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C.E Okwera

C.E Okwera

C.E Okwera is a Ugandan-British author. Born in Kitgum Town, Uganda to Pacific Okwera, a commanding officer in the army and Roselyn Otim, a northern Ugandan singer.

She moved to the UK just before her fourth birthday and lived mainly in East Sussex and East London. While in East Sussex she lived at Prospect House where she spent most of her time reading books in the treehouse or listening to the chronicles of Narnia, of which three chapters were read in the household each evening.

In contrast, her childhood in East London was spent writing poetry and short stories. After completing year six at Park Primary School, she could not move on to secondary school with the rest of her friends, as she was too young. Having already studied the year 6 curriculum, she was given the opportunity to include subjects to study which she enjoyed. One of her choices was creative writing, she would write a story or essay each week for Miss Maha-Reece (nee Maha).

Here is where C.E Okwera developed her love of words, but the fewer the better. Which is why she has set out to write books that are concise but still packed with drama, suspense and plot-twists. Her first series of four suspense thrillers are quick one-hour reads that hope to leave the reader shocked and questioning everything. Each book is a high-speed journey into psychological arousal and the unlocking of emotions.