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“Walu” The Magnificently Magic Whale

Dedicated to my son Jay, for always believing in magic.

A story full of magic for children and adults to believe again, that anything is possible.

“Walu” the magic Whale appears in the harbour of Hopeville village, to share an important message with a boy that is different, that he must always believe in his dreams and to accept and love himself for who he is.

A timely reminder that if we choose to see the world with excitement, hope and happiness, we can find that magic exists inside us all. We can choose to see and view our own world with magic.

Once upon a time, in a village far away, in a time different from now, there was a boy named Jay, and he lived in a village named Hopeville, the best thing about this village is it lived up to its name.

While this village seemed like any other village, it was different to the rest because it was filled with magic, mystery and community spirit.

Right next to Hopeville was a seaside port where all the children would play. Just like the village itself, the port was in a secret place that not even I could tell you where it was.  This village was known for being one that had a community where people cared and could learn to live in happiness and hope.

Unlike most towns, money was earned through doing good deeds and random acts of kindness and helping each other. It was a simple village but most people that lived there were happy, it was the kindness and the magic that made it so special.

The people of Hopeville lived in homes that were nestled into a forest, and although each of the homes had white fences out the front of them, none of them were visible because of the vibrant overgrown gardens with large beds of flowers.

They had flowers that were so bright with different vibrant colours like, red, yellow, blue, orange and purple. They had a scent that smelt like sweet candy, the kind of candy that one would find in a candy store, and very eatable.

 In these flowers lived the tiniest of fairy’s called the flower fairy. They had luscious long silky hair, small elf-like ears, and a cute wee button nose, and it didn’t matter what kind of a mood you were in, one look at these adorable fairies and you would not be able to contain your smile if a flower fairy was looking at you.

The fairies had the most sought after job, which was bringing happiness and magic to the village and to the people, by making a magic fairy dust that mothers would collect first thing in the morning to sprinkle onto the flowers to help them grow and blossom and obtain their beauty.

The main character of the story was a special boy, unlike the others, because he was made for fun and adventure, with his long lanky legs, his height which made climbing trees and anything a breeze. He had sandy blonde hair and mischievous bright blue eyes, and like all children in those days, he spent most of his time outside,

Jay believed he was the creator of his own world and destiny. He was often told off by the teachers that he was far too creative and needed to follow the rules more and follow what the other kids were doing. You would often find him daydreaming about his next adventure with his best friend down at the port side.

Jay was very lucky though because his mother would always tell him that if he can dream it and believe it, then he could achieve it and that anything was possible. He was told this from the time that he could understand words.

His mother Heidi Hope was the village cheerleader and she was someone that would encourage other people, that anything is possible if you just believe in yourself.

Jay was not your typical boy, he thought different to the others and didn’t always follow what they did. He believed that magic existed, and he had the most wonderful imagination. He was the creator of his own mind and believed that mystical creatures existed.

Jay felt that he was a superhero by night and often patrolled his neighbourhood to ensure that everything was safe. He cared so much about others that his mother even made him a superhero red cape and she was as proud as punch. Jay carried the cape in his pocket and would imagine himself flying through the village helping others with daily tasks and acts of random kindness.

Jay was completely different from all the other children at Hopeville, except for one.,

The truth was that Jay was unlike most other children, he would be filled with worry. He worried about what others thought of him and would always pretend he was happy all the time, but he wasn’t all the time. He felt like he always had to act brave, courageous, happy and hopeful

to all those who saw him as being their hero when all that he had ever wanted was to be loved and accepted in this world for himself and not be what others wanted him to be.

That one other child that was like Jay was a girl named Charlotte Gulliver, she completely understood Jay as they were both different in their own unique ways from the other village children. The best thing about their friendship was that Charlotte lived next door, so fun was never far away.

Charlotte was as much an adventurer as Jay, and even though he was tall and lanky, and she was short, adorable and had a cheeky nature, they had a huge thing in common because they both loved magic and adventure and saw their world as exciting and hopeful.

You would often find the two children playing in the mud pits, climbing trees, and their favourite activity together was jumping from the rope swing and landing into the Hopeville river.

The two adventurers had been friends since as long as they could remember and shared a special friendship.

Today was no different than any other day, after school, Jayden dropped his school backpack and quickly grabbed a healthy snack and raced out the door, yelling out to his mother, Mum, I’m going to meet Charlotte and will be playing until dinner time, see you. His mother waved.

But that one-day things weren’t the same, and everything started to change. After Jay was waiting for Charlotte for over an hour, he realised she wasn’t coming, it was the first time she has not turned up as they always met after school.

Gradually Charlotte stopped coming over as much, and Jay started seeing less and less of her as time went by. This made Jay feel very disappointed and sad. He felt like he was losing his best friend, the one person that really understood him and accepted him for being different.

What had happened was Charlotte had made a new friend with the new girl who had just arrived in the village, her name was Susy Beetle. Suzy was everything that Jay was not, she was a tall girl who had long dark jet-black hair and green eyes.

