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Daniel Nepveux

Daniel Nepveux

Daniel Nepveux is a 33 year old Army Veteran from the home of ‘Blue Bell Icecream’, Brenham, TX.
A creative mess of contradictions, he participated in, and enjoyed, every kind of group and activity he possibly could during his school years.
Church Choir
JROTC Rifle Team
Backstreet Boys Lip singing Group
Musical Theater
Eagle Scout
Marching Band
With the help of his closest friends, even made a feature length film of 45 minutes titled ‘Leave Him Behind’ that was showcased at the High school to a crowd of over 100 people.

An avid reader since he can remember, he wrote his first short story in sixth grade for a school project titled, ‘Squeak, The World War 2 Fighter Mouse’.

His favorite authors are Stephen King, Douglas Preston, and Lincoln Child.

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