the short story project


Ariel York

The Magnificent Rocking Horse

It was there, on the bare wooden floor, where she sat on top, her smooth legs wrapped around him.

She could feel his strong hands on her hips, as he gently rocked her back and forth. Each time she could feel him go a little deeper.

They formed a perfect unison, a perfect rhythm. Their breathing, their movements, their heartbeats.

One completely in tune with the other. 

Every time her body quivers with expectation, knowing the rush about to fall upon her, he stops. He waits.

He kisses her; her lips, her neck. He caresses her; her breasts, her thighs. He holds her close, so close. And then he begins again…

She feels him, every part of himself inside of her, fully, wholly. Deeply.

Could it even be possible that two people before them two had ever been so connected?

No, no…they had created an entirely new universe together, there on the bare wooden floor.

The rocking resumes, his hands once again on her hips.

The most beautiful blend of gentleness and strength that there ever was existed in this moment.

And then, then, he knows its time. She knows it, too.

They look at each other, one seeing through the other.

The same look they exhanged the first day they met. The same look one exchanges when their instincts awaken and no words could ever express the feeling.

And just like that day, he kissed her forehead, and she his.


Their foreheads join together, they hold each other. Embracing each other.

A powerful rush flows through her. They exchange this magical energy.

Warm. Deep. Sweet. So sweet. The sweetest moment either had ever had.

The sweetest moment that there ever was.

They collapse into each other’s arms, still connected. Still on the bare wooden floor. There was no place quite so heavenly, quite so perfect in all of the world, then that bare wooden floor in that very moment.

”Stay”, she whispered to him. ”Stay inside of me”.

So, he did. He stayed inside of her.

Inside of her mind. Her soul. Her being. And she in his.

They left that bare wooden floor with a part of the other etched upon their memories. Their souls.

Long after The Magnificent Rocking Horse, they stayed inside of each other.





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