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Prachi Panwar

Prachi Panwar

I was born in a small city and raised in quite a few big ones, but the thing that was common with all of them was “Society” .Everywhere I have stayed,travelled and lived , the society remained constant .This society had many deep-rooted complications, innumerable taboos , baseless beliefs and an ugly truth of never accepting the change and all these facades of the society give me my motivation to write and try to bring about a change.
I have been a fan of writing since I was 9 , but as I grew up the fun of writing developed into peace. Writing is a beautiful place where I can just vent out all my pain , create an imaginary world and even meet a superhero !! Now I am 20, and these 11 years of writing have made me fall in love with it more and more each day !!
Other than writing , I love dancing , trying new delicacies, balloons and of course binge watching .
I wish to become an writing aficionado and a social activist .
Keep reading and loving !! 💜💜