the short story project



Nobody know, what happened that day, in the village except gangaram

He hurried away like the sky broken down

Gagaram cried out his throat,’ sadhu want widow!!! sadhu want widow!!

Village widow named manju meant melody merriment sound.local slang .

He wanted marry her , i have seen and heard also  him behind riverside bush by my own.

She has love for him, he placed  love into her heart

“What has seen by her in him”….one villager said.

Love is always blind…….add up to sentenced by another.

He wanted to sooth her sorrow.

Make her happy by mary with her.

….gangaram spread news over the village.

Without hearing his opinion about that, before that he fled like wind like striking light like flying kite he fled away.

Village people come around village kutta discuss about , gathering about nobody had been heard full story before that incident.

They just gathered around over one word….”widow”

Since that village had  put up big banner before village border beside roadside .written over as ‘’whoever Will be heard by reciting word “widow” anyhow will be punished for lifetime boycott from society”…

Since then nobody recited word then after.nobody heard that word in village.even school banned word widow to recite in school.the word widow never had mentioned again by mistake in village again.

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