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KH Brent

KH Brent

KH Brent is the author of The Host Rises- a politically charged, action-adventure series set in the near future. It is the opening tome of the Promised Land series, a look at humanity’s fate within a utopian world overseen by techno-gods of its creation.

Although the focus of the past few years has been as a novelist, Brent struck gold with his first short story effort in more than thirty-five years- the Writer’s Digest 2018 Short Story Winner “Fragments”. That success has prompted Brent to further efforts, unveiled here at The Short Story Project.

Although Brent’s crisp style often pays homage to his training as a journalist, he has also received accolades for his strong, realistic use of dialogue, as well as his detailed world building.

A dual US/Canadian citizen, KH Brent splits his time between his homes in Toronto and St. Petersburg, Florida.

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