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Edna Mae Rose Barlow (Melnick)

Edna Mae Rose Barlow (Melnick)

Well, I have a Facebook page called Good Vibes By Cosmic Queen @CosmicAngel44.
I came from a town called Shenandoah, In the state of Pennsylvania. It was a coal mining town a long time ago. I grew up not having lots of money. I have been trying to get published. I make a lot of my own post on Facebook I design them on my computer on my paint 3D and my cell phone too. You can see poems and short stories on my Facebook page I created. I wrote quite a few quotes, short stories, and poems of my own. It’s hard for someone that works from a budget, I am Married. I would like to finally get the money and get my first book published. I was born on February 21 St. 1975.

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