you had one Christmas wish or Blessing what would it be…?” “Daisy said will I know I couldn’t have My Husband back but I would Love to have My Kids and Grandchildren to come and visit me for Christmas I suppose but I know they would probably never happen….?”
“Victor looked at her with his Bright-eyes and said till you what never say never because where I come from anything is possible. You just got to Bleeve,
Bleeve and you Just Might Receive…?” So if your Christmas wish was to come true wouldn’t you thank putting up a Christmas Tree and a couple Christmas decorations maybe a couple Presents for your kids and your Grand Children along with a Big Homemade Christmas Dinner wouldn’t it not bring you Happiness Peace, Promise and Love back into yen’s Life’s…?”
“Daisy said will I suppose it would But I would want it to stay that way…?” but see another problem there My Dear Victor I don’t have the Money for a big Beautiful Christmas Tree, and Many presents for my Children and Grandchildren Much less a big Homemade Christmas Dinner…?” I mean when I had my husband and My Children and Grandchildren I use to Love Christmas, I mean I even use to Bleeve in Blessings, Miracles, God His Son Jesus and Angel’s But That stopped then until Now that I have seen you, An Angel itself.
“Victor said will see anything’s Possible and especially On Christmas. “Daisy said yeah suppose your right But I know My Children and My Grandchildren will not Come visit me and If even they did I wouldn’t have a Christmas Tree, Christmas Decorations, or Presents because I don’t have the Money to and I doubt that I could actually get back into the Christmas Spirit to even have all these things…?” I mean it’s not like I’ll wake up in the morning and Full of The Christmas spirit…?” and there would be already a Big Beautiful White and silver Christmas tree full of Presents and My House all Decorated for Christmas and Refrigerator and a Freezer full Of Food To Make a Big Homemade Christmas dinner, and My Children
and Grand Children are just going to show up For Christmas just out of the Blue…?” just over night “Really” Come now be for real That would be Impossible…?”
“Victor cocked his head up like Ed Lover and arched his eyebrow like the wrestler The Rock and a star Sparked in his eye with a curl of his lip with a Humph… OK so suppose your right…?” That is Then when he Knew why…?” God sent him there For…?” Oh Well anyway so would you mind if I stay here with you tonight and I will Leave first thing in the morning…?” “Daisy said sure you can stay but your Not leaving My house without a big Hot good Breakfast and a big Cup Of Hot Coco to keep you warm is That OK With you…?” “Victor said sounds good to me Sure it’s Fine By me.
“Daisy said that’s a good Boy I mean Angel boy…?” “Victor Chuckled Boy…?” he asked.. did you just call me a boy…?” “Daisy said Yes I sure did, to me you are…?” “Victor said OK I’ll Buy That so would it be OK if this Angel Boy uses your shower Tonight…?” “Daisy said yens take shower’s…?” “Victor chuckled will yeah cleanliness is Godliness…?” “Daisy said Oh yeah That’s right what was I thanking sorry sure like I said make your self at Home, My Home is your Home…?”
“Victor said Alright y Then thank you again…?” “Daisy said your very welcome. So suppose God had Planed his subject has a far more Joyous and Life-affirming plane in mind on his
to do List on the way Finding His True Love…?” that he was also there for, Like it is Said God Works In Mysterious ways… Fig rely Speaking. Well so he stayed there for the night took his hot shower and she had gave him a pear of her Late Husbands Flannel pajamas to sleep in will the pants anyway Victor Preferred not wearing a Shirt to bed. When he was done and had got out the Shower he had walked back into the living room with Daisy and watched a little TV. With her until she decided to go to bed her self she had let him have the Guest room for the Night.
Victor sit up long enough to know that Daisy was absolutely in a deep sleep like he was suppose to Then he quietly went into Daisy’s room and his Golding wings upon his back he’d Open them slowly far and wide and look up to the Heavens and he would Glow very, very Bright all around him Like a Hallow and you hear the voice of Angel’s singing as he did what he had to do and ex-actually the way she said it would earlier that day…?”
“Victor’s eye’s Glue Bright and everything was done unlike she Bleeve it would yes over night everything…?” after he was done. He would Close his Golden Wings back down on his back and one the Gold tattoo like mark he had on his body Which if you would look and Count he had four of them…?” one Glue and Vanished, so yes every Miracle he had to do Upon his to do list on the way to finding his true Love a golden tattoo Like mark from his Body would vanish from his body so yes the tattoo Marks came with the wings. As an Angel. So then Victor went into the guest room and fail a
Sleep his self.
