the short story project


Clark Rhodes

The Pastor’s Message

     1 What is Peace?

        Peace is when you stop taking control of the situation you let God work through you let him in your heart. When we let God move we tend to not worry and learn how to actually appreciate and understand other people! Yes there will be a time when making peace won’t be easy but I think in those decisions the biggest thing to learn is what Ephesians tells us ” Make every effort to try and make peace”.  Even if we lose the peace it doesn’t mean that your a failure it means you are actually learning how to cope with these feelings! and isn’t that what Jesus Was saying ” Through our weakness we are made strong”. Remember Christ loves you and died for you. If you  believe in Jesus and you love him! You would want to make peace in every situation 
Prayer: Lord thank you for giving us peace. I know that there will be time when our weakness will win I humbly pray you help us win in our weakness to make us strong 

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