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The Other Woman

The Other Woman - story

Sherwood Anderson

“I am in love with my wife,” he said–a superfluous remark, as I had not questioned his attachment to the woman he had married. We walked for ten minutes and then he said it again….


Abracadabra - story

Diane Goodman

  The restaurant is crazy busy and my entire head is engulfed in the heat and steam and smell of all the dishes being cooked and readied on the line. I am tired. I am…

Guest of Honor

Guest of Honor - story

Robert Reed

One of the robots offered to carry Pico for the last hundred meters, on its back or cradled in its padded arms; but she shook her head emphatically, telling it, “Thank you, no. I can…

The Architect

The Architect - story

Maxim Biller

When they woke up in the morning the architect was already sitting at his computer. His office was in the right wing of the building; they lived in the left wing. The light was on…

The Collector

The Collector - story

Karla Suárez

He was a famous salsa singer. She collected things and did occasional tattoos. He was married to a rich Japanese businesswoman. She had a French lover. They met by chance. She was trying to convince…


Half-Measures - story

Ángel Zapata

I was pretty worn out that night, but to me the red mark on Concha’s shoulder looked like a hickey and I said so. “This, you mean?” she asked, pointing to the mark without taking…

Was It a Dream?

Was It a Dream? - story

Guy de Maupassant

“I had loved her madly! Why does one love? Why does one love? How queer it is to see only one being in the world, to have only one thought in one’s mind, only one…

The Death of a Kangaroo

The Death of a Kangaroo - story

Juan Pablo Roncone

1. Claudio puts the rolled up tent and the sleeping bags in the rear of my truck. It’s a beautiful day: the sun and a gentle sea breeze augur a pleasant journey. Amparo, my girlfriend,…