The next morning Victor was woke By the smell Of Bacon and Daisy Humming Christmas Carols Victor looked Up to The Heavens and Smiled and winked with a Glowing star in His eye as you wanted Father he whispered to him, and took his Big arms behind his head laying and waiting there Until she called out to him to come and eat breakfast…?” Back to Daisy she was cooking that big oh Hot Homemade cooking Breakfast she had Promised Victor she was a liver then she had every been and in a lot of good Spirit…?”  “Daisy  say’s Oh Victor Dear come and eat….?” “Victor Smiled and said OK Sure thing coming… so he get’s up from the Bed taking his long hair all to one side his face got up made the bed and went to the kitchen and had a seat at the dining room table which was already sit and full of Breakfast food he looked around and he seen all The Beautiful Christmas Decorations and the Christmas Tree all ready plume full of presents Victor nodded his head well done…?”
“Daisy brought them both a Big Cup of hot Coco Victor got up and took her Chair out like an gentleman and pushed under the Table and walked back over to his Chair and sit down and they ate Breakfast together. “Daisy said Victor how did you do it…?” “Victor looked at her with his Bright-eyes How did I do what…?’ “Daisy said this Victor and me you was right the decorations, the Tree, Full of Presents and all the food in My refrigerator and Freezer…?” “Victor said It’s on My to do list do you likes…?” “Daisy said do I likes no I love…?”
“Victor said good done and done like I said Never say never with an Angel from Heaven like I said Where I come from anything is possible know that enjoy and I wish you well…?” “Daisy said thank you so much…?” “Victor said your very welcome but today is not over yet you still got some Miracle’s and Blessings “ 
Chapter Three”
 “A head I’m sorry to eat and leave but I have to go…?” “Daisy said I understand…?” but if you don’t Mind me asking what are you back on Earth from Heaven for…?” “Victor said Don’t mind I am here back on Earth to find My One true Love…?” “Daisy said awe.. That’s sweet good Luck to you on that…?” “Victor said yup going to need it I have no idea where I am headed but I guess I’ll Know when I get there…?” “Daisy said Yeah I am sure and Smiled at him who ever she is will be a very lucky woman…?” “Victor chuckled a little yeah I suppose and smiled and winked at her.
They finished eating and Victor had a Full Belly and happy Daisy gave him her late Husbands big black drench coat and said that should hide them wings of yours big boy and looked way up at him thanks for stopping By.
“Victor said your welcome and smiled thanks for the coat I like it…?” “Daisy Smiled and said your welcome be careful out there…?” “Victor said thanks again. He left but later on that day Daisy’s Children and Grandchildren came to visit her and stay with her for Christmas…?”
Victor was walking about to freeze even with a shirt and a Drench Jacket. “Victor said Father please send me something to get into and drive and keep warm in…?” he walked a Little down the road and there sit a Big 18 wheeler waiting for him to hope up in and drive and keep warm he stopped what’s this he thought holding out his hand when Golding Key’s to the 18 wheeler fail from the heavens into his hand he looked up Thanks father. And he went to it unlocked it and Hopped right in had a Bunk and all where he could sleep and he cranked it up with a Reared sound and sit there for a minute to warm up then he started driving it.
“Well to make a long story short he had done the one other Miracle and blessing which meant another of the gold tattoo like Marks Vanished. Now he only had two more Golding tattoo like Marks one on his big Bicep and one just below his belly Button which will Vanish along with his wings when he find’s his
True Love Before Christmas Eve. At 7:00 PM. Which was already planed for him to Find when he got to that right place and when he got there he would Know it…?”
December 23rd “2016” just One more day before Christmas Eve. In due time…?” but The third Miracle and blessing On his To do list had to be Completed first before the last one and that one was on the High way on the way to his last Miracle and Blessing that he had to Complete. So he takes the highway he was suppose to take to this Miracle and Blessing to one last thing on his to do list before the main one Obviously car’s was backed up so far back on this high way he wondered why at first.
“He Had that Gut feeling again that he had to get out walk down there to find out so he grabbed his key’s from the ignition and got out Locking his Big 18 wheeler up and he covered his wings with the Drench coat and walked down a way’s as far as the eye can see of Vehicles of all kinds when he had reach where he had to be it was a big car pow up and a Big 18 wheeler was also evolved the one car at the Bottom had already started far and they had gotten the family out but one tiny bitty one…?”
