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The Veiled Man

The Veiled Man - story

Jan Dost

I learned of the character of drugs and the nature of poisons from an alchemist – an Arab alchemist from the outskirts of Baghdad who had come to work as a physician in the palace…

Like Hunger, Like Love

Like Hunger, Like Love - story

Giuseppe Caputo

For Carlos, for our hunger     As a boy I was hungry, bam. I came home running, jumping, and my mother would say: “Cut it out! Don’t move so much or you’ll be even…

Fifty Shekels

Fifty Shekels - story

Raji Bathish

1 The three men headed out to Tel Aviv on the rough road. Two Palestinians and a Jordanian—or rather a Palestinian with a Jordanian passport, to be precise. “50 shekels.” “At least.” “If one of…

The Automatic Garden

The Automatic Garden - story

Adam McOmber

At a late age, Thomas Francini, the engineer responsible for many of the grand fountains at Versailles and infamous for his will to control, married the sixteen-year-old daughter of the Compte de Frontenac, a pristine…

The Gift

The Gift - story

Iftach Alony

There are those who invent lies, and there are those who believe them. In an ideal world Jerry would spread his wings and fly away from there. For as long as he can remember himself,…

The Garden

The Garden - story

Luis Negrón

Sharon took advantage of the fact that we were washing the dishes to tell me she had been thinking about the day when Willie, my lover, would no longer be with us. “I can’t stop…

90 Ahad Ha’am

90 Ahad Ha’am - story

Yotam Reuveni

 In the summer of 1977, you moved to 90 Ahad Ha’am Street in Tel Aviv for one month. The summer was a real summer. There was no air-conditioning in 90 Ahad Ha’am. The entrance to…

The Parts Where Your Pee Comes From

The Parts Where Your Pee Comes From - story

Emily Brout

She sat on a chair her hair cut short revealing her narrow neck. I wanted to cry and I wasn’t quite sure why exactly, that’s not true, I knew why. She gave me that intrusive thought…