the short story project


Jake Furminger

World Order

They called it the unwanted gift. 

25 years ago, Humanity was bestowed with a retrovirus that changed the reproductive material of everyone on the planet. The culmination of a project being carried out by a private individual deciding to play god. Before anyone knew what was happening it was too late. It began being treated like an illness at first, “Vitruvian Disorder”. No one knew what to do with us. By my 5th birthday I could lift 10 times my own body weight and was correcting the flaws In Einstein’s work. To call us advance would have been an understatement. We were hated and mistrusted as unwanted change, not for a moment realising that it was not us that had done this to the world. Due to this fact we had not been allowed to live with our parents, not so much the governments fear but that of our own parents. My mother never visited, though my father kept his quarter yearly visits if only to sate his curiosity of what would happen to me next. They original planned for a city to be specially constructed for us. But when the numbers kept climbing, they had to allocate a much large space. A facility was constructed on Greenland. We help cut the construction time down by 89%, not bad for a group which average age was 8. He we were given free reign as it was clear to even the simplest minded, we could not be controlled. We kept our minds busy. By the time i was 9 we had created a way to offset the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere with a 3 months process. Though even with our continued contributions, we were belittled and marginalize. Continually threats to have us destroyed where thrown around till Humanity realised we were not an anomaly anymore, but the new standard. 
Puberty was a difficult stage of my life. Everything was improving dramatical still. We had identified new organs which were improving our bodies to even greater degree. Our minds opened up to even more complex creativity. On my 13th birthday we successful tested the biological to synthetic interface system. This opened up a wealth of new technology for us to create. Not that wealth mattered to us, as we had acquired 68% of the world’s resources. We had replaced the preexisting corporate infrastructures with us. Natural “Humanity” didn’t take kindly to that. Not surprising really their primitive moralities and desires where quite offensive. So, the decision was made to envelop government infrastructure into our control as well. The UN headquarter where moved to Greenland, with country after country signing over executive control. Not that they saw it coming we were so far ahead. We had deliberately not developed any medical Technlogies. We did not need them and it ensure that the transition to us happened as quickly as possible. Humanity benefited in every other field. We would ensure their comfort for their end times.  
And now in my 20s I have grown sad. We had done the logical thing. But I do not know if we had done the right thing. Ethics. I had never thought about ethics. Was it ethical to let my mother die sick and in pain when I could have helped? Why had I still cared? I wonder if we truly are better than humanity, well what remains of them. I think of them from time to time. How they lived before we existed. We brought order to the chaos and misery. But if that is the case why do I feel so sad?

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