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Rohan Jadhav

Rohan Jadhav

I’m Rohan Jadhav, content writer at CPS is an abbreviation for click per second it means that how many clicks you and your mouse can make per second. At I make many contents to improve click per second. We also have a platform where you can give a CPS test online to improve your click per second speed which will improve your productivity at your workplace. Click per second test have many varieties like 1 sec CPS test, 5 sec CPS test, 10 sec CPS test, 15 sec CPS test, 30 sec CPS test, and 60 sec CPS test. There are different types of click-per-second tests like jitter clicking, and butterfly clicking tests. We also have a different type of test which works differently, you can choose as per your requirement. The average person scores 5 to 10 clicks per second if he/she practices regularly. You will be amazed to know that the record for 10 sec CPS test is 1051 which was created by Mr. Dylan. If you also want to improve the per-second click speed then try our various CPS tests on our website.



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