Carolyn Croop

The Two of Me

 (Part 1)

Choices that we make
Decide our fate
I wonder about the path I take
Am I wise too late?
So I asked God to show me
How my fate plays out
And how it would be
And what it would be about
If but one of my choices
Was made differently
Just then I heard angels’ voices
They said this to me intently
We will show you
How your life goes 
You will now be two
Two people as you chose
A long ago decision you made
When you were handed drugs
We will show you how your life has played
If you had chosen drugs at the clubs
The angels then sprinkled magic dust
All over me
I expressed my trust
For this is what I asked to see
I was two people now
And for the sake of this tale
Of which you may say wow
I will name my other pal
The pal is really me
But I will call her Diane
As there are two of me – you see
I will see her lifespan

(Part 2)
The moment drugs were handed to me
Two people I now was
Diane and I – you see
And it is because
Diane took the drugs that night
I did not
She thought it might
Make her happy on the spot
She began to say things
That made no sense
She said she was flying with wings
It all was nonsense
I then left the scene
For this was not for me
People thought I was mean
But I didn’t listen – you see
I left Diane there
I never knew her fate
But the angels let me hear
That her fate was not so great
(Part 3) – The Life of Diane
After the drugs Diane took
Diane passed out
Unfortunately, she was now hooked
The streets she walked about
She was looking for her home
The drugs had all worn off
Diane was all alone
She even felt sick with a cough
She finally found her house
And fell to her sleep
She dreamed she had a spouse
As she slept and wept
When Diane awoke the next day
She headed to her boyfriend’s house
She hoped and prayed
Someday he’d be her spouse
But when she arrived there 
She was turned away
For her boyfriend no longer cared 
And this is what he had to say
Diane – I have heard
That at the club you did drugs
That is absurd
I will no longer give you hugs
He broke up with her that day
She felt alone and lost
As she walked away
She wondered how much drugs cost
Her only connection
To drugs
Which was her new addiction
Was Doug
For it was Doug
The night before
Who handed Diane drugs
Now she wanted more
(Part 4) – The Life of Me
After I left the club
I went home to bed
I beforehand ate a sub
A few tears I had shed
For I was sad
That at the club that night
People seemed happy and glad
To their delight
I did not join in
Off to sleep I went then
Where will I begin
To find new friends?
The next day
I visited my boyfriend
He had to say
This is not the end
For he said
I want to make you my wife
A small tear I shed
For it was the best day of my life
I told my boyfriend Brandon
About Doug the night before
He was glad I had not done
Drugs or even more
We then walked to the store
To pick out my ring
He said he loved me more
As he did sing
Next we ate ice cream
As we hugged and kissed
I almost screamed
Of happiness and bliss 
(Part 5) – The Life of Diane
As time went on – you see
Diane lost her job and more
She had worked hard for her degree
Many years before
In fact, she was at the top of her class
She got straight A’s
Every class she passed
She seemed to know her way
So she found another job
Cleaning and mopping floors
Her boss’ name was Bob
He gave her many chores
Diane knew she could not
Lose this job too
For she wanted drugs a lot
Not just a few
As time went on too
Diane dated Doug
For he was her avenue
For getting more drugs
Doug and Diane lived together
Eventually just in tents
They were cold in winter weather
All their money had been spent
Though Diane still had her job
And Doug sold drugs
Doug had become a slob
Drugs ruled the lives of Diane and Doug
One day, however
The drugs Diane took
Brought her to her never
Because drugs Diane was hooked
Diane was quickly taken away
To the hospital emergency as she cried
On a warm sunny day
But Diane that day died
(Part 6) – The Life of Me
As time went on
At my job I was promoted
I was looked upon
As someone who would not be demoted
The day had come and gone
My wedding day
I now had one son
And a baby on the way
Brandon was good to me
And treated me with respect
My life was perfect as can be
To me Brandon did not neglect
Everyday I went to work and back
My life I thought was boring
It did lack
Something I must be ignoring
I never went on vacations
But Brandon and I went out
Out on drives to nice locations
Love was what we were about
What was lacking in my life?
I could not figure out
I was a good wife
Although I sometimes pout
I continued on as such
And lived my life each day
I was not too happy much
I am sad to say
The girl with everything
Thought something was missing
I never did sing
And talked without listening
I had a few ups and downs
And some smiles to see
Usually though
I would frown
Still, Brandon loved me
(Part 7)
It was now the month of December
Diane – gone and me here
It was a Christmastime to remember
I remember it quite clear
For I had
Talked to an angel
But the angel was sad
Standing in front of me still
She raised her voice
I thought angels were always nice
Then said I made a wise choice
And my life was full of spice
The angel told me to stop
The pity party I was having
She said I reached the top
And to me she was saving
She then shouted
“Count your blessings”
I never again pouted
My life I never again was guessing
I learned from her as fact
That I spent too much time
Looking at what I lacked
She showed me the signs
The angel then said she must go
She said to not fall but stand
The sign she then showed
Was that she was Diane
(Part 8)
Thus, my story is concluded
My wish had been granted
As this story has alluded
I took my life for granted
The angels showed me this
Everyday I must
Count my blessings as is
This I now do trust
I had learned my lesson
For my sake not too late
Nothing in my life was missing
My choice does determine my fate
The Christmas fun
With family and friends
Had then begun . . .