the short story project


Dina Abd elrahman

Where is my heart?


Click, click 

Where is my heart?


Is it Between the river and the path of the island?

They called it the land of love

But it has no lovers

The lovers have drowned in the gaze 

The gaze of the women who was standing at the end of the road

Holding flowers

To sell

To smell

But for what 

To buy flowers for her beloved one

It was a loophole 

Of Hopelessness 

And imagination of an open heart within its shape 

That can never love 


I gave my feelings 

To the plastic river 

It wrapped me up within its waves

That slowly took my heart

and to told me never to tell this feeling 

Never to give this heart to anyone else


It was the secret of me and the river


I will never tell the secret of the river and my heart

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