the short story project


Moza Als

The Twisted Trap

   Sympathy can make people live their whole lives in prison as a serial murderer. It only takes one action or decision to change the flow of your whole life. This one action can convert a young man’s vibrant personality to a dispirited nature. “Come to the hill near Coach School, today at 12 am, if you don’t come someone will die” Matthew received a threatening message from an unknown sender, “and of course don’t ever think of reporting to the police; I am watching every step you’re taking.” Matthew was terrified; he couldn’t speak a single word or move a step forward, he froze in his place. At 12 am, Matthew arrived at the hill, waiting silently yet cautiously. “Help!” A familiar woman’s voice screamed for rescue; however, Matthew was too frightened to save her, so he mutely watched the scene from a distance. It was too dark to see anything, “What happened?! I can’t see, it’s way too dark,” muttered Matthew as he squinted his eyes hoping to see more clearly. Bam! A loud noise suddenly is heard. Matthew notices a man in black quickly flees into the dark woods, then, Matthew rushes to the bayou and finds a heavy bag in the size of a grown-up human being. He carefully pulls the bag out and opens it; Matthew finds a deceased body inside. “Ahhh! What is this?! Wait…Ms.Laura!?” Matthew screams and backs off the body, then slowly returns to recheck the identity of the body. “It really is Ms.Laura! What happened?! Who did this to you?!” Matthew kept on beating up himself and denying the truth he’s facing.


   “What is this?! What are you doing there young man?! Wha…! Murder! There is a murderer here!” Shouted a random old man as he was running around searching for help, “call the police! Now!” Matthew was puzzled, “What is he saying? A murderer?” he murmured to himself, then he took a look at his hands, “Ah, he must’ve misunderstood! He saw the blood on my hands, so he assumed I killed her!” Matthew kept on thinking for a way to explain the whole situation to the police officers. At the police station, the police officer said, “So Mr. Matthew Miller, let’s assume you aren’t the assassin, as your claiming, then what were you doing at that hill in the middle of the night?” “As I told you, sir, I received a message from an unknown sender threatening me to kill someone if I don’t show up,” answered Matthew, “Wow, what a brave young man we have here…so were you able to save her? Huh, what a joke seriously! and there was no message shown on your phone to prove what you’re saying right now. Also, why didn’t you contact the police after receiving such a message?! You could’ve saved her life by requesting help from us!” said the police officer loudly. “He warned me not to tell the police and I’m sure there was a message! How did it disappear?!” Exclaimed Matthew, “also I would never kill a person! Let alone Ms. Laura!” “So you know who she is?! That’s making you even more suspicious. Actually, she is the seventh victim, this is a serial murder case, six people before her died the same way,” said the police officer. “Serial murder case! six people were killed before her using the same method!,” replied Matthew with a surprised expression on his visage.


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