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Heart of Stone

Heart of Stone - story

Nir Yehudai

On the night before her last spell in the hospital, Dawn was haunted again by that old dream about the stone men. As always, she woke the moment she couldn’t stand being terrorized any longer….

Benjamin and the Walker

Benjamin and the Walker - story

Krina Ber

You walk, you walk and you forget: that’s what she always says. Well, not in those exact words. It’s usually a more specific complaint: you didn’t call Pacheco, you didn’t check the Supercable contract, you…

The Tobacco Man

The Tobacco Man - story

Diego Vecchio

A court in Edmonton, in the Province of Alberta, Canada, has found the Southern Tobacco Company guilty of the charges presented against it by Joshua Lynn and has ordered the company to pay compensation of…

Two Men

Two Men - story

Denis Johnson

I met the first man as I was going home from a dance at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall. I was being taken out of the dance by my two good friends. I had…


Maestoso - story

Jorge Volpi

Voulez-vous le récit de ces folles amours? (Offenbach, Les Contes de Hoffmann) The frenetic applause barely moves her. The endless “Bravos!” from an audience universally on its feet in front of the stage — faces…