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Mandelbaum Gate

Mandelbaum Gate - story

Emile Habiby

“Well then tell her that she intends to get out of here, mister,” the Israeli policeman called out. He was standing, arms folded, at one entrance to Mandelbaum Gate when I explained to him that…

A Short Story Writer Who doesn’t Obey Army Orders

A Short Story Writer Who doesn’t Obey Army Orders - story

Ziad Khadash

As I was sitting in a taxi stuck in a queue of cars at the Atara Israeli army checkpoint, heading to Nablus to meet a beautiful widow I’d got to know on Facebook, it struck…

Fifty Shekels

Fifty Shekels - story

Raji Bathish

1 The three men headed out to Tel Aviv on the rough road. Two Palestinians and a Jordanian—or rather a Palestinian with a Jordanian passport, to be precise. “50 shekels.” “At least.” “If one of…

Another Love Story

Another Love Story - story

Uzi Weil

  1. A month before Independence Day, 2048 The Chief Scientist of the Weizmann Institute took a deep breath and turned on the secret switch on the back of the Hitler. The Hitler blinked. And…

Red Lights

Red Lights - story

Talal Abu Shawish

He reaches behind him, over the seat, so the passengers next to me in the back of the car can put their fares into his outstretched hand. He carelessly chucks the money down beside him,…

The Drone Eats with Me – Diaries from a City Under Fire

The Drone Eats with Me – Diaries from a City Under Fire - story

Atef Abu Saif

Thursday 17th July The First Truce I wake to the news that Israel has declared a five-hour truce, beginning at 10am. The Palestinian Monetary Authority has also announced that, during these hours, the banks will…


Thorns - story

Sharon Horodi

“Did he talk to you?” “Not a word till Bilu Junction.” “And then?” “And then he slowed down and showed me the ugly shopping center they’re building there.” “Well, it all came as a surprise…

Ronaldo’s Seat

Ronaldo’s Seat - story

Mahmoud Shukair

Kadhim Ali paid no attention to the difficulties he was exposed to on account of his enthusiasm for the Brazilian football player Ronaldo. Kadhim Ali loved football but the people of his neighbourhood did not;…

Beit Hakerem.  Jerusalem, 1985

Beit Hakerem. Jerusalem, 1985 - story

Nir Baram

The stuff remakers of dreams are made of Joel would always cherish the day he met Morris Sadovski. Sitting in a living room whose walls were covered to the brim with colorful oil paintings, Morris…

To Jaffa

To Jaffa - story

Ayman Sikseck

He placed his notepad on his knee and wrote: Cloudy. The smell of gasoline and garbage bins. Then he looked out the window again to verify that there was nothing he had failed to note. The…