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renate schiansky

renate schiansky

born in 1959, raised and educated in Vienna from 1964 – 1977

divorced with 2 children: Peter, 29, physicist, and Chrissy, 26, photographer and illustrator

worked as a legal advisor for the department of youth for 18 years,
now retired
currently living together with Reinhard, a university lecturer and private pilot.

loves books and can´t spend a day without reading. history and politics, art & culture, music from classical to hard rock, languages; loves travelling, ships and boats, trains and planes, car driving and bike riding.

Into politics, equality, social rights, women´s rights

Writing stories has always been her passion, she has been writing stories ever since the age of 12, but only after a severe illness in 2009 decided to make a go for it and published her first book in 2010;
“Stacheldraht und weisse Margeriten”
“13 – phantastische Geschichten” followed in 2017,
as well as
“Carla das Chamäleon” — children´s rhymes, illustrated by fabulous “freowyn” (Christine Schiansky); an English translation is in the making
“nicht immer ganz … gute und nicht immer ganz böse Geschichten” in 2019
some of her stories appeared in anthologies or literature magazines and

currently working on her fourth short story collection covering stories about women’s lives throughout the world