the short story project


Jake Furminger


We are out in the woods you and me, my trusted friend treading through snow banks. 
 Weather is cold but still but you don’t mind the cold. You where breed for it, and this life we lead. 
I knew as soon as I saw you with all the other Akita pups in the litter you where the one for me. 
You were so much bolder than your brother and sisters, excited to see the world and looking for the first person who would take you to see it. 
You were so brave leaving your mother and siblings behind I couldn’t think of another name to give you but Yusha. 
You proved easy to train Yusha, taking the cold and long days in your stride. 
Though you can be over protective at times, I know it’s because you care for me as much as I care for you. 
We had become a successful pair you and I, working our way through the world. 
We had both shared the bounty of success and the empty stomachs of failure. 
But now we were both getting old for our type of nomadic living, it was about time we both found somewhere to call home. 
But tonight, we hunt like we have a hundred times before softly tracking a small group of Elk. 
We both become adept at moving through the snow without making a sound, attuned to each other so no commands are required. 
The twilight sparkled across the crystals of the snow as we moved in. 
You have seen it at the same time I have, a young Elk cow grazing. 
It had yet to gain the wisdom of observing her surrounding, and you and me had become masters of exploiting such youthful mistakes. 
You circle around to push it into a clearing where I can get a better shot, I can see where you plan to move in from. 
Just get my gun ready, where’s my powder? 
I quickly look about my person, found it time to get ready. 
But then I hear a panic ahead, the elk has bolted away but why? 
I look to where you were and I can see sprinting back at me, what has got into….. 
Something hits me from behind with knocking me off my knee and into the snow. 
The Panther must have become desperate because of the snow and decided to take a chance. 
I managed to get my rifle between its ravenous assault and myself but I can’t hold it for long. 
Please just run Yusha, it be fine if you run. 
But I hear you come in and impact into the Panthers side, sending you both flying. 
I need to get loaded quick, got to help you. I hear your whimpers. 
I aim the gun without mercy and fire. I pull out my knife and stab it in the throat and again and again. 
I get over my bloodlust quickly and come over to you. What had he done to you Yusha? 
I hold you, tell you that you are a good dog and I am so proud of you. I don’t know what else I can do. I love you Yusha my brave, brave friend.

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