“The Mother was screaming out it’s on far My baby is still in there but they wouldn’t Listen they was to busy helping the rest of them out from the car pow up that is then when Victor Knew what he had to do The Mother screamed My baby…?” “Victor had Unmoved his Drench jacket and shirt and he latterly picked up the Car’s and trucks on top of
that one little car and he looked inside of it and there in a Baby car seat A Baby boy was in his little car seat and he got down on his hands in Knees for it was Upside down and crawled into the back busted window and he unhooked that little baby and he got him and he got out of that little car and afar cause the Car exploded right when he wrapped his wings around him and that baby and rolled to The ground then “BOOM!” went the car and The Mother fail to her Knees thanking My baby…?” But then Victor got up from the ground with the little baby in his big arm’s not breathing No heart beat so he looked up to the Heavens opening his Golding wings far and wide closed his eyes to pray with tears rolling down his face…?”
Holding The Baby to his heart and Closed his wings around the baby and all of a sodden the baby cry’s he gasped and smiled and again opened his wings far and wide and down on his back he took the Drench coat back on his back and shoulder’s to hide his big long Golding wings. And he walked to the mother on her knees with her hands on her eye’s….?”
“Victor said excuse me Ma’am but is this you Baby boy…?” “The lady uncovered her eye’s to look and she said on my God yes that’s my baby How did you…?” “Victor said Please don’t ask…?” “She said Thank you!” “Victor said Welcome. And gave her the baby and he started walking back to his 18 wheeler picking up his shirt and hopped back up in his truck when he looked at his Bicep and the Golding Tattoo Mark Vanished in a glowing sensation and Now all he had was one more mark on his Body that one was
below his Belly button which will vanish with his wings when he Finds His True Love.
“Victor waited Patiently until they cleared the road so they could go on and drive…?” so when they finally all got moving. Another Miracle and Christmas Blessing done. And now it was Victor’s turn for his Christmas Miracle and Blessing as well as His True Loves That awaits him and his Love, which he had a lot to give and couldn’t wait to give it just to her and only her his heart Belonged to heir’s as her heart Belonged to him. Victor finally got on the Highway to her but didn’t know it till he got to where he had to be for sure.
Will he came up to a sign and he just Knew to take that road so he does and he turns Left and keeps driving till he reaches a Red Light so he stops at The red light and it’s funny but he turned left after the light turned green and then pulled into a Grouchy store parked his Truck putting the shirt on and the drench Coat and went in and it was funny but he went in to grab him a few things and He had this gut feeling accept it wasn’t a bad gut feeling this time but it was somewhat a Good feeling he didn’t know why…?”
“Victor had pass by the bakery and stopped and turned there stood a Beautiful young Lady bout his age looking through the book of Cakes. “Victor had of course his long hair up taut in a pony tail that hung down over the broad width of his chest, he went over to the bakery to get a closer look and. “The Little Lady picked out a Scobey-doo cake and then she told the bakery and they told her OK. Then
she walked around with a buggy and she would met up with it look to be her Parents and for some reason he already knew her Son…?”
“Victor started feeling Butterfly’s in his stomach and he already Knew it was Her they go to the line and the line is long but Victor stood in line right behind her and her Dad Reminded her if she got something or another and she popped herself in the head no dad lemme go get it she turned around walking and Victor took his big arm out to stop her and he looked down into her Bright Angel-eye’s Victor had a White cowboy hat on with the rimes down over his Bright-eye’s and he looked down at her Through the rimes of his white Cowboy hat and bit his lip. Her eye’s Narrowed looking up at him she had thought she ran into him and said Oh excuse me I am so….?”
“She Noticed it was him her eye’s glistered in take watery she simply said Bu…?” “Victor then Knew that it really was her and she was the one he arched his eyebrow and he said to her with a Deep voice do you know me….?” She said Oh my god yes I do oh my god as she put her hand on her mouth try everything not to just Burst into tears of Happiness.
“Victor Arched his Eyebrow and said thought so Baby-Gurl!” put his basket down and rolled her to him in his big arm taking his big Long wide heavily Viand hand up on her check pulled her up close to her and Pushed his lip’s against her giving her a big hard wet Kiss that swept her off her feet and Blew her Mind and let her lips go seeing her eye’s was gently Closed and she opened them Narrowing her
Bright-Angel-eyes up at him a little speechless she was her face was a Flushed Red and her hands lay-ed rested on his Broad Chest he held her so she wouldn’t feel faint, he let her lips go with a Curl of his lip yup it’s you…?” why he was kissing her that is then when his Wings vanished along with the Gold tattoo like Mark just Below his Belly Button Vanished with the Wings and a regular tattoo came up on his left upper Bicep, the two hooped ear rings in his Right ear as well just as She and her heart told her he would have an Victor was now no Longer A Lost Angel…?” “The End!”  

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