the short story project

נעמי מילר

נעמי מילר

I was born in China and grew up in Israel. I am writing short stories for eleven years.
My Education
Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem
Avni Institute of Fine Arts in Tel Aviv
State Art Teacher’s College in Kalmania (Ramat Hasharon)
M.A. Lesley University Boston U.S.A + Geshtalt Hebrew University T.A.
During my years of working as an expressive therapist and as a curator of exhibitions, assisted by creative writing, I enlarged my love and devotion to writing.
Among my jobs and functions, I worked as an international Art Teaching Curriculum Developer in the Ministry of Education and Culture, Education Department, Jerusalem. I edited and wrote articles and guidelines for art teachers, as well as programs, pamphlets, and didactic quizzes.
As I am retired now I continue to write short stories. My writing was examined by several writers and editors. My main wish is that my stories be “printable” and fit for scrutiny by professional standards and criteria.