Suzy was the total opposite, she didn’t like climbing trees, or playing make-believe pirate games, or jumping off the swing into the river. She preferred to do girls stuff like playing with her collection of dolls and painting her nails, make-believe tea parties and anything that didn’t involve being in mud and was persuading Charlotte to stop playing magical games.

The little village had a friendly old man named Mr Hope, his hair was as white as snow, and he had a kind smile that would light up a room. Mr Hope was Jay’s Grandfather, and Jay looked up to him as a father figure, he would often give Jay advice and tell him stories about when he was a young boy, he had worked at the village corner store most of his adult life. He had many fond memories of playing down at the port side and river with his best friend William Flame berry and his dog Tazzy Perry Winkle.

At the Village corner store, Mr Hope would serve the best ice creams, with many flavours to choose from, names like Goody goody gumdrops, Raspberry razzle fizz, Green forest surprise, if you can imagine it he had it in his store.

Mr Hope was always filled with so much delight, and nothing would make him happier than to see the looks on the children’s faces when he would serve them the best ice-creams, double-dipped in chocolate and then a pinch of magic sprinkles to add surprise.

On a day, a day like any other, Jay had arranged to meet up with Charlotte, even though it had been many weeks since the two had played together. Jay was sure that the call of adventure and magic was calling them on this day. He just had a feeling that some magic was in the air.

Now it had been a long time since the two had played, but deep-down Charlotte was missing the magic and adventure and games that she and Jay would play, and his wild imagination.

As soon as the sun was up, first thing in the morning, Jay reached over and tapped softly on her window, the two had a breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast.

Jay gave her a big hug and looked at her with a friendly smile. Little did they know that this day would be a different day, in fact one that they would never forget.

They stopped into the village corner store to get their favourite ice cream which happened to be Green forest surprise,

Hi Grandfather, may Charlotte and I please have two of your biggest ice creams, Jay asked, and once they got their ice creams and waved goodbye to Mr Hope, the two were off to the beach for an adventure. Mr Hope waved and gave him a friendly smile.

As Jay and Charlotte walked down to the portside eating their ice creams they could both smell the fresh sea air spray and heard a flock of seagulls flying up in the air looking for fish. They decided to take their shoes off, feel the warm sand on their feet as it was a warm day. It felt like old times again, and it was noticeable that Jay was feeling happier already.

The two friends were deciding on what games they would play on this fine day as they continued walking on the sand. Suddenly out of the corner of his eye Jay looked out to sea and saw the most perfect rainbow appear. The colours were so bright and vibrant and were red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink. The view of the rainbow made him feel pure happiness.

While he was so focused on the rainbow he also heard a splash, it was so loud that he fell over and landed faced down on the sand.

Charlotte looked in the same direction as Jay, and she saw the most magnificent creature she had ever seen, the kind that you would imagine in a dream, there was something magical about it. Charlotte identified it as a magnificent Whale.

The Whale had a large fin on his back and had the kindest of eyes, and now seemed to be getting closer and closer to the shore where Jay and Charlotte were.

Jay started to get worried because he knew from reading books that whales are not meant to swim close to the shallow shore, so he convinced Charlotte that they should swim out to the Whale because he had a feeling that the whale had a special message for him.

As they started swimming they lost sight of the whale, Jay said where has the whale gone, it had disappeared.

Then suddenly like magic the whale emerged out of the water and was right in front of them, facing the two children.

Jay found himself eye to eye with the whale, and in his mind, he could hear a soft warm wise voice say” hi, I want to come adventuring with you.” Jay looked startled for a moment, his eyes widened.

He said to the whale,

Hi, my name is Jay, and this is my best friend Charlotte, what is your name?

The whale answered back with his name

“My name is Walu, and I’m told I’m a Friendly Magnificently Magic Whale. I have come here to give you a message of hope.”

Walu spoke again, ” I came here to tell you this my friends.”

“Never give up on your hopes and dreams, believe in yourself, and always be yourself.”

Walu stayed for many hours that day and spoke to the two children about his adventures under the sea and all the different places he had visited and the interesting people he had met on his travels.

Jay looked up at the Sky, he suddenly realised just how long he and Charlotte had been in the water for. It was time to go home and say goodbye to this magnificent magic whale that had given him a message of hope and encouragement to always just be himself.

Walu knew before Jay could say anything that it was his time to go, He then looked at Jay and Charlotte with a smile and said I must leave now on my next adventure, but not before performing his triple summersault act by jumping out of the water and jumped higher than you could imagine.  The water from his magnificent body caused the most beautiful rainbow with a light of magic surrounding him, splash, splash. He then dived into the water and flipped his tail, Jay and Charlotte felt his amazing presence, it was like a magical dream, and just like magic Walu disappeared deep into the ocean.

Perhaps to deliver his message to someone else that needed it, he was gone but never forgotten by the children.

That day both Jay and Charlotte really did believe in magic and hope, and their dreams and this experience of seeing and talking to a magic whale created an unbreakable bond between the two friends that would never be broken again.

 The two children promised each other that they would keep this special memory, something they would treasure for the rest of their lives.

After that day, things went back to normal, Jay and Charlotte, would play every day down by the Hopeville river and have never-ending adventures together.

The end until the next magic adventure in Hopeville